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Sevier County, Tennessee Court House.

Sevier County has been the home of the Fox family since about 1786.

IV.D. BRANSON FOX son of Mark and Anna

B : 5 Sep 1828 
M: (1)Nancy Walker- -26 Sep 1850
   (2)Mary Jane Lovelady-26 Jan 1859 
      (Sep 1827-6 Sep 1903)
D:11 Feb  1873-Fair Garden Cemetery

Branson was the fourth son of Mark and Anna,  In the early 1850’s,
Branson married Nancy Walker, daughter of John Walker, a native of
North Carolina and a War of 1812 veteran.  Nancy's sister, Rebecca,
married Mark Keeler (see VI.I.).  Branson was a farmer and owned land
In the Fair Garden area.  He and Nancy had three children before her
death in the 185O's.  Nancy and Branson are buried in Fair Garden
Cemetery.  Nancy’s grave is not marked.  The children of Branson and
Nancy were:

+ a. Mary Jane Fox          1852
+ b. James Mathias Fox      1853 Jul 30
+ c. John Hodson Fox        1855 Nov 24

After Nancy's death, Branson married Mary Jane Lovelady, a daughter of
Amos Lovelady and grand-daughter of Marshall Lovelady.  Branson died
at age 44, shortly before the birth of his son, Walter.  , Ruth Elder, a
grand-daughter of Branson said in 1994 that Branson had probably died
of acute appendicitis.  Mary continued to live in Sevier County and is
buried in Fox Cemetery.  The children of Branson and Mary are:

+ d. Amanda E. Fox              1859 Nov 17
  e. Thomas Nelson Fox          1862 (Not alive in 1924)
+ g. Nathaniel Grant Taylor Fox 1865 Oct 8
+ i. Charles B. Fox             1869 Dec 6
+ j. Walter B. Fox              1873 May 11

Sevier Deed Book K
page 166:  7 Feb 1859 Branson and Mary J. Fox to William R. Helton
Branson and Mary J. Fox's interest to an undivided interest in a tract of
land formerly owned by Amos Lovelady, south of lands owned by David
Mullendore, east by Andrew Henderson, north by Randall Henderson,
westerly Randall Henderson and David Mullendore,  Also an undivided
Interest in a joint entry made by William Henderson, Amos Lovelady and
Andrew Lawson and lying west of aforementioned, $100
Signed: Branson Fox  (Seal) Mary J. Fox (seal)
Attest: John H. McNutt   David Mullendore

page 394:  Carrol Shrader to Branson Fox $200 Sevier County Dist. 3 53
1/2 acres. Land adjoining Mark Fox, James Layman, J. Shrader. 19 Nov
Signed: Carrol Shrader (Seal)
Attest: C.A. Clementson    Tilmon Fox

Sevier County Deed Book S
page  William C. Fox to Mary J. Fox, 40 acres, $192, Dist. No. 3 on the
head waters of Flat Creek adj. lands of Jos. Shrader, George Aley and-
others, 16 May 1881.

Sevier County Deed Book W
page 590-591: Mary J. Fox for the consideration that my son N.G.T. Fox
having agreed to take, care, of me during my natural life and to supply me
M.J. Fox with what she needs annually and also the following is to be his
share out of my estate grant transfer and convey unto the said N.G.T. Fox
his heirs forever a tract of land situated in Dist. No.3 containing by
estimate 168 3/4 acres bounded by Emanuel Fox, Mitchell Fox formerly
W.C. Fox, Edna J. Fox, J.G. Lewis, Carroll Fox, Asa Layman, N.G.T.
Fox, Moses Allen. 14 Sep 1895.
Signed: Mary (X) Fox
Attest: J.T. Hill   John Allen

Dick D. Fox
1512 Parkview Drive
Lockhart, Texas, 78644
United States


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