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NEW INFORMATION ON ADAM FUCHS indicates that Johann Adam Fuchs was born 13 Dec 1716 in Dorrenbach, Pfalz and emigrated to America in 1743 aboard the Loyal Judith (see discussion below) with his sister Maria Elizabetha. He was the son of Johann Wilhelm Fuchs and Anna Eva Muller of Werschweiler, Saarland and grandson of Hans Kaspar Fuchs and Agnes Koch. See this website for detail. More Fuchs Family Information:


Born: Probably Germany
Died: ca 1769 Frederick (later Shenandoah) Co, VA Buried: Shenandoah Co, VA
Lived Also: Augusta Co, VA and possibly Berks Co, VA

Died: After 1785 Shenandoah VA or Sevier, TN ?:

Adam Jr. B: ca 1760 Probably VA D:1814-1830 Sevier Co, VA M: Elizabeth Derrick

Mark B:ca1765 Probably VA D:21 Jun 1787 Sevier Co, TN M:Catherine Bauthman 4 Jun 1785 Shenandoah,VA

Catherine (not proven) M:Jacob Rousch (1746-1830) 21 Feb 1775

Barbara (not proven) M: Jonas Rousch (1763-1850)

Maria or Mary (not proven) M: John Snavely (Johannes Schneblis)


Mark Fox was killed by Indians in what later became Sevier Co, TN. His grave is the oldest marked grave in Sevier County.

Jacob and Jonas Rousch were the sons of John Adam Rousch and Susannah Schlern.

Speculation: Adam Fuchs may have lived in Berks Co, PA prior to his move to VA ca1752.

Speculation: Adam Fuchs (20) may have immigrated to America aboard the “Loyal Judith” in 1743 landing in Philadelphia.


Descendants of Adam Fox of Sevier Co. (draft) Dick D. Fox.
“Pennsylvania German Settlers”, Strassburger/Hinke.
Genealogy of the Fox Family 1924 by Nathaniel Grant Taylor (NGT) Fox of Sevier County.
Mark Fox’s marriage record.
Shenandoah Census 1783 and 1785
Shenandoah tax and land records.
Will of Adam Fox, written in German, Frederick Co, VA.
Augusta Co, VA land records.
“The Rousch Family in America”, Dr. L.L. Rausch


Adam Fuchs (Fox) is believed to have immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania. Following a short stay in Pennsylvania, he moved to Augusta County, Virginia, where he settled. The part of Augusta County where Adam lived later became Frederick County and later, after his death, became Shenandoah County.

Pennsylvania records of Adam Fuchs:

There were several men with the name of Adam Fox or Adam Fuchs in Pennsylvania and Virginia in the 1700's:

* A Johan Adam Fox arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Davy in 1738.

Davy Passengers

* Johanna Adam Fuchs, age 20, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Loyal Judith with a group of Palatines on 2 September 1743. The ship came from the port of Rotterdam. The name was also listed as Adam Fux on one passenger list.. Among Adam's fellow passengers is only one familiar name, that of Andoni Kapel also listed as Andoni Kappel. Ten years later, Adam would sell his Virginia land to a John Koppel.

Loyal Judith Passengers

* Yost Fox (also known as Jost Fuchs) arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Francis and Elizabeth on 21 September 1742 and died in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1763. Berks County is the likely first home of Adam Fuchs in America. Yost’s only son Adam was named administrator of Yost’s estate by his mother, Anna Elizabeth, widow and relict, renounced on account of "her great infirmity through age". Our Adam seems to have been in Virginia for at least 10 years before this date and so it seems unlikely that Yost was the father of Adam Fuchs Sr., but he may have been related.

Fancis and Elizabeth Passengers

* Johan Adam and Johann Henrich Fuchs arrived in Philadelphia aboard the “Two Brothers” in 1749. Note, this Johan Adam had a family on board.

Two Brothers Passengers

* An Adam Fox lived in Colebrookdale Township, Berks County and left awill. Since the records indicated that this Adam had a brother Matthias, he could not have been the son of Yost Fox, who had only one son according to his will. This Adam is probably the same Adam Fox mentioned in the records of the New Hanover Lutheran Church, which is located in Montgomery County. Montgomery County borders Berks County. According to these church records, Johan Adam Fuchs was born 1 May 1716 and died 1 July 1791. His wife was Anna Margaretha, born 1719 and died 2 April 1777. Johan Adam and Anna Margaretha had a son named Mathias and Mathias, in turn had a son named Adam who was born 13 January 1755.

* An Adam Fox served with the Virginia Continental line during the Revolutionary War and was killed in action.

Regardless of which Adam is ours, it seem very possible that our Adam first settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania before moving on to Virginia. We know, for example, that Elizabeth Derrick’s family lived in Berks County before their move to Virginia. Elizabeth’s maternal ancestors, the Dunkelbergers and Hauers, were also Berks County families. Other families associated with the Fox family in Virginia, that also appear in Berks County records, include Eiler (Iler), Snavely (Schneblis), and Kelchner families.

Adam Fuchs’ will was signed by three former residents of Berks County. The three signers were John Derrick (Adam Jr.’s father-in-law), Henry Kelchner and Mark Eiler. Henry Kelchner was the son of Michael Kelchner and John Derrick’s cousin. The Eilers (Ilers) were associated with Adam Fox Sr. in Virginia.

Some miscellaneous Berks County records:

* Simon Derrick arrived in Philadelphia on 27 October 1738 aboard the St. Andrew. Simon was the father of John Derrick and the grand father of Elizabeth Derrick, wife of Adam Fox Jr. Most of the passengers aboard the St. Andrews were from the Upper Palatinate region of Germany. Simon settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania in the area northwest. of 0ley township and also lived near Greenwich township.

* At Atolhoe (Tulpehocken), Eva Margaretha, was born 17 October 1751 and baptized 1 November 1751 to Adam Fox. Sponsors were Wilhelm Kayser and wife.

* Adam Eiler, Casper Sneavely (Schneblis) and Jacob Fox were on the 1752 tax list of Bern Township. A Jacob Fox was naturalized in Bern Township on 4 April 1762. An Adam Eiler age 53 arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Friendship on 12 October 1742. Caspar Sneabeli age 43, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Francis & Elizabeth on 30 August 1743, one year after Yost Fox arrived on the same ship.

* Yost Fox, Henry Fox and Jacob Fox were on the 1752 tax list of Heidelberg Township. * A John Adam Fuchs was naturalized in Heidelberg Township on 21 September 1765. A Jacob Fuchs arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Albany on 11 September 1728.

* Adam Fox and John Snably (Schneblis) were on the 1752 tax list of Tulpehocken Township.

* Adam Euler (Eiler) granted letter of administration 23 April 1755 to Anna Dilla Eulerin widow and relict (Berks County Administration Book 1 page 36).

Early Virginia records of Adam Fuchs:

The first record of Adam Fox in Virginia was an application for a land warrant made in Augusta County on 3 Oct 1752. Mark Ilor (Eiler) applied for a warrant on the same day. The first record of Mark Ilor in Virginia was as a chain carrier on 1 May 1751.

* Adam soon sold his land on Stony Creek and moved about eight miles south to Mill Creek. This area of Virginia changed from Augusta County to Frederick County in 17?? and to Shenandoah County in 1772. Adam was living on the Mill Creek land when he died in 1769.

* William Bean, Survey (no dates) 400a on Stoney Creek adjacent Adam Fox, John Bayly

* Volume II page 80: Adolph Ilor, assignee of Mark Ilor of Augusta County. Warrant application 3 Oct 1752; Survey date 19 Oct 1752; 419 acres on SW side of Stony Creek, adjoining Adolph Ilor's own land. An Adolph Eiler arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Charlotta on 5 September 1743. Also aboard was Henrich Meyer, who was in Shenandoah by 1755.

* Peter Stover 10/30/1752-12/14/1753 375a Stoney Creek adjacent Robt Scarbrough & Adam Fox.

* Christian Funkhouser, 4/4/1753-5/10/1753 260a Stoney Creek in Augusta County adjacent Adam Fox

* Jacob Bordan, Survey 5/9/1753, 400a NW side of Stoney Creek, adjacent Adam Fox

* Edward Rian of Augusta County, Survey 5/10/1753 400a Stoney Creek and Laurel Spring adjacent Adam Fox, John Bayly

* Volume II Page 168: Nichol Witsell, assignee of Adam Fox of Augusta County; Warrant application 4 Apr 1755; Survey date 3 Dec 1753; 304 acres including his (Adam Fox) plantation bought of Jacob Boyer on McNishes Run, a branch of N. River Shenandoah.

* Volume III Page 35: Joseph Pugh (Jr.), assignee of John Koppel (in 1753), assignee of Adam Fox of Augusta County; Warrant application 30 Oct 1752; Survey date 23 Dec 1752; 300 acres on both sides of Stony Creek, a branch of N. River Shenandoah.

Partial translation of agreement written in German: 11 April 1753, Johannes Kaffel, have bought of Adam Fox a place on Stony Creek in the name Clay Lick. Signed: Adam Fuchs (GS) One witness: Adolph Eiler.

On 7 Sep 1778 Catrin Fox executrix of Adam Fox dec’d made deposition that above agreement was complied with.

On 28 February 1763 Adam purchased 300 acres of land on the south side of Benjamin Allen’s Mill Creek from John Hill for 5 shillings. The deed was recorded in Frederick County Court on 1 March 1763. Other records of this land included:

* John Hill purchased 300 acres on Benjamin Allen’s Mill Creek. The warrant application was dated 13 May 1749 and the survey date was 23 June 1749.

* Mary Hill requested a deed be issued to her next eldest son. The original assignee, James Hill, was now deceased.

These Virginia records were discovered by Eugene Peterson, a Derrick researcher (now deceased). Mr. Peterson has deduced the following location of Adam Fox’s land:

* Mark Ilor lived 1.5 miles north of Forestville.

* Henry Kelchner nephew of John Derrick lived 2 miles north of Forestville but westerly of Ilor.

* John Derrick adjoined Kelchner’s north border.

* Jacob Derrick, John’s brother, adjoined John on the west.

* Adam Fox lived just west of Kelchner and Derrick.



From Frederick County Will Book 3, page 476: A True Copy of a Will made In Dutch (German) Language by Adam Fox, of this said County.

In the name of God Amen I Adam Fox of Frederick County in Virginia, being weak in Body but Sound of memory Blessed be God do this 22th Day of March A.D. 1768 make and Publish this my Last Will & Testament in manner following (This is to say.)

First I give all my Lands to my two Sons to be Divided Equal, though with that Condition if the stay on the Land together until one of them is of age in such Time said Land is to be praised and as I am willing that my Daughters shout have equal shares with the Boys, said two Boys shall so much to the Girs in Cash (Likewise it is my Will that both the Boys should Learn a Good Trade.

2ndly To my Beloved Wife I Give her Lawful thirds Viz. According to the English Law, and that she shall Live with the children on my said Land as Long as She Remains a Widow and if She Likes to Marry Again before my Boys is of Age she shall Live upon said Land until one of them is of Age Viz. the Youngest Boy.

3dly All my Lawful debts are to be Satisfied out of my Estate. As Witness my Hand unto this my Last Will and Testament the date and Year above.

Signed sealed and delivered)

Adam Fox )

in the presence of Mark Iler, John Derrick and Henry Kelchner


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