II.K. NANCY A. FOX LETHCO (d/o George & Christena Fox)

B: 14 Oct 1825 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: 13 Oct 1850 John F. Lethco (3 Jun 1822-10 Jul 1891)
D: 19 Aug 1906 Lethco Cemetery, Sevier County

Nancy was the youngest daughter of George and Christena.  She and her
husband owned the old Fox home place near Fair Garden.  Their children:

   a. Martha Lethco, born 1845 (?).
+  b. Henry H. Lethco, born 7 Aug 1852.
   c. William Lethco, born 14 Apr 1853.  He married Sarah E. Layman on 28
      Dec 1874. 
   d. James A. Lethco, born 18 Feb 1857.  He died 24 Aug 1908; Lethco
   e. Amanda Lethco, born 1857.  She married a Parrott after 1880.
   f. Bates Lethco, born 25 Feb 1859.  He died 11 Sep 1930; Lethco
   g. Malvina Lethco, born 1863.  She married George Sims.
   h. Hulda Lethco, born 1864.
+  i. Emily A. Lethco, born 6 Mar 1865.
+  j. Emily A. Lethco, born 6 Mar 1865.

+ = More information available.


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