IV.A. JOHN FOX son of Mark and Anna Fox

Pictured: William Brownlow Fox (1852), Samantha S. Denton Fox and possibly Tom Fox

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Morris (cmorris@neto.com)

IV.A. JOHN FOX son of Mark and Anna

B:12 Mar 1823-Sevier County
M: 11 Feb 1847 Clarissa Bird- (22 Mar 1827-20 Jul 1893)
D: 15 Feb 1852 Sevier County

John was the oldest son of Mark Fox and Anna Dickey.  He
married Clarissa Bird, daughter of John Bird.  In the 1850
census, John and his family were living with Mark and Anna
Fox.  After John’s death in 1852, Clarissa and the children were
living with John Bird.  The children of John and Clarissa were:

+ a. Rebecca Jane 1848
+ b. Melvina 1849
+ c. William Brownlow 1852

Clarissa married Joseph Wyatt  on 4 Mar 1861.  She and a son,
J.H. (19 Nov 1862-18 Jun 1867) are buried in Fox Cemetery.

B: 12  Feb 1848 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: 31 Jan 1867 James Bird (10 Oct 1844-21 Feb 1936)
D: 21 Feb 1921 Burchfield Cemetery

Rebecca married James Byrd, a union soldier and the son of
Malinda (Lindy) Bird, daughter of John Bird.  After their
marriage, they moved to Jefferson County.  Children:

1. Malvina Margaret (Maggie) Bird born 12 Nov 1867.  She
married Samuel Fain Bush on August 1879 in Sevier County.  
Melvina died 7 May 1928 in Clifton, Bosque County, Texas..
2. William Mathias Byrd born 10 Jul 1869 and died 9 Jul
1918.  He did not marry and is buried in Burchfield
3. Jacob Casual (Jake)  Byrd born 1 Aug 1871 or 12 Nov
1867 and died 31 Mar 1960.  He married Cordia Batson (19
Jan 1872-17 May 1951).  They are buried in Burchfield
Cemetery.  Children:
3.1. Minnie Byrd born 19 Jun 1903; married Raymond
Caughron. (15 May 1903-5 Apr 1959).  He is buried in
Burchfield Cemetery.
3.2 Nola Byrd married Ferd Derrick.
3.3 Sula Byrd never married.
3.4 Avoe Byrd never married.
3.5 Montana Byrd married Rufus Derrick.
4. Ida Isabelle Byrd b. 24 Apr 1873; d 16 Oct 1903.  She m
Rosen Frantz Finchum (21 Oct 1861-3 Jan 1933) on 18 Sep
1898 in Sevier County.  Children:
4.1. Arthur Finchum.
4.2. Mae Finchum (1903-1935) married E. Clarence
Feezel.  They are buried in Burchfield Cemetery.
5. Charlie McDowell Byrd born in 1875 and died in 1956 in
Sevier County.  He married Carrie Stinnett (1877-1963). 
5.1. W. Floyd Byrd never married.
5.2 Georgia W. Byrd never married.
5.3 Frederick Graddon Byrd died young.
6. Samantha Vandora Byrd born 2 Apr 1877 and died 14 Feb
1963.  She married George Elliot Hill (1 Jan 1876-13 Nov
1940) on 29 Aug 1897 in Sevier County.  Children:
6.1. Odie M. Hill married Jennie J. Jenkins.
6.2. Ponder S. Hill died young.
6.3 Clarsie Jane Hill married George Gregory.
6.4. James Seldon Hill married Tina Dockery.
6.5. Allen Hill married Lena M. Hensley.
6.6 Ira M. Hill married John C. Hance.
6.7 Thelma E. Hill married Aubrey L. Samples.
7. John Newton Byrd born 1 Nov 1878 and died 26 May
1969.  He married Josie Fox (II.H.d.2).  They are buried in
Burchfield Memorial Cemetery.  Children:
7.1. Clarsie Mae Byrd married Herbert Layman.
7.2. Calvin Byrd married Iris Worth.
7.3. Blanch Byrd married Woodrow Layman.
7.4. Levie Byrd died young.
7.5. Blaine Byrd married Ruby Sutton.
7.6. Wayne Byrd married Frances Nease.
7.7. Agnes Byrd never married.
8. Elsie Anna Byrd born 1 Jan 1881 and died 22 Oct 1975. 
She married Joseph Welborn McAndrew (29 Apr 1880-23
mar 1957).  Children:
8.1. Gypsy Ruth McAndrew married P. Hodson
8.2. Mollie C. McAndrew married (1) William M. Hill and
(2) Arvin Small.
8.3. Flora McAndrew married Arthur T. Skeen.
Elsie married (2) Rufus Ketner son of Henry Ketner and
Frances Inman.  Children:
8.4. Vera Ketner married Joe Campbell.
8.5. Gladys Ketner married Ralph Miller.
8.6. J.B. Ketner married Nancy Hinkle.
8.7. Rufus Ketner Jr.
9. Martha C. Byrd born 20 Jun 1884 and died 10 Sep 1887 in
Sevier County.
10. Edna Byrd born in 1885 and died in 1947.  She married
W.C. “Deed” Henry (1887-1961).  They are buried in
Burchfield Cemetery.

B: 1849 Sevier County
M: No record
D. 1932 Fox Cemetery

Vina lived with her grandfather, John Bird, until his death in the
1880’s.  Children:
1. Lucia A. Fox born 1872.
2. Patrick C. Fox born 13 Jul 1873.  He married Ida ? and lived
in Sevier County.  and is buried in Fox Cemetery.  At least one
of his children is also buried in Fox Cemetery.
2.1. Hal Mitchell Fox born 5 Jun 1905; died 15 Oct 1908;
buried Fox Cemetery..
3. James Marshall Fox 28 Jun 1886; died 7 Mar 1968; buried
Fox Cemetery.
4. Margaret A. Fox born 1889.
5. Ottie Mae Fox born 11 Nov 1892; died 10 Oct 1983; buried
Fox Cemetery.

B: ca 1852 Sevier County
M: Samantha S. Denton in Smith County, Texas
D: c1940 (Salem Cemetery)

William Brownlow Fox was the only son of John Fox and
Clarissa Bird.  He was born after his father’s death.  He was
named for “Parson” William Brownlow, editor of a Knoxville
newspaper, outspoken critic of secession and the first governor
of Tennessee during reconstruction.  William left Tennessee
sometime after 1870, but not before he had fathered children.
William was in Smith County, Texas in 1890.  William’s
Tennessee children were:
1. James Baker, born ca 1874.  He was in the 1880 census
household of Clarissa Bird Fox Wyatt and listed as a
grandson.  No other record on James and no other indication
that he may be the child of William Brownlow Fox.
+    2. Roxie V.S. Baker. 
Children of William Brownlow Fox and Samantha S. Denton
3. Minnie Fox, born and died 1878.
4. James Fox, born 1880.
5. John Fox, born 1883.
6. Pearl Fox, born 1885.
+    7. William “Alex” Alexander Fox 

B: 29 Dec 1871 Chestnut Hill, Jefferson Co, TN
M (1): 26 Jul 1890 James Leander McAndrew, Jefferson Co, TN
M (2): 24 Nov 1900 Samuel Overton Denton, Smith Co, TX
D: 9 Dec 1939 Shreveport, LA

When Roxie was very young, Martha Ann Baker took her to
Clarissa Wyatt, the child’s grandmother, and told her to raise
Bill’s brat.  The 1880 census shows two Baker children living
with Clarissa. In 1889, William sent for his daughter Roxie, who
was now a widow with three children.  On arriving in Texas,
Roxie married Samuel Overton Denton, the brother of her
step-mother.  Roxie’s birth certificate states that William
Brownlow Fox was her father and that the name of her mother
was unknown.  She had eight children:

2.1. Mamie McAndrew, born 23 Feb 1895 Chestnut Hill, TN;
married Howard Nelson White 6 Oct 1919 Caddo Parish,
LA, died 23 Jun 1974 Carlsbad, NM.
2.2. Eugene McAndrew, born 24 Nov 1896, died Nov 1990.
2.3. Gertrude “Gerty” McAndrew, born in Chestnut Hill,
married a Reed.
2.4. Varnie James Denton
2.5. Isaac Jefferson “IJ” Denton
2.6.  Grady H. Denton
2.7. Leo Williford Denton
2.8. Willie Mae “Sis”  Denton

B: 12 Aug 1910
M: Arra Gerushia Adams 26 Sep 1909

Their children were: 
7.1 Vera Ruby Fox, born 12 Aug 1910.
7.2. Bennie Fox, born 17 Nov 1911., died 21 Nov 1912.
7.3. Bonnie Idel Fox, born 17 Nov 1911, died 24 Jan 1914.
7.4. J.W. Zeldan Fox, born 4 Sep 1913, died 7 Nov 1921.
7.5. Willie Oletha Fox, born 22 May 1917.
7.6. Jessie Overton Fox, born 28 Dec 1918.
7.7. A Baby boy, still born 16 Jan 1921.
7.8. Elvis Harlon Fox, born 15 Mar 1922.

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