V. WILLIAM FOX son of Adam Fox

Descendants of Adam Fox of Sevier County, Tennessee (Draft) V. WILLIAM FOX B: 12 Dec 1803 Sevier County M: Rebecca Dickey (3 May 1799-3 Apr 1851) D: 13 Dec 1874 Fox Cemetery William was the fifth and youngest son of Adam Fox and Elizabeth Derrick. His wife Rebecca was the daughter of John Dickey and Phoebe Daniels. Rebecca’s sister Anna married Mark Fox (IV). William was a farmer and lived on his father’s home place. He and Rebecca are buried in the Fox Methodist Cemetery. Their children were: A. Casandra Fox, born 6 Oct 1825. Casandra did not marry. She died 14 Aug 1881 and is buried in Fox Cemetery. + B. Nelson Fox, born 31 Aug 1827. + C. Margaret Fox, born 28 May 1829. + D. Tilmon Fox, born 14 Feb 1831. + E. Louisa Fox, born 4 Jan 1833. F. Anna Fox, born 3 Apr 1835. Anna died 23 Aug 1854 at age 19 and is buried in Fox Cemetery. G. Malvina Fox, born 12 Oct 1837 and died 12 Nov 1837. She is buried in Fox cemetery. + H. William Carroll Fox, born 29 Oct 1839. + I. George Fox, born 17 Jan 1841. 1830 Sevier County, Tennessee Census-10002-200010001 Men: 30-40= William 26 Women: 60-70=Elizabeth (Fox?) 0- 5= Nelson 2 20-30=Rebecca 31 1840 Sevier County, Tennessee census-111001-022001 Men: 40-50= William 36 Women: 30-40= Rebecca 41 10-15= Nelson 12 10-15= Margaret 11 5-10= Tilmon 9 10-15= Louisa 7 0- 5- William C 0 5-10= Anna 5 5-10= Malvina 2 1850 Sevier County, Tennessee Census William Fox 46 Rebecah 50 Nelson 22 Casandra 24 Margaret 21 Tillman 19 Anna 15 William 11 George 8 #148 #148 $2000 1860 Sevier County, Tennessee Census William Fox 56 Casandre 33 Louisa McAndrew 26 Carol 21 George 18 #288 $6000 $1105 1870 Sevier County, Tennessee Census William Fox Sr. 65 Casander 44 George 26 Nancy Dun? 12 #184 #184 $3500 $1130 Sevier County Deed Book H page 47: 10 Jan 1846. Wm Fox to Emanuel Fox, $34.12 1/2 Dist #3 nt 45 1/2 ac adj sd Wm Fox, Joseph Shrader, Mark Fox Witnesses: John Mullendore & James Layman Sevier County Survey Book page 211: Entry 326, 5 Jan l826, William Fox, 250 acres, Flat Creek, Mark Fox line, E.Webb, Reader. Chain Carriers: Mark Fox Emanuel Fox Sevier County Will Book I pages 277-79: I William Fox Sen. do make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby revoking making void all other wills by me at any other time made. First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death or before my death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of, or may first come into the hands of my Executors. Secondly I will and bequeath to my son George Fox and my daughter Casanda Fox one half of my land jointly and ten acres over half of my home place. Also I give to my daughter Casanda Fox and my son George Fox all my household and Kitchen furniture, and all my farming tools and all my stock. I give my wagon to George and William C. Fox. I have been some trouble in my afflictions and might be a great deal more and as George and Casanda are living with me and is to take care of me while I live. I desire to give them a little the advantage in this bequeath, that is as I have just stated. I have been trouble to wait on and will be to wait on while I live, which might be a big debts and my wish is to settle this debt while I am living in land to George and Casanda Fox. Thirdly I give to my son William C. Fox the bounds of my home place which will be ten acres less than one half of the whole tract, which is a consolidated Entry, and the wood land I desire to be divided equally between the two shares that is George Fox and William C. Fox. William C. Fox in consideration of the before mentioned land will pay the following amount of money to the following heirs, to wit. To Nelson Fox three hundred dollars, To Tilman H. Fox three hundred dollars, To Margaret Shrader three hundred dollars and to Louisa McAndrew three hundred dollars. My desire is that William C. Fox pay off to the above mentioned heirs as soon as he can conveniently but I give him ten years to pay the above mentioned amounts without interest. Fourthly I desire that my Executors sell the balance of my Knob or Reneau Farm and pay my debt, and if it overpay my debts, I want three to divide the remainder between themselves and if it is not enough to pay all my debts, they must pay what may be lacking. Also if. there ever should be anything received from the Government and Rebel debt claims I have proven, I want it equally divided between William C. Fox and George Fox. Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my two sons William C. Fox and George Fox my Executors to this My last will and Testament. In witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this 16th day of February 1870. Signed: William (X) Fox, Sen. (Seal) Attest: John W. McAndrew Branson Fox

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