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II.A. EMANUEL FOX (Son of George & Christina)

B: 1809 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: (1) Catherine Bird (b. ca 1811-1813)
   (2) Lucinda Mitchell 16 Oct 1866 (b. ca 1824-1825)
D: Unknown

Emanuel was the oldest son of George and Christina.  He and
his first wife, Catherine Bird, settled near Red Bank on the
Pigeon River in Sevier County.  Emanuel and Catherine had
11 children.  In the 1840 census, there was also a young man
(born 1825-1830) in their household.

The children of Emanuel and Catherine were:

+ a. Nancy 3 Aug 1833
+ b. William Emanuel 3 Aug 1833
+ c. Calvin or Callaway H. 16 Aug 1835
+ d. Simon (Jack) 1838
+ e. Mary 1838
+ f. Eli 1840-1842
+ g. Christena 1842-1844
+ h. Edna Jane 15 Sep 1844
+ i. Martha 1845
+ j. George B. 1849
+ k. John Wesley 1852

In 1866, Emanuel married Lucinda Mitchell, reportedly of
Cherokee extraction.  Emanuel and Lucinda had six children
when they married.

The children of Emanuel and Lucinda were:

   l. Amanda 1853 (m.Geo.Alexander Miller 1 Feb 1872 
Madison Co, AL)
  m. Minerva 1854 (m.James Lafayette Clark 24 Apr 1873
Madison Co, AL)
   n. Matilda 1857
   o. Julia A. 1859 (m. Andrew E. Clark 23 Apr 1884
Madison Co, AL)
   p. Emanuel (Bud) 1860 (m. Mattie E. Clark 21 Aug 1883
Madison Co, AL) 
   q. Joseph Caswell (JC) Apr 1863 (m. Laura Temple Adare
17 Jul 1883)
   r. Adam Newton 1868 (died young)

1840 Sevier County 211001-11001
Men 30-40 Emanuel 33        Women 20-30  Catherine 28
Men 10-15 Unknown (1825-30) Women 05-10 Nancy 9
Men 05-10 William 6         Women 00-05 Mary 2
Men 00-05 Calvin 5
Men 00-05 Simon 3

1850 Sevier County
Emanuel 41, Catherine 38, Nancy 19, William 16, Calvin 15,
Simon 13, Mary 12, Eli 10, Jane 6, Martha 3, George 10 mos.

1860 Sevier County
Manuel 51, Catherine 47, Eli 18, Christena 16, Edna 14,
Martha 12, George 10, John 8

1870 Sevier County
Emanuel 59, Lucinda 45, Amanda 17, Minerva 16, Matilda ?,
Julia A 11, Emanuel 10, Caswell 8, Newton 2

EMANUEL FOX DEED The State of Tennessee #27683
Sevier County of no.1628 dated the 8th day of April 1841 by
George Fox Sen., William Thomas Sen., and William Whaley
Jr., George Fox Sen.  transferring his title to Emanuel Fox.

There is granted by the State of Tennessee unto the said E.
Fox, W.Thomas sen. and W.Whaley Jr. and their heirs, a
certain tract of land containing five thousand acres, lying in
the county aforesaid, on the waters of the Big East fork of
Little Pigeon River in the Green Brier Cove-beginning on a
stake on the line of Richard Evans Sen. turning thence with
said line north seventy seven east forty-eight poles to a maple,
south seventy-five east eighty poles to a chestnut corner to
said Evans near the river bank, north twenty-five east one
hundred and sixty poles, 30 poles with Evans to a stake, south
sixty-four east nine hundred and sixty poles to a stake, south
twenty-five west eight hundred and thirty poles to a stake,
north sixty-five west eight hundred and sixty poles to a stake,
then a direct line to the beginning.

With its appertences, survey 24 August, 1849, to have and to
hold the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtences, to
the said Fox, Thomas and Whaley and their heirs forever.  In
witness wherof, W.  Trousdale Governor of the State of
Tennessee, has hereunto set his hand and caused the Great
Seal of the State to be affixed at Nashville on the 4th day of
April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
fifty and of American

Independence the seventy-fourth. By the Governor
W.Trousdale; W.B.Ramsey Secretary

Sevier County Deed Book H 
page 47: 10 Jan 1846, Wm Fox to Emanuel Fox, $34.12 1/2
Dist #3 cont 45 1/2 ac adj sd Wm Fox, Joseph Shrader, Mark
Fox.  Witnesses: John Mullendore & James Layman

page 280: 4 Mar 1848 John Walker to Emanuel Fox $15 20
1/2 acres District 3.  Witnesses: Levi Wells & William C.
Low.  Registered: 2 May 1848

pages 453-454: 30 Jul 1850.  A.C. McCamy action to recover
judgment against James Benson, awarded in Circuit Court of
Sevier County 2 May 1840.  Order for sale of land to satisfy
judgment issued 26 Apr 1841.  Judgment was for $66.41 1/4
plus costs of $6.75.  Judgment against two tracts of land in
3rd district on waters of Little East Fork of Little Pigeon.  1st
tract containing 100 acres corner with James Bensonís old
survey, Bensonís old line.  2nd tract containing 50 acres
beginning at white oak on Bensonís corner of old survey near
corner of Benson and Jacob Layman.  High bid was $73.66
by A.C. Camy who transferred bid to John Walker who
transferred bid and made written request for deed to be issued
to Emanuel Fox.  Signed.  Witnesses: George Fox Jr. and
Branson Fox  Registered 9 Aug 1850.

Sevier County Survey Book:  
page 510 Emanuel Fox 40 acres; page 567 Emanuel Fox 8

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