ELIZABETH FOX ALLEN (Daughter of Adam and Elizabeth)

B: 1800 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: Alfred Allen

Elizabeth was the daughter of Adam Fox and Elizabeth Derrick. According to the history prepared by N.G.T. Fox, she married an Allen. Alfred Allen, a land surveyor, who died in the 1840’s was probably her husband. He died while living in McMinn County before the 1850 census. Elizabeth returned to Sevier County and later moved to Jeffferson County.

Her age from census reports was not consistent and indicated a birth year of 1790-1800. Based on the age of the children living with her at the time of the 1850 and 1860 census, she would have to have been born about 1800, however the birthday list of John Huskey shows an Elizabeth Allen of 4 August 1790. The children in her census household could have been grand-children instead.

Elizabeth’s children based on census reports include:

   A. A son	        c1825-1830
   B. Lucinda           c1829-30
 + C. Mary “Poly” Ann   c1834
 + D. Andrew Jackson    c1837
   E. George            c1839-1842 
 + F. John P.           c1842-1845
   G. Martha            c1846
   H. Layman            c1848

1830 Sevier County, Tennessee: Alfred Allen 10001-10001
Men 20-30 Alfred (1799-10)      Women 20-30 Elizabeth (1799-1810)
Men 00-05 Unknown (1824-30)     Women 00-05 Lucinda  (1829-31)

1840 McMinn County, Tennessee: Alfred Allen

1850 Sevier County. Tennessee: Elizabeth Allen 60 TN, Lucinda 20 TN, Mary 16 TN, Jackson 13 TN, George 11 TN, John 8 TN, Martha 4 TN

1860 Sevier County, Tennesee: Elizabeth Allen 59 TN Washer Woman TN, Lucinda 29 TN Spinster, Polly Ann 26 TN Weaver, George 18 TN Day Laborer, John 15 TN, Layman 12 TN, David 3 TN* *David is son of Polly Ann.Sevier County 11 Nov 1876.

Elizabeth Allen's children:
VII.C. Polly Ann Allen:
VII.D. Andrew Jackson Allen:
VII.F. John P. Allen:

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