IV.E. REBECCA FOX (Daughter of Mark and Anna)


B: About 1829 Sevier County
M: Did not Marry
D: After 1880

Rebecca did not marry.  After the death of Mark and Anna, she
lived with her brother Mathias (1870 census) and her sister Emily
Shrader (1880 census).

IV. F. CHARLOTTE FOX (Daughter of Mark and Anna)


B: Sep 1831 Sevier County
M: Simon S. Bird 13 Aug 1868
D: 1903 Texas

Charlotte married Simon Bird, son of John and Elizabeth Bird. 
They moved to Texas sometime after the 1880 census.  In the 1900
census of Williamson County, Texas, Charlotte was widowed and
living with two of her younger children.  There were other Birds in
the 1880 Williamson census.  James M. Fox (IV.D.b.), Simon Fox
(III.B.a.) and Sam Keeler (VI.B.g.) had also lived in Williamson
County in the 1870ís.

Charlotte is buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery, located on RR
2338 between Andice and Georgetown.  A record of Simon Birdís
burial has not been found.

Children of Charlotte and Simon:

a. Thomas de Arnold Byrd, born about 1869 and died 1949.  He is
buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Williamson County, Texas, 
Thomas wrote the story of his great grandfather Mark Foxís death
at the hands of Confederate soldiers.

b. Sidney J. Bird, born Mar 1872 in Tennessee.

c. Casper Mathias Bird, born about Sep 1872 in Tennessee,  A
C.M. Bird (1872-1951) is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery.

1880 Sevier County, Tennessee
 Charlotte 48 wife, Thomas D. 10 son, Sidna J. 9 daughter, Casper
M. 6 son

1900 Williamson Co, Texas
Mathias Bird 9-74 TN TN TN, Charlotte 9-31 TN TN TN, Sidney
J. 3-72 TN TN TN

Also in 1900 Williamson census:
Horace Fox 4-79 TN

John Bird 2-55 TN TN TN, Augusta 4-58 TN KY TN, Arthur
10-80 TX, Walter 12-83 TX, Eugene 1-86 TX, Frederich 7-88 TX,
John 10-91 TX, Dock 11-92 TX, Cora 6-97 TX

Walter J. Bird 6-70 TN TN TN, Duella 12-76, Bessie 9-95, Ruthy

Robert Bird 4-76 TN, Eliza 11-76 AL, Robert W. 8-97 TX, Irine
10-98 TX

Williamson Chapel Cemetery in Williamson County:
Charlotte Bird 1831-1903
C.M. Bird 1872-1951
T.D. Bird 1869-1949

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