II.I. MARY FOX ALEY (d/o George & Christena)

II.I. Mary Fox
B: 5 Feb 1820 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: George Aley

Mary Fox was the daughter of George and Christena. She married George
Aley, a farmer in Sevier and Jefferson Counties.  George was the son of
Jacob Aley and Susannah Bare.  His brother Isaac married Mary’s first
cousin Eda Fox (I.F.).  George and Mary’s children:

  a. Barbara Aley, born 1842; married William A.Fox 
     (III.L.)15 Jan 1862.
  b. Christopher Aley, born 1845
+ c. Malvina Aley, born 1839
  d. Christena Aley, born 1850.
+ e. William Aley, born 1851-1853.
  f. Martha Aley, born 1854-1855.
  g. Elizabeth Aley, born 1857.
  h. Margaret Aley, born 1856-1858; married a
  i. Edna Aley, born 1859.
  j. Nancy M. Aley, born 1863.


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