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Walter BREUSTEDT house - 418 Elm Street, Seguin in 1984


Johanne Heinrich Breustedt
B: 3 Nov 1793 Westerode, Braunschweig, Germany
Died in Texas.  Probably buried on family land in Guadalupe County.
Father: Heinrich Christian Breustedt
Mother: Unknown

Wife: Marie Sophie Dorothee Muller (Mueller)
B: 4 Jul 1789 Braunschweig
Died in Texas.  Probably buried on family land in Guadalupe County.


Christian Breustedt   died in Germany

Johanne Wilhelmine Henriette Breustedt
B: 12 Aug 1819 Westerode
D: Before 1850 census of Comal County, Texas   
M: 11 Jun 1843 Johann Christoph Wilhelm Zimmergesell Clemens
   in Westerode

Johanne Marie Henriette Sabine Breustedt   
B: 25 Nov 1821 Braunschweig   
D: Before 1870 census of Comal County, Texas
M: 9 May 1848 Johann Heinrich Andreas (Wilhelm) Bock 
   in Westerode

Johanne Heinrich Andreas Breustedt  
B: 10 Mar 1825 Braunschweig
D: 16 Aug 1921 Seguin, Texas
M: Wilhelmine Caroline Dauer 2 Nov 1852 New Braunfels, Texas

Heinrich (Henry) Breustedt
B: 5 Sep 1833 Braunschweig
D: 9 Oct 1914 Seguin, Texas
M: Justine Dauer


List of passengers arrived from foreign ports in the Port of Galveston, 4th Quarter, 1849, from Bremen.

Name of Vessel Br. neptune date November 6, 1849 from Bremen

Listed together were:
C. H. Breustedt & wife
Gottl. do
Heinr. do
S.W. Bock & wife
Wilh. Clemens & wife

+ + + + + + + + + +

1850 Comal County, Texas Census:
141 141
Henry Bruestat 56M Laborer
Dorothy 60 F
Andrew 25 M Laborer (Gottl. from the Neptune)
Henry 16 M Laborer

142 142
William Clements 21M Carpenter Germany
Wilhelmina 4F Germany
William 6? M Texas
Note: No child listed with Wilhelm Clements on the Neptune.
Note: German records indicate that William was born 23 Nov 1816. His age should have been 33 at census time, not 21.
Note: German records indicate that he should have had two sons at census time, not a son and daughter:
Heinrich Wilhelm Theodor b 8 Nov 1843 Westerode.
Johann Heinrich Christopf b 16 Dec 1847.
It is possible that the younger son died and the Wilhelmina age 4 is the daugter of William Bock, shown also in the next house.

143 143
William Bock 28M Laborer Germany
Johanna -do- 27F Germany
Wilhelmina -do- 4F Germany
Theodore -do- 1M Texas

Children under 21 living with others:
Mina Breustedt (cook) 18 F Ger living with James Ferguson
Who was Mina Breustedt?

+ + + + + + + + + +

Andreas Breustedt from Harzburg, Hanover, arrived Texas, 2 Nov 1846, from a List of all the Passengers taken on board the B. Bohlen, under Captain Mencke. This is the son of Johann Heinrich Breustedt. He arrived in America three years before the rest of his family. He may have returned to Germany and may be the Gottl. Breustedt listed with his family on the Neptune passenger list?

“Guadalupe County’s 2nd Court House”
Among those early German settlers of this community was Andreas Breustedt, whose first location was near the Bartel Store in Clear Springs. Other settlers around Clear Springs were the Hermann family, the Timmermann family, Nolte family, Gesche family, and others.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Guadalupe County, Texas Courthouse (Seguin) Probate Cases
Andreas Breustedt, deceased 1 Nov 1911, Case 1909
Andreas Breustedt, deceased 4 Dec 1911, Case 1916

+ + + + + + + + + +

Received from Eike Bock, Germany:
3. Clemens, Johann Christoph Wilhelm Zimmergesell (apprentice carpenter), 23.11.1816 Schlewecke (a town in what was the Duchy of Braunschweig) Sohn des (son of) Zimmergesellen (apprentice carpenter) Johann Christoph Conrad Clemens und der Johanne Christiane Spier, oo Westerode 11.06.1843 mit Breust, Johanne Wilhelmine Henriette, 12.08.1819 Westerode Tochter des Kleinköthers und Waldarbeiters (daughter of farmer and woodcutter)Johann Heinrich Breust und der Marie Sophie Dorothee Müller, deren Kinder (their children:
1. Heinrich Wilhelm Theodor 08.10.1843 Westerode.
2. Johann Heinrich Christopf 16.12.1847 Brg. Anz. (Braunschweiger Anzeiger Newspaper) 1849/117 nach Amerika

Note: This is from a book by Fritz Gruhne, titled "Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig 1846-1871".

Note: Farmer classification in Germany: Brinksitzer = 1-4 Morgen land (0.6-2.5 acres)
Kleinkother = 4-30 Morgen (0.6-18.5 acres) + 2 cows
Halbspanner = 30-60 Morgen (18.5-37 acres) + 2 horses
Ackerman (great farmer) = 60-120 Morgen (37-74 acres) + 4 horses


1. Idell Brostett 
   B: 1582   
   D: 17 Sep 1652 Neustadt (now Bad Harzburg)

2. Zacharias Brosett
   B:4 mar 1611/1612   
   D: before 1683

3. Andreas Brosett
   B: 28 Jul 1641   
   D: 25 Nov 1698

4. Johann Henning Breust
   B: 10 Jan 1691/1692   
   D: before 1734 in Westerode near Bad Habzburg
   M: Catherine Margarethe Reinecken
      B: 1694
      D: About 19 Jul 1778

5. Andreas Wilhelm Breustedt
   B: 1722 Westerode
   D: 25 Dec 1799
   M: Ann Margaret Koch 18 Jan 1745/1746
      B: Unknown
      D: Unknown

6. Heinrich Christian Breustedt
   B: 3 Dec 1769
   D: 14 Mar 1832
   M: Unknown

7. Johann Heinrich Breustedt
   B: 3 Dec 1769
   D: Unknown in Texas 
   M: Marie Sophie Dorothea Mueller
      B: 4 Jul 1789 Westerode

8. Johanne Marie Henriette Sabine Breustedt
   B: 25 Nov 1821 Brauschweig
   D: Before 1870 census of Comal County, Texas
   M: Johann Heinrich Andreas (Wilhelm) Bock 9 May 1848 Westerode
      Son of Johann Conrad Bock and Lucie Wilhelmine Henriette Breustedt
      B: 12 Oct 1820 Westerode
      D: 1880-1900 Comal County, Texas


Notes (Research of Dr. Karl Ewald Schmidt):
(1)The Breustedt family estate is situated in the parish Westerode, 
district Harzburg, on the base of the Harz mountains.

(2) The name Breustedt first appeared in a document of 1290, copied 
in the Record Book III of the city of Braunschweig under No. 214.  At 
that time Olvek Broistede became a new citizen of Braunschweig.  In 
the year 1350 the name was written Broistedde.  It may be well 
presumed that the patrician family of Olvek Broistede, who were 
engaged in the garment tayloring business, came from Broistedt, 
County of Wolfenbuettel.

The name Broistedde means a stedde (stead-place) which perhaps was 
marshy and muddy, often inundated by water (the Fuse river).

(3) Westerode Church Records: Johann Hennig Breust, woodcutter and 
small cottager at assurance No. 36, at Westerode.  His son Andreas 
Wilhelm Breust was born in 1722 and died December 25, 1799.  Johann 
Hennig Breust’s wife, Catherine Margarethe Reinecken, died as widow 
before July 19, 1778;  she was interred July 19, 1778.  She was born 
in 1694.

(4) At the wedding of his son Andreas Wilhelm Breust with Anne Mar. 
Koch on January 18, 1746, Hennig Breust is named as the father, 
likewise in the confirmation record, according to which Johann 
Hennig, was married at the time of the birth of his own son (1772), 
and must have been deceased by 1734.

(5) Speculation of Dr. Schmidt:  Andreas Breust, of Neustadt, born 
July 28, 1641, died 1688, is the father of Johann Hennig.
In Neustedt (now Bad Harzburg), Idell Brostett, born 1582, died 
September 17, 1652 at Neustedt had two sons, Zacharias, born March 4, 
1612, died before 1683 and Hennig Brostett, Sr., born October 16, 
1639 (mentioned in 1666, 1675, 1678 and 1683) at Neustadt.
Idel’s son Zacharias, among others, also had two sons, Hennig and 
Andreas .. Hennig Brosett, Jr. born May 2, 1649,X April 18, 1676 
(mentioned 1675) cottager on Assessment No. 42 at Neustadt.
Zacharias’ other son Andreas, born July 28, 1641, November 25, 1688, 
mentioned in the Commerce Book as feudal tenant.

Andreas Brostett’s son Johann Hennig, born January 10, 1692, at 
Neustedt, died before 1734, at Westerode; small cottager on Assesment 
No. 36, Westerode.

His son Andreas Wilhelm, woodcutter and small cottager, on Assessment 
No. 36, born 1722 and died December 25, 1800 (written 1700)  
Mentioned in the title deed of 1819.

His son Heinrich Christian, born December 3, 1769, died March 14, 
1832, is especially mentioned in the title deed as having power of 
attorney from the oldest (Gottlieb Breustedt on cottager place 34, 
born 1746, died 1828) and as feudal tenant.  

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