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B: 3 Aug 1833-Sevier Co.
M: John Sutton (I.D.a)

Nancy was the oldest daughter of Emmanuel Fox and Catherine Bird. She married her second cousing, John Sutton, son of Joseph Sutton and Christina Fox. See I.D.a John Sutton for their children.


B: 3 Aug 1833-Sevier Co.
M: Rebecca Houk:-9 Feb 1854
D: 24 Mar 1890 - Shiloh Cemetery

William and Rebecca lived on Walden's Creek. Their children were:
+1. John A. Fox born 13 Jan 1854
+2. Adam E. Fox born 21 Dec 1856
3. Anna Catherine Fox born 3 Mar 1860
+4. Riley L. Fox born16 Dec 1861
+5. Tilman Fox born 1 J an 1865
+6. James Manker Fox born 18 Aug 1874
+7. Martha Jane Fox born 1 Jan 1871

Anna Catherine Fox died in childhood. When she died, Walden’s Creek was flooded and could not be forded and she was buried in a corner of the garden.

Sevier County Will Book I

pages 419-20: August 20, 1889 State of Tennessee County of Sevier

I Wm. Fox have this day made my will as follows.

Of the lands that I own on Walden's Creek Sevier County, Tennessee beginning with my upper farm. Riley L. Fox & Tilman C. Fox to have it. Beginning at the line between me and Henry Huff at the branch, down the branch to the road, up the road a few rods to go straight across the bottom by the Mulberry to the Creek, thence across the Creek to the top of the mountain, to the line between me and J.W . Sutton .

All the lands that I have above this line is for the two said boys to have and hold as theirs against all claims.

From this line down to another line that I have made is for James M. Fox and my wife to hold as theirs against all claims.

This line to begin at Gillespie’s line on Little Laurel at the branch, down the branch to the fence, then with the fence to the road, with the road to the bridge, then down the branch to the creek, then up the creek to a sulphur spring, then across the creek, then with the fence at the upper bottom, at the upper end to the top of the mountain to John W. Sutton’s line.

All of the land below this line is for Adam E. Fox and to hold as his against all claims.

The said four boys to pay Martha Jane $600 six hundred dollars for her part of my estate. These boys are Adam, Riley, Tilman and Manker Fox $150. John A. Fox has got his part of my estate.

He don't have to pay M.J. Fox none. Adam E. Fox is to collect all debts and to pay all debts, what I owe and that is due me.

After all debts are paid, if any remains I want it to be divided between my wife and all of my children equal.

Signed: Wm. (X) Fox (Seal)
Attest: J.H. Baker M.J. Huff

Dick D. Fox
1512 Parkview Drive
Lockhart, Texas 78644
United States


II.A. Emanuel Fox: William Emmanuel's Father
II.A.b.4. Riley L. Fox: William Emmanuel's Son
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