ADAM FOX III son of Adam Fox of Sevier Co, TN

Descendants of Adam Fox of Sevier County, Tennessee (draft) III. ADAM FOX III B: About 1794 Tennessee M: Mary Shrader D: 8 Nov 1867 Jefferson County Adam Fox III was the third son of Adam Fox and Elizabeth Derrick. Adam volunteered for service in the War of 1812 at Knoxville on 23 September 1813. He served for 3-6 months in the Creek campaigns in Captain Simeon Perry's company of East Tennessee Volunteers--mounted infantry. The regimental commander was Col. Alexander Outlaw. On 23 September 1815, Adam was commissioned a lieutenant in the Sevier County Militia. Lt. Col. Alexander Preston was commandant of the 11th Regiment. In 1815, Adam married Mary "Polly" Shrader. Based on Mary's pension application, she and Adam had 13 children, although only nine were identified in NGT Fox's family history. In 1844-45, Adam was sentenced in the courts and sent to jail for associating with a woman of ill fame. When released from jail, he and the woman left Sevier County and reportedly lived in Middle Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. On 7 January 1851, Adam received a grant of 40 acres bounty land for his War of 1812 service. He was living in Lee County, Virginia at the time. On 6 May 1855, he received an additional 120 acres. He was then living in Claiborne County, Tennessee. In the 1860 census, Adam was still in Claiborne County. There were six children in the household age 3-15. In 1862, Adam was rumored to have killed a man in Kansas. He was sentenced to hang but was freed by Kansas Jay-hawkers. From Kansas, Adam returned to Tennessee. He died in Dandridge, Jefferson County. On 24 April 1878, Mary Shrader Fox, age 79, applied for a War of 1812 widow's pension. Beginning 17 June 1879, she received a pension of $8 per month but was dropped from the rolls in 1886. In March 1909, a neighbor wrote to his commissioner on Mary's behalf in an attempt to get her back on the pension roll. Mary would have been about 110 years old in 1909. The identified children of Adam and Mary were: + A. George Fox 1816 Dec 28 + B. Christopher Fox 1817 Oct 05 C. a daughter 1815-1820 + D. Elizabeth Fox 1820 May 24 + E. Mark Fox 1822 May 18 F. A son 1825-1830 G. a daughter 1830 (1825-1835) +H. Mahala Fox 1831 Nov 10 +I. Emanuel Fox 1833 Mar 15 J. a daughter 1830-1835 K. Catherine Fox 1835 L. William Fox 1838 +M. Nancy Fox 1842 Dec 10 1830 Census of Sevier Caunty-112001-11 1001 Men 30-40 Adam 3h Women 30-40 Mary 31 10-15 George 13 10-15? b (1815-20) 10-15 Christopher 12 5-10 Elizabeth 20 5-1O Mark 8 0- 5 ?c 1830-35) 0- 5 ? a (1825-30) 1840 Census of Sevier County-1101201-0301101 Men 40-50 Adam 46 Women 40-50 Mary 41 20-30 George 23 20-30 ? b (1810-20) 20-30 Christopher 22 15-20 Elizabeth 20 15-20 Mark 18 5-10 ?c (1830-35) 5-10 Emanuel 7 5-10 ?d (1830-35) 0- 5 William 2 5-10 Catherine 5 1850 Census of Sevier County Mary Fox 52 Mahala 19 Catherine 15 1860 Census of Sevier County Mary Fox 66, William 23 Nancy 17 (Living with the Mark Fox family) 1860 Census of Claiborne County, Tennessee Adam Fox 66 Mary 39 Andrew 15 William 13 Eli 11 John 9 Jane 7 Adam 3 1870 Census of: Sevier County Mary Fox 74 Nancy 27 Sevier County Survey Book Entry 1129 dated 21 Mar 1836 Adam Fox 150 acres surveyed on waters of Flatt Creek. George Derrick:: survey. Surveyed 17 Apr 1837.


A. George Fox:
B. Jonas Christopher Fox:
C. A Daughter:
D. Elizabeth Fox:
E. Mark Fox:
F. A Son:
G. A Daughter:
H. Mahala Fox:
I. Emanuel Fox:(LATER)
J. A Daughter:(LATER)
K. Catherine Fox:
L. William Fox: (LATER)
M. Nancy Fox: (LATER)
Some Possible Children of Adam Fox III: (LATER)
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Dick D. Fox
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