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Born: 1756	
Died: 28 Jan 1843 Saline County, Kentucky
Lived Also: Virginia, Fayette County, Kentucky

Born: 1761	
Died: 28 Oct 1835	

Mary J.   B: ca 1780 Virginia   D: 4 Apr 1864 Travis Co, Texas  
M: Tobias Pennington

Henry   B:10 Oct 1787 Kentucky   D: 21 Jul 1857 Bastrop Co,
TX   M:  Elizabeth G. Moore 24 Dec 1809 Kentucky

Hannah   B:      D:     M: Charles S. Morton 30 Jun 1810
Fayette Co, KY

Charles   B:      D:      M:

Revised 20 Dec 2000

Albertus Brite Will

Albertus Brite Will

February 13, 1843

Albertus Brite decsd - Edwin Pennington Admr. Letters testamentary granted Bond taken (Bond rec in Bond Rec A p.36) Will probated

Jan 10, 1843 - Bond applied

Feb. 13, 1944 - Annual settlement made

Apr. 5, 1847 - Annual settlement made

Aug. 9, 1848 - Annual settlement made

Feb. 6, 1849 - Final

Ellen P Dye, minor - N.P. Degman gdu.

Aug 7, 1849 Gdu chosen & apptd & bond taken


The Clerk of Saline County Court

To all whom it may concern, know ye that Albertus Brite of the County of Saline, having died leaving a last will and testament probated thereof. Having been granted and did therein appoint Edwin Pennington sole executor thereof and the said Edwin Pennington having entered bond and in all respects complied with the laws of the state of Missouri in such cases ----and therefore; I John A. Trigg Clerk of the said county court by virtue of the authority in me by law vested do by these presents empowr and authorize the said Edwin Pennington to execute the last will and testament of the said Albertus Brite deceased and to ask demand and receive all manner of debts due and demands due and to become due unto the said Albertus Brite deceased and to administer the same according to law and the true intent & meaning of the said last will of the said Albertus Brite. And lastly do hereby appoint the said Edwin Pennington Executor of the last will of the said Albertus Brite deceased according to law.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court the 13th day of February 1843.

Jno A. Trigg Clerk


In the name of God Amen. I Albertus Brite of Saline County MIssouri, being in possession of my usual state of mind do make and establish this my last will and testament hereby voiding all others heretofore made.

Item 1st. I will and desire that my just debts be paid out of my property before any division takes place.

Item 2nd. I have given to my son Henry Bright one hundred and sixty acres of land. Which land was worth twenty five dollars (per acre) one thousand dollars worth of negroes and two thousand in cash making in all seven thousand dollars which he has received of my property.

Item 3rd. I have given to my daughter Mary Pennington five hundred acres of land worth twenty five (per acre), one thousand in negroes & other property, amount in all to six thousand dollars, and after my death I will be bequeathed unto her the said Mary Pennington in addition to what she has received, my side board, my mettel clock, my horse and carriage, my negroe boys Thornton and Harry & girl Denise, all my household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils and one third of all the money on hand at my death, and one third of all other property not herein before named.

Item 4th. I have given to my son-in-law Charles Morton in land and other property the sum of five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars and fifty dollars to make the sum of six thousand dollars which I have given to him the said Charles and Hannah and which I think is an equal to what my other children have received in consequence of his receiving all at one time. Also I give and bequeath unto my children Charles and Hannah Morton one third of all the money that may be on hand at my death and all other property not herein before specified.

Item 5th. I will and bequeath unto my granddaughters Ann Samuel Bright and Eliza Bright, daughters of Henry Bright my negroe boy Thomas provided I do not sell said boy before my decease & in that event they are to have the amount of money said boy sold for.

Item 6th. I give and bequeath unto my son Henry Bright one third of any money that I may have on hand at my death after payng legacies and 2nd one third of all property not herebefore specified.

Item 7th. I lastly do appoint Edwin Pennington, executor of this my last will and testament.

Albertus Brite

In testamony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 7th day of October ad 1841. Signed sealed and acknowledged by the testator in presence of us. G. Hayes & Simeon Pennington

State of Missouri County of Saline to wit

I Jon A. Trigg, clerk of the county court of Saline County do hereby certify that the foregoing will of Albertus Brite was sealed in my office for record on the ___day of ad1841, and duly recorded in will and letter book A, pages 56, 57 & 58. Given under my hand and offical seal this ___ day of March ad 1843 by Jon A. Trigg, clerk; J.S. Trigg.

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