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+    +    Generation 1    +    +

Born: c 1500 England
Died: 1574 England



Peter   B: ?         D: 1524   M: Did not Marry

* John   B: ?        D: 1574   M: Isabel Atkins

Robert   B: ?        D: 1589   M: Did not Marry

Isabell   B: ?        D: ?        M: ?

Thomas   B: ?        D: 1589   M: Isabel Purshom d/o William
Purshom of West Herrington, Durham   Children:   William D:
1584 and Isabel D: 1585

William   B: ?        D: 1587   M: 1579 Allison Curtis D:1600  
Children: Robert D: 1600 and Henry D: 1588

+    +    Generation 2   +    +

Born:         Maidstone, Kent, England
Married: 1564
Died: 1574 Maidstone, Kent, England
Father:   William Chilton
Mother: Jennet

Died: 1582


William   B: 1568   D: 1540 [sic]   M: Alice Chilton d/o Thomas
Chilton    Children: Frances, Agnes, Edward, Jennet, Isabell

* John   B: c 1570   D: c 1652   M: Catherine Heneage, daugter
of John Heneage of Kirby, Lincoln, England and Jane Wingfield,
daughter of Lewis Wingfield of the Isle of Wight.

Jennett   B: 1565   D: ?        M: ?

Agnes   B: 1573   D: ?        M: ?

+    +    Generation 3    +    +

Born: 1570 Maidstone, Kent, England
Died:  1652 Maidstone, Kent, England
Father:   John Chilton
Mother: Isabel Atkinson

Born:      Kent, England
Died:      Kent, England
Father: John Heneage of Kirby, Lincoln, England
Mother: Jane Wingfield daugter of Lewis Wingfield of Isle of


Thomas   B: c 1615   D:   M:

Isabell   B: c 1618   D:   M:

Jennett   B: c 1620   D:   M:

William   B: c 1622   D:   M:

John   B: c 1624   D: 29 Apr 1708 Westmoreland Co, Virginia  
M: Jane ?

George   B: c 1626   D: 1666   M:

Mark   B: c 1628   D: Loudon County, Virginia   M:

Jane   B: c 1630   D:    M:

Stephen   B: c 1633   D: c 1718   M:

+    +    Generation 4    +    +

Born: c 1630 Kent, England	
Married: c 1660
Died: 29 Apr 1708 Westmoreland County, Virginia
Will: 15 Nov 1706, Proved 29 Apr 1708
Father:  John Chilton (1614)
Mother: Catherine Heneage

Wife:  Jane ? or Joan ?
Born: c 1642 Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia	


Sarah Chilton   B: c 1662 Westmoreland County, Virginia   D: ?  
M: ?

Thomas Chilton   B: c 1664 Cople Parish, Westmoreland
County, Virginia   D: ?  M: ?

* John Chilton   B: c 1666 Northampton County, Virginia   D:
11 Jul 1726 “Currioman”, Westmoreland County, Virginia   M:
Lettice Mary Ball

William Chilton   B: c 1668 Northampton, Virginia   D: After
1751 Wiccomico Parish, Lancaster County, Virginia   M: Sarah

Mary Chilton   B: c 1670 Lancaster County, Virginia   D: c 1711
St. Marys White C, Lancaster County, Virginia   M: John Sharp
of Lancaster County, Virginia

Elizabeth Chilton   B: c 1672 Lancaster County, Virginia   D: ?  
M: John Groves

George Chilton   B: c 1678 Lancster County, Virginia   D: 13
Apr 1709 St Mary Whites C, Lancaster County, Virginia

Charles Chilton   B: c 1680 Lancaster County, Virginia   D: c
1716-1717 Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia

Mark Chilton   B: c 1784 Westmoreland County, Virginia   D:
Before 1733 Stafford County, Virginia   M: Sarah Keys

Notes:  Bought plantation “Currioman” in Westmoreland County
from John Gerard in 1660.

+    +    Generation 5    +    +

Born: c 1666 Northampton County, Virginia	
Married: (1) ?    (2) ?
Died: 11 Jul 1726 “Currioman”,  Westmoreland County,
Father:  John Chilton (1630)
Mother: Jane or Joan ?

Born: c 1673, Westmoreland County, Virginia	


John Chilton   B: Before 1699 Westmoreland County, Virginia  
D: ?   M: Ann Stewart.  Eldest son, he inherited a large estate
“Belleview” in Stafford County, Virginia.  Reported to have
dissipated the estate and died penniless.

* Thomas Chilton   B: 1699 Cople Parish, Westmoreland
County, Virginia   D: c 1765   M: Jemima Cooke

No further information

+    +    Generation 6  +    +

Born: c 1699 Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia	
Married: c 1725  Fauquier County, Virginia
Died: c 1765
Will:  Dated 24 Sep 1765
Father:  John Chilton (1666)
Mother: Lettice Mary Ball

Born: c 1707 Ware, Gloucester, Virginia
Died: c 1796
Father: Mordecai Cooke
Mother: Elizabeth Buckner	


Mary Chilton   B: c 1724  D: c 1788   M: William Ransdell of
Westmoreland and Fauquier Counties, son of Wharton Ransdell

Hannah Chilton   B: 6 May 1726   D: After 1792   M: 17 Jun
17465 Foxall Sturman, born 4 Jan 1720-1721, son of William
and Sarah (Elliott) Sturman.  Her children included Thomas b 4
Apr 1746, Jemima b 6 Jul 1748, Mary b 3 Dec 1752, Foxall b 6
Mar 1755 and Elliott b 17 Nov 1759.

Thomas Chilton Jr.   B: ?   D: c 1776   M: Isabella Pierce,
daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Ransdell) Pierce. Note:  In Rev
War from Fauquier.  He inherited his father’s Westmoreland
land.  Bought 1475 acres in Fauquier in 1761, 400 acres in
Prince William in 1764, Lt. Col. in Militia.  Thomas died without
heirs and his widow married a Templeman.

William Chilton   B: 1730 Fauquier County, Virginia   D: ?   M:
Sarah Orrick of Baltimore.  He died before the Revolution and
his widow married Parson Douglas.   His Fauquier plantation
was “Maidstone”.  Children were (1) Orrick b 1770 m Felicia
Corbin, (2) Susan m Charles Ransdell of Fauquier and (3)

John Chilton   B: 22-29 Aug 1739 Westmoreland County, 
Virginia   D: 11-24 Aug 1776 (Will proved 24 Nov 1777)   M:
Letitia Blackwell 10 Dec 1765 (Bond William Ransdell).   John
was a Captain with the 3RD Virginia Line and was killed during
the Revolution at the Battle of Brandywine.  His Fauquier
plantation was “Rock Springs”.   His children were (1) Thomas b
1767 m Jane Corbin, (2) Joseph b 20 Sep 1774 m Ann Smith,
(3) George Chilton b 5 Jul 1779 m Mary ellen Ball of Fauquier,
(4) Nancy b 8 Oct 1771 m Augustine Smith of Fauquier and (5)
Lucy b 20 Dec 1773 m John Ransdell of Fauquier and moved to
Henry Clay County, Kentucky.

Charles Chilton   B: 1741   D: ?   M: Betty Blackwell 19 Dec
1760 or 1768, daugher of Joseph Blackwell.  He owned
“Hereford” in Fauquier County.  He was a Captain during the
Revolution and a Colonel of Militia.  He was guardian of his
brother John’s five children.  Charles’ children were (1) John m.
Felicia Corbin, widow of Chilton Orrick (2) Samuel m Lucinda
Blackwell and died in Kanawha, (3) Elizabeth died in Fauquier
(Will 27 Mar 1837) and did not marry, (4) Stephen b 9 Dec
1780  m Susan Turner and moved to Missouri, (5) Blackwell b
17 Mar 1783 m Sarah Beale Gibson and moved to Kanawha
W.Va and (6) Mark Anthony b 1777 who married Eloise
Blackwell and whose letters were the basis of much of the
Chilton history. 

Stephen Chilton   B: ?   D: ?   M: ?  He died without heirs,
passing his land to his brother Thomas Chilton Jr.   He was Sea
Captain and died of Small Pox in London.

Elizabeth Chilton   B: ?   D: ?   M: Did not marry.

Notes:   Thomas was Justice 1733, Sheriff 1741, Church
Warden Cople Parish 1741-1743, Major in Militia 1753.   He
inherited Currioman from his father (1300 acres 1740).  He
bought land in Prince William County.


o LDS Submisions

o “The Virginia Genealogist Volume 14”, The Chilton Families
of Virginia and Maryland by John Frederick Dorman. 

o Research of Charles Alexander Chilton.  See’s
Chilton Family Genealogy Forum.


The children of Mary Chilton Ransdell were named by a
number of sources:

a.  William Ransdell’s will of 1776 named five of his
sons as heirs.

b.  A letter written in 1843 by Mark Anthony Chilton
to a relative, Robert Hall Chilton, who later became
aide to Gen. Robert E. Lee, named additional
children of Mary Chilton Ransdell.   Mark Anthony
Chilton listed as his source for the information his
Aunt Mary Ransdell, herself.   Mary Ransdell died
in c 1788.   At the time of her death, Mark Anthony
Chilton was only 11 years old and his letter was
written 55 years later.  It would appear that Mark’s
memory did not include all of Mary’s children as a
lawsuit in 1809 provided

c.  An 1809 Lawsuit in Fauquier County, Virginia
against Wharton Ransdell, a son of William and
Mary Ransdell, named other children.   From John
F. Dorman's series of articles on "The Chilton
Families of Virginia and Maryland," in the Virginia
Genealogist. The applicable installment is on pp.
15-18 of vol. 14, No. 1 (Jan.- March, 1970). For
some of his children see the 1809 court case in
Fauquier County, Virginia, "Catesby Graham vs.
,"representatives" of Wharton Ransdell, dec'd:
William Moore & Hannah, his wife,  Nathaniel Gray
& Elizabeth, his wife; William Ball and Mary, his
wife; Chilton Ransdell, Stephen Ransdell, Ursula
Ransdell; John & Maria (under 21), orphans of
Thomas Ransdell, dec'd, then listed last were John
& Lucy his wife, non-inhabitants of Virginia. 

From these three sources, these are the children of Mary
Chilton Ransdell:

(1) Thomas Ransdell.  Named in his father’s will
and in Mark Anthony Chilton’s letter.  His orphans
were named in the 1809 lawsuit.  Probably the
Thomas Ransdell who died c Sept. 1796 with his
estate administered by Chilton Ransdell with Orrick
Chilton and William Ball Jr. as Chilton's securities
(see Alcock's Fauquier Families).  Difficult to
distinguish him from his cousin Thomas, son of
Wharton (William Ransdell’s brother).  He left
orphans John and Maria, minors in 1809.  He is
probably the one who married Mary (Morehead?)
Ransdell 8 November 1786. 

(2) William Ransdell. Named in his father’s will and
in Mark Anthony Chilton’s letter, but not named in
the 1809 lawsuit.  He could be the one who died c
1788, Fauquier County (See, p. 290, Fauquier
Families, 1759-1799, where Turner Morehead was
granted administration of that William's estate. 

(3) Wharton Ransdell.  Named in his father’s will
and in Mark Anthony Chilton’s letter.   Living 1790,
apparently died unmarried See p. 290, Alcock's
Fauquier Families, where there is mention in June
1792 of the selling of the estate of Wharton, son of
William and Mary to pay debts. It is assumed that
he was the Wharton whose heirs were involved in
the 1809 court case against Wharton Ransdell's

(4) Chilton Ransdell.  Named in his father’s will, in
Mark Anthony Chilton’s letter and in the 1809
lawsuit.   Died 1808 Fauquier County, Virginia (see
Fauquier Will Book 4, pp. 516-17), married 13 Jan.
1792, Fauquier County, Virginia, cousin Susanna
Chilton, daughter of William Chilton (Mary Chilton
Ransdell's brother) and Sarah Orrick. 

(5) Edward Ransdell.  Named in his father’s will and
mentioned in 1773 will of uncle Edward.  He was
not named in Mark Anthony Chilton’s letter and was
not mentioned in the suit regarding his brother
Wharton's heirs. 

(6) Stephen Ransdell.  Not named in his father’s will
and in Mark Anthony Chilton’s letter.  Mark Anthony
Chilton said that all of the children were very
respectable except Stephen and Ursula.    Resided
in Fauquier.  Probably unmarried Mentioned in the
suit regarding Wharton's heirs. 

(7) Mary Ransdell, apparently married 5 Jan. 1789,
Fauquier County, Virginia, John Clarke.  Neither
she nor any of her sisters were mentioned in her
father's will.  Named in Mark Anthony Chilton’s

(8) Ursula Ransdell.  Named in Mark Anthony
Chilton’s letter.  Mark Anthony Chilton said that all
of the children were very respectable except
Stephen and Ursula.    Named in the 1809 suit 
regarding heirs of brother Wharton. 

(9) Sally Ransdell, married 26 Sept. 1786, Fauquier
County, Virginia, Nathaniel Gray and apparently
died soon afterwards.   She was not named in her
father’s will as were none of the daughters.   Nor
was she named in the Mark Anthony Chilton letter
or the 1809 suit, but she does appear in some of
the publicized lists of William Ransdell’s children.

(10) Elizabeth (Betsy) Ransdell, married 18 March
1789, Fauquier County, Virginia,   Nathaniel Gray.  
She was named in the Mark Anthony Chilton letter,
who reported that she died young and did not
marry.  She was named in the 1809 court case.

(11) Hannah Ransdell, born 22 Oct 1758.   She
married William Moore  8 Jan. 1779 in Fauquier
County, Virginia.   Her father being dead on that
date, her brother Wharton Ransdell was bondsman.  
The Moores moved to Fayette County, Kentucky,
where they lived for the rest of their lives.  Judging
by the order in which the children were named in
the 1809 suit mentioned above, she may be the
eldest child.  In a 1783 deed William's lands
adjoined those of Thomas Ransdell and Wharton

(12) John Ransdell married November 1792, Lucy
Chilton, born 20 December 1773. Moved to Henry
County, Kentucky by 1809.

Will of Wm. Ransdell
Fauquier Co. Will Book 1, pp. 289-90, wr. 3 July 1776, pr.
29 Oct. 1771. Will of WILLIAM RANSDELL, SENIOR.
Wife: beloved wife the use of my whole estate during her
natural life and after her death as follows:
Son WHARTON my Mansion house and plantation
thereunto belonging - one-third of my whole Tract of Land;
Sons THOMAS and WILLIAM - the remaining part of my
Tract of land - my desire that my MILL be kept for the use
of my plantation and my three sons upon the Tract of
. . . if my son Wharton should die that then the Land and
plantation devised to him shall devolve unto my son
Thomas & the land devised unto him be equally divided
between my two sons EDWARD & CHILTON RANSDELL.
. . . if either of my two sons Thomas or William die the
Land devised to them be equally divided between my two
sons Edward and Chilton Ransdell.
. . . all my Negroes, Stock, Household furniture to be
equally divided between all my Children after the death of
my wife according to Justice and Equity.
Exrs. loving sons Wharton, Thomas and William
Witn. Benj'n. Ashby, John Marshall, Ju., John Ritchie

Thanks to Bob Moore for his research in this area.


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