IV.B. ADAM FOX (Son of Mark and Anna)


B:1820-1825-Sevier County
M: Did Not Marry 
D: 1846-1848 Mexico

Adam, second son of Mark Fox and Anna Dickey, was a soldier in
the Mexican War and was killed in action.  He fought in the battles
of Chapultapec and Mexico City.  At Chapultapec, he was
reportedly one of the first to mount the enemyís fortifications.

Adam was in A Company, 2nd Regiment, East Tennessee
Volunteers, commanded by Capt. George McCown and Col.
William T. Haskell.  Adamís cousin, Mark Fox (III.D.) was also in
this unit and was wounded at Medelin Bridge Near Vera Cruz,
dying a few years later as a result of complications from his wound.

IV.C. Mathias Fox (Son of Mark and Anna)


B: 5 Sep 1826Sevier County
M: Louisa Jane Baker
     (30 Sep 1825-17 Mar 1907) 
D: 17 Jun 1913

When Mathias was about 50, he married Louisa Baker, daughter of
Martin Baker.  Louisa was probably the mother of Darcus S.,
William, Harriet and Sarah G. Baker.  Louisaís sister Mary married
Adam Keeler (VI.D.)  Her brother James married Catherine Keeler
(VI.F.).  Her brother Martin married Perlina Derrick (II.D.f.).

Mathias and Louisa did not have children,  They are buried in the
Fox Cemetery.

When the Civil War started, Mathias was about 35.  No record of
service has been found but he was reportedly a prisoner of war (see
the account of his fatherís death at the hands of Confederate

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