II.E. ELIZABETH FOX DERRICK (d/o George & Christina Fox)

B: 1 Feb 1813 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: Jul 1832 Asa Calvin Derrick (28 Feb 1813-12 May 1877) 
D: 1858-1860 Jefferson County, Tennessee

Elizabeth, daughter of George and Christina, married Asa Derrick, who
served as sheriff of Sevier County (1848-1850) and Jefferson County
(1856-1868).  After Elizabeth’s death, Asa married Mary Jane France
(born 1838).  Asa is buried in Fox Cemetery in Sevier County. 
Information on the Asa Derrick family was researched by J. Roy Derrick
and Jean Caddell and is from the Derrick genealogy compiled by Bob
Teasdale and Marieda Derrick Edens.

Elizabeth’s children were:
+ a. Mary Ann born 22 Nov 1833
+ b. Calvin born 25 Feb 1835
  c. Martha born 16 Apr 1837
  d. Margaret born 16 Dec 1838
  e. Sophrona born 10 Feb 1841
+ f. Perlina A. born 19 Jan 1843
  g. Ellender born 3 Sep 1846
  h. Edna Jane born 27 Feb 1849 and died 17 May 1870
+ i. George Washington Bates born 6 Apr 1851
  j. An infant son born and died Sep 1853

Asa married Mary France on 25 Jul 1854 and had four other children:
- A daughter born 1854-1855
- Thomas B. born 10 Jan 1856
- N. (a daughter) born 1858-1859
- Palmer born 1864

Sevier County Deed Book H:
pages 27-30: 11 Mar 1846. John Howard shff to Asa Derrick, whereas
Benjamin Porter & Spencer Gist late partners obtained jdgm from
Anderson Seaton before Andrew J. Burnett JP dated 25 Aug 1842, 1200
ac Dist #4 adj Joel Ivy - one tract 1000 ac grant 1289 dated 6 Apr 1837 -
another tract 118 ac deeded to Anderson Seaton by William Ferguson
Dist #4 on Lonas Branch adj Joel Ivy, James Clark - also 68 ac Dist #4 on
Lonas Branch & W Fk of Little Pigeon adj James Clark & Joel Ivy.

page 274: 4 Apr 1848 Asa Derrick to William Fox Jr. $700, 200 acres, part
in Sevier and part in Jefferson County, bonded by line of Jacob Derrick’s
299 acre survey line of Enoch Willock’s 52 acre entry, Dickey’s line,
Bird’s line crossing main road and Flat Creek corner between Jacob Bird
and Jacob Derrick.  Witnesses: Richard Lanning & M.A. Rawlings, Reg.
8 Apr 1848

page 424: 19 Feb 1850. Asa Derrick to P.M. Toomey - Negro man named
Lewis, 30 years of age, $728. Witnesses: Allen Perry & Samuel
McMahan, Reg. 15 Mar 1850

pages 428-429: 27 Nov 1849. Asa Derrick to Anderson Seaton, 3 tracts of
land $300 4th district 1st tract containing 118 acres on waters of Lowes
Branch, beginning at a corner with Joel Ivy, line with James Clark, 2nd
tract containing 100 aces on Lowes Branch adjoining above tract, line
with J.W. Lowe, 3rd tract containing 1000 acres adjoining above
beginning at a stake on Anderson Seaton’s line.  Witnesses: John F.
Robertson & W.H. Thomas Reg. 4 Apr 1850.


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