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Pictures of
1. James Mathias "Jim" Fox
2. John Fox and Ava McMahan
3. Edward E. "Dick" Fox and Lillian Bock
4. Ed, John, Marvin & Branson Fox
5. Lula Fox & Holly Ellison
6. Keat Fox & Alice Brock
7. Bud & Nan Fox
8. Jim Fox & his sons
9. Jim, Branson, Marvin & Marvin Jr.
10. Keat, Dick & Bryan Fox
11. Jim Fox's Grandsons

1. James Mathias Fox, son of Branson Fox and Nancy Walker, was born in Sevier County, Tennessee 30 Jul 1853 and died in Nueces County, Texas 2 Oct 1946. He came to Texas in 1872, settling initially in Williamson County, later in San Saba County and Caldwell County. He married Laura Lavernia Magee 29 Jan 1879. She was the daughter of Patrick Magee and Jane Caroline Gill. Jim and Laura had seven sons and two daughters. She died in 1924. After Jim retired from farming, he left Caldwell County to live with his youngest son in Nueces County.

2. John Abner Fox (1881-1953)and Ava Eugenia McMahan (1885-1966) Wedding Day 11 Dec 1901 Caldwell County, Texas

3. Edward Eugene "Dick" Fox (1912-1980) and Lillian Bock Fox (1918) and Dickie. "Dick" was the third son of John Abner Fox and Ava Eugenia McMahan. Lillian is the daughter of Harvey Louis Bock and Maggie Mae Hager.

4. (L-R): Edward Fox, John Fox, Unknown, Marvin Fox (son of James Branson), James Branson Fox. Edward, John and James Branson are sons of James Mathias Fox.

5. Holly Ellison and Lula Fox (Wedding August 1909. Lula(born 17 Feb 1894)was the daughter of James Mathias Fox.

6. Abner Keaton "Keat" Fox and Alice Brock. Keat was the youngest son of John Abner Fox and Ava Eugenia McMahan.

7. Bud and Nan Fox. Bud was the son of Joseph Eugene Fox and grandson of James Mathias Fox.

8. James Mathias "Jim" Fox and his sons. (L-R) James Branson, Earl Walker, Edward Earnest, "Jim", Patrick Otis, Joseph Eugene and John Abner. Oscar Ney Fox was dead when this picture was taken.

9. Four generations of the Fox family. (L-R) James Mathias "Jim", James Branson "Branson", Marvin and Marvin Jr.

10. The sons of John Abner Fox. (L-R) Abner Keaton "Keat", Edward Eugene "Dick" and Jennings Bryan "Bryan". John Wesley Fox was dead when this picture was taken.

11. Grandsons of James Mathias Fox. Picture taken at Fox Reunion at Lockhart, Texas State Park about 1946. Standing L-R: 1.Abner Keeton "Keet" s/o John Abner 2.Miles Martin "Buddy" s/o James Branson 3.James Marvin "Marvin" s/o James Branson 4.? 5.? 6.? 7.Jennings Bryan "Bryan" s/o John Abner ... Kneeling L-R: 1.Joseph Eugene Jr. "Bud" s/o Joseph Eugene 2.? 3. Edward Eugene "Dick" s/o John Abner 4.? 5.? 6.?

Dick Fox
Lockhart, TX