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Born:  3/5 Mar 1753 Louisa CO, Virginia	
Married:(1) 08 Jan 1779 Fauquier CO, Virginia 	(2)24 Aug 1812 Fayette CO, Kentucky
Died: 1816-1818 Fayette CO, Kentucky
Lived Also: Possibly Culpepper CO, Virginia and Charles CO, Maryland
Father: Samuel Moore
Mother: Charity Courts
Born: 22 Oct 1758 Fauquier Co, VA	
Died: Oct 1810 Fayette CO, Kentucky	
Buried: Fayette Co, Kentucky	.
Father: William Ransdell *
Mother: Mary Chilton *


Wharton	B: 1782-83	M: Polly Browning of Virginia

Thomas R


John Whitney  M: Mary Grant

Charles Chilton  M: Mary Ann Harrison Stone 1821

Samuel Turner   M: 1. Emily Tarleton 2. Catherine Tarleton

Mary Coates   M: James Gray

Nancy S.   M: Judge Benjamin Young 01 Nov 1811

Elizabeth G. B: 17 Mar 1791 Fayette Co, KY  D: 18 Jul 1840 TX  M: Henry Brite 24 Dec 1809

Margaret J


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William Moore served with the Third Virginia Line from 1776 to 1779.  He entered service as
a sergeant and was discharged as a lieutenant.  In 1789, he moved to Fayette CO, Kentucky,
where he received large grants of land for his service.  Some references give William’s birth as
1747 and death as 1818. 
William’s father Samuel served in the French and Indian Wars in 1755.  He was from Charles
CO, Maryland and owned land in Culpepper CO, Virginia in 1753.  Samuel was Charity
Courts’ second husband.  Her first husband was Samuel Adams of Charles CO, Maryland.
Several children moved to Callaway CO, Missouri:
	- Elizabeth Brite 1813 (To Texas in 1839)
	- Wharton 1819	
	- Samuel T. 1820	
	- Nancy Young 1820
	- Mary Gray 1824
Charles Chilton was a captain in the War of 1812.  His land was called “Forest Retreat” in
Fayette County.		
Will of William Moore, dated 4 Nov 1816.  Names wife Margaret Moore, Daughter Mary C.
Moore, Son Samuel T. Moore, Son James Moore.  Executors: Sons Thomas R., John W. and
Samuel T. Moore.  Witnesses: Thomas R. Moore & John W. Moore.  Probated May Court
Ref (11): Moore, William, Sgt. 3 CL Apr. 10, 1977; Ensign Aug. 15, 1777; 2nd Lieutenant Oct.
28, 1777; retired May 1779, died 1818, Awarded 2,666 acres.

Dick Fox
Lockhart, TX