I. JOHN FOX (Son of Adam and Elizabeth)

B: 19 Feb 1784-Shenandoah County, Virginia 
M: Nancy Patterson 
D: 1852 Sevier County, Tennessee

John, oldest son of Adam For and Elizabeth Derrick was born in
Shenandoah County, Virginia, shortly before the family moved to
what later became Sevier County, Tennessee, The Baptismal record
of: Johannes, son of Adam and Elizabeth FUX is in Pine Church
records in Shenandoah County. John married Nancy Patterson and
farmed near Harrisburg; Sevier County. John died about 1852 and
Nancy apparently died later in the 1850's Their children were.

+A. Adam ca 1803 
+B. Rebecca 1807Aug 15 
+C. Cornelius ca 1807-1809 
+D. Christina 1810-1813 
+E. Nancy ca 1815 
+F. Eda 1817 Apr 05 
+G. Elizabeth ca 1818 
+H. Matilda ca 1826 
+I. William Wesley ca 1829

Based on the 1830 and 1840 census, there may also have been one or
two sons born 1820-25.

1830 Census of Sevier County:
Men  40-50 John  46               
Men 20-30 Adam 27               
Men 20-30 Cornelius 21-23   
Men 05-10 ?a (1820-25)         
Men  00-05  Wesley 3            
Women 40-50 Nancy 44  
Women 15-20 Tisha  20   
Women 10-15 Nancy 15     
Women 05-10 Eda 13 ?  
Women 05-10 Elizabeth 12 ?                                         
Women 00- 05 Matilda 4

1840 Census of Sevier County
Men 50-60 John 46              
Men 15-20 ?a (1820-1825)   Men 15-20 ?b (1820-25) 	
Men 10-15 Wesley 13
Women 50-60 Nancy44 
Women 15-20 Eda 23 ? 
Women 10-15 Matilda 14

1850 Census of Sevier County
John  	66                         William 15 (a grandson) 
Nancy 	64                         Jane    12 (a granddaughter)
Adam 	47(listed as insane)

Sevier County Survey Book

John Fox, Entry No. 33, 160 acres on the Little East Fork of Little
Pigeon River, Thomas Hill line, cross  Newport Highway, 15 Apr
1824, Chain Carriers Thomas Hill and George Fox. 

John Fox, Entry No. 373, 50 acres on the Little East Fork of little
Pigeon River, 5 Oct 1826, Chain carriers Ira Hill and Cornelius Fox. 

John Fox, Entry No.   ,20 acres, 14 Sep 1836

Sevier County Deed book H

Page 120: 12 Oct 1846. Jesse Stafford to John Fox,
$62.50, Dist 1, 50 ac adj sd Fox heirs of Benjamin
Manning dec'd, heirs of Barnabas Thurman dec' d.
Witnesses: A. Lawson Jr. M.W. McCown

Sevier County Will Book I
Page 28-29:  I John Fox do make and publish this my last
Will and testament hereby revoking and making void all
other wills by me at any time made.

First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts
be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any
moneys that I may die possessed of or may first come into
the hands of my Executors 

Secondly I give and bequeath to my wife Nancy Fox all my
Estate both real and personal except a Sucking Colt of my
little roan mare for and during that term of her natural life.

Thirdly  At the death of my Said wife I give and bequeath
all the remainder of my Estate both real and personal my
two Sons William Wesley and Cornelius Fox except Said
Sucking Colt upon the terms and conditions herein after
enumerated to be equally divided between them, my two
Said Sons am to pay to my Children and grand Children
below enumerated as follows to wit. to my daughter Eliza
Mitchell, Matilda Benson, Eda Silver (Alley) and Christina
Sutton the Sum of one hundred dollars each one half in
money and the other half in good property at a fair
valuation within four years after the death of my Said wife. 
to the children of my daughter Rebecca Renfro, dec, and
to the children of my daughter Nancy Tunis, dec. except
William Tunis and Jane Tunis the Sum of Fifteen Dollars
each as they respectively come of age and to my-two little
grand Children William Tunis and Jane Tunis the Sum of
Fifty dollars each as they respectively coming of age and
half in money and the other half in good property at a fair
valuation and in consideration of my two Sons Cornelius
and William Wesley and my Nancy getting the greater part
of my Estate I require of: them or the survivor or Survivors
of them to take care of and cloth and feed decently and
comfortly my deranged Son Adam Fox.

Fourthly I give and bequeath to my little grandson, William
Tunis the Sucking Colt of my little roam mare in addition
to what I have given him above.

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my two Sons
Cornelius and William Wesley and my wife Nancy Fox
Executors of this my last Will and Testament this 8th day
of June 1851.  John (X) Fox (Seal)  Signed, Sealed, and
Published in our Presence and we have signed our names
hereto in the presence of the Testator the day and date
above written.

Witnesses:  Emanuel Fox, George (X) Fox,
Cornelius(X)Patterson; State of Tennessee Sevier County 
I P.H. Toomey, Clerk of the County Court of Said County
do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and perfect
copy of the Original Will now of record and on file in my
office. Given under my hand at office in Sevierville this
25th October 1852. P.H. Toomey, CLK.  The foregoing is
a True Copy of a certified Copy of the last Will and
testament of John Fox, Dec. which is recorded by order of
the County Court, the original Will and the record book
containing the Copy of the Same having been destroyed by
the burning of the County Clerk' s office this 4th day of
August 1857. B.M.Chandler.

Children of John and Nancy:

I.A. Adam Fox:
I.B. Rebecca Fox:
I.C. Cornelius Fox:
I.D. Christina Fox:
I.E. Nancy Fox:
I.F. Eda Fox:
I.G. Elizabeth Fox:
I.H. Matilda Fox:
I.I. William Wesley Fox:
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