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Table of Contents:
1. John Courts I
2. John Courts II
3. John Courts III
4. Charity Courts Wade Adams Moore
5. Will of Robert Henley
6. James Keech
7. Miscellaneous References



Having found proof that John Courts is not the John Courts of Otley Parish, I have removed reference to that line. See note below. Born: Unknown Baptized: Unknown Married: Unknown Died: 1697 Charles County, Maryland Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Wife:


Baptised: Unknown Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Children: John B: 19 Feb 1655 Charles Co, MD D: 1702 Charles Co, MD M: Charity Henley Elizabeth B: 16 May 1663 Charles Co, MD D: 1730 St.Mary’s County, MD M: James Keech Hugh ? Margaret B: 15 Jan 1665 Charles Co, MD D: 1668-1697

Note Disputing John Courts I’s Ancestry:

A check of Otley Parish records indicates that the John Courts born in Otley Parish in 1614 probably did not come to America. The information below is from a person in England who does lookups for Otley Parish. If you have concrete evidence otherwise, please let me know. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The only John Coates, son of Francis Coates I can find in the transcripts is for 1614. "Bapt. 16 Oct 1614 - John Coate, s. of Francis Coate, Caley". Caley Hall is/was a big house near Pool, one of the outlying villages of the Otley Parish. I find no other references to Francis. However, like you, I believe that John married Margaret Robinson, daughter of Anthony Robinson & Mary Saxton at Otley on 7 Apr 1645. (There is no further information listed in the transcript about the marriage.) Margaret's baptism records: "Bapt. 1 Oct 1620 - Margaret Robinson, d. of Anthony Robinson". From here the record appears to conflict with your information, in that John & Margaret appear to have a son called Michael who was baptised in 1646 (27 Sep), but was buried in 1648 (30 Jun). And there are possibly 4 other children born between 1655 and 1664. I also appear to have burial records for John (28 Aug 1679) and Margaret (3 Mar 1693/4) - both pointing them to be residents of Pool - this is, though, only my interpretation of all the data taken from the Otley PRs. (If you can provide me with information that can refute this I would be very happy to change my interpretation.) I'm afraid that I cannot confirm information about Mary Saxton - beyond the marriage date. The PRs do not record a baptism or parentage for Mary - though I estimate she was born sometime between 1579-1599. The date of death you passed on is shown in the PR as the burial date of Lawrence Saxton (her supposed father.) - I cannot find a burial date recorded for Mary. With respect to Lawrence Saxton, I can find only 4 childrens' baptisms/burials registered in the Otley PR between 1601-1609 (John - 1601, Elizabeth - 1604, Jane - bur. 1608, Susanna - 1609) - I can find no marriage recorded for him, but suspect that his wife's name was Jane as "Jane Saxton, widow of Bramhope - bur. 18 Dec 1660". All the information above has been taken from the Transcripts of the Otley Parish Registers 1562-1753. To support/refute my interpretation you would need to look back into family documentation such as letters, probate/wills, land records, bills of sale, etc. There are very few "official" records that were taken at this time, but much of the records that remain would be found County Records Offices in the UK. Nic Wilson, Wharfedale and Craven Genealogical Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Courts came to America as a servant in 1635. See the note following this article. “Maryland Historical Magazine”, Volume VII, 1912, pp. 183-184, Land Notes 1634-1655, [147] Cecilius Lord Propr. of Mary-Land to all persons to whomthese pents shall come Greeting. Know yee tht wee for & in consideraon tht ffrancis Pope (Note 1) & Jno. Courts of the pro: of Mary-Land Plantes. haue transported into or sd. pro: in the yeare 1645 to plant & inhabite there. And to the end the sayd ffrancis Pope & Jno. Courts may be enabled to doe vunto us & or heyres acceptable seruice wth or sd. pro: Haue of & wth the aduice of or Trusty Thomas Greene Leiut. grall of or sd. pro: And according to the Tenor of or lres under or hand & seale date att Portsmouth in the Realme of England 8 Aug. 1636 & enrolled by or Secretary ofor sd. pro” Gyuen & granted & by these pents doe giue grant & Enfeoffe unto the sd. ffrancis Pope & Jno. Courts, All tht parcell of Land, lying on the West side of Poplar Hill: bounding on the West wth a Line of marke trees drawne south from a spring called Popes Spring, into the second branch of Poplar Hill creek: On the West wth a ffresh run called Courts fresh, into a swamp of the sd. Creek. On the south wth the sd. Creek: On the north wth a line drawne east from Popes spring into Couts fresh Conteyning & now layd out for Two hund. acres, be it mor or lesse. And all woods, quares, mines (Royall mines excepted), waters, fishings, & all other profitts & commodities in or vapor the sd. Land. Saucing to vs & or heiress or Royal jurisdiction & signatory as absolute Lords & Prepares. of or. sd. pro: To hue and to hold the same veto them the sd. ffrancis Pope & Jon. Courts & their heyres for eur. To be holden of vs, as of or manor. of New Towne in ffree & common soccage, by ffealty only for all seruices. Yielding & paying therfore yearley att or usuall receipt att St. Maries fowre shillings in money sterl. or two Bushells of good Corne, att the natiuity of or Lord. Guyen att St. Inegos ffort this 3d. Aug. 1647. Witness or sd. Leiut grall. Thomas Green. Note (1) Francis Pope and John courts, to whom this patent was granted, Aug. 3, 1647, are mentioned in Vol. VI, p. 200, as servants brought into the Province in 1635 by James Neale; the surveyor’s certificate for this same tract appears in the same volume at p. 369. The patent is here set out in full to emphasize some of the peculiarities of the records. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2 Courts, John, Sr., Chas. Co., 27 Jan 1697; 15th Dec 1702. To dau. Eliza: and her husband James Keech and hrs., dwelling plantation and all lands belonging thereto except those already given to son John Courte by deed of gift. To son John afsd. and hrs., 150 A., Martin's Freehold. To son John and son-in-law James Keech and Eliza: his wife, all personalty. Exs.: Afsd. son and son-in-law. Test: Blanch Lomax, Ann Cox, Cleborne Lomax. 11. 246. === Miscellaneous Records Page 80 of book entry 461 of Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume 1 John Clarke, Gent. sells his rights to a parcel of land formerly surveyed by his father, Clarke Robert Clarke, Esq at the head of Wicokomeco River: on a branch between land of Daniel Johnson and John Courts containing 600 Acres to Henry Moore, 25 Feb 1661; /s/ John Clarke; wit. George Thompson, Henry Adams. === Deed 24 February 1699 From: John Clarke, , and of Charles and St. Mary's Counties., planters. to John Courts( also spelled Coats, Coarts), of Charles County Gent. Price 8250 lbs of tobacco property: All the tract of land called Crouches Gift in P.G. Co. on the north side of the main fresh on the head of Mattawoman or St. Thomases Creek commonly known by the name of Notting, bounding on land of John Clarke; 500 Acres. signatures: John Clarke and wife Elizabeth, , and wife Judith, , 27 Feb 1699. recorded : 14 November 1700, Vol. A., p. 293-A. 2====================


Born: 16 or 19 Feb 1655 Charles Co, MD Married: ca 1680 Died: 1702 Charles Co, MD Lived Also: Father: John Courts I Mother: Margaret Robinson Wife: CHARITY HENLEYDied: 1703 Charles Co, MD 2nd Marriage: Col. John Contee Father: Robert Henley Mother: Sarah Children: John B: 3 Mar 1691 Charles Co, MD D: 1747-8 Charles Co, MD M: Elizabeth Barnes Henley D: 1712 Charles D: ca 1760 William D: ca 1758 M: ? Elizabeth Ann B: 29 Aug 1693 D: ca 1713 M: John Rogers 1708 Charity B: 4 Oct 1680 D: ca 1711 M: 1. Bayne Smallwood 2. Daniel Dulany 1710 ===

More information on JOHN COURTS II

“A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature 1635-1789”, Papenfuse, Day, Jordan & Stivenson COURTS, JOHN (1655/56-1702). BORN: in 1655/56 in Charles County; first son. NATIVE: second generation. RESIDED: in Charles County. FATHER: John Courts, Sr. (?-1702), who immigrated in 1639 as an indentured servant, but later became a substantial landowner. MOTHER: Margaret, who immigrated by 1649 as an indentured servant. BROTHER: Hugh. SISTER: Margaret (1665/66-?). NATURAL SISTER: Elizabeth (1663 ?), who married Jama Keech (ca. 1651-1708/9). MARRIED Charity (?-1703), daughter of Robert Henley (ca 1617-1684). She subsequently married John Contee (?-1708). PRIVATE CAREER/ EDUCATION: literate. RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Anglican, SOCIAL STATUS: His marriage brought upward social mobility, with first offices coming shortly after his father-in-law’s death. OCCUPATIONAL PROFILE: wheelwright; planter; merchant. PUBLIC CAREER LEGISLATIVE SERVICE: Associators' Convention, Charles County, 1689-1692; Grand Committee of Twenty, 1690-1692; Upper House, 1692-1693, 1694-1697, 1697/98-1700, 1701-1702 (died before the 4th session). OTHER PROYINCIAL OFFICES: Councils 1691-1702; joint commissary general, 1699-1700. LOCAL OFFICES: justia, Charles County, 1685-1692; coroner, Charles County, 1692; William and Mary Perish Vestry, Charles County, 1693-1697. MILITARY SERVICE: captain, 1689-1695; colonel 1695-1702; STANDS ON PUBLIC/PRIVATE ISSUES: His active role in the revolution of 1689 promoted him into office on the provincial level. WEALTH DURING LIFE-TIME: LAND AT FIRST ELECTION: over 1,000 acres (he Acquired a substatltial estate from his father-in-law), WEALTH AT DEATH: Died by November 1702. PERSONAL PROPERY: TEV, L1815. 11.2 sterling (including 30 slave and 6 servants). LAND: 2260 acres. ===

Miscellaneous Deed involving John Courts

Deed 24 February 1699 From: John Clarke, Robert Clarke, Benjamin Clarke and Francis Clarke of Charles and St. Mary's Counties., planters. to John Courts (also spelled Coats, Coarts), of Charles County Gent. Price 8250 lbs of tobacco property: All the tract of land called Crouches Gift in P.G. Co. on the north side of the main fresh on the head of Mattawoman or St. Thomases Creek commonly known by the name of Notting, bounding on land of John Clarke; 500 Acres. signatures: John Clarke and wife Elizabeth, Robert Clarke, Benjamin Clarke and wife Judith, Frances Clarke, 27 Feb 1699. recorded : 14 November 1700, Vol. A., p. 293-A. 3====================


Born: 3 Mar 1691 Charles Co, MD Note: His birthdate may have been as early as 1786. Married: 1721 Died: 16-19 Jan 1747 Charles Co, MD Lived Also: Father: John Courts II Mother: Charity Henley There is much dispute over the names and number of wives of John Courts III. The following is just one opinion. Wife (1):


Possible Children: William M: ? 1. Elizabeth Thomas * ? 2. Priscilla Smallwood ** Wife (2):


She is variously listed as the daughter of (1) Reverend BartholomewYates and Sallie Mickleborough, (2) Major Robert Yates or Yeates and Sallie Mickleborough or (3) Major Robert Yates and Rebecca Young. Possible Children: Charity B: ca 1712 M: 1. Zachariah Wade 1729 2. Samuel Adams 1737 2. Samuel Moore ca 1750 Mary Ann M: John Martine Elizabeth M: Charles Jones Wife (3):


Father: Matthew Barnes.Possible Children: Robert Henley B: 1723 D: 1775 M: Elizabeth Ridings Ann Some Barnes notes:“Charles County, Maryland”, DAR p54 Godshall Barnes son of Matthew and Elizabeth Barnes of Port Tobacco born 20 Dec 1692. p55 Godshall Barnes s/o Matthews and Bayly, “near Pope’s Creek” born 20 Jan 1680. Notes from “IGI” ? John Courts III and Elizabeth Barnes Children: William (16 Jan 1747), John, Robert Henley, Ann, Charity, Mary Ann, Elizabeth. Will of Matthew Barnes (second hand information) Matthew Barnes Jun (1745-10 Jan 1746) Charles County, Maryland Mentions daughter Elizabeth Courts Wife (4):


John may have married a fourth time to Ann Whyte, daughter of Bernard & Ellinore Whyte. No record of children has been found. 4====================

CHARITY COURTS (d/o John Courts III)

Born: Charles Co, MD Married: (1) Zachariah Wade 1731 (2) Samuel Adams 1737 [Will Proved 10 Sep 1748] (2) Samuel Moore [Before 19 Feb 1750] Children by First Marriage: [Zachariah Wade was first married to Henrietta Barnes and had two children: Richard b.1725 and Zachariah b.1727] 1. John Courts 1733 Children by Second Marriage: 1. Tabitha Adams B:1738 D:1776 M: Gen. William Russell of Culpeper Co, VA 2. Celia Adams 1740 M: Joseph Stephens 3. Athaleah Adams 1740 (twin) M: Joseph Hopewell 4. Chloe Adams 1742 5. Henley Adams 1744 Children by Third Marriage: 1. William Moore B:3 Mar 1753 Louisa Co, VA M: 1.Hannah Ransdell Fauquier Co, VA 2. Margaret Browning 24 Aug 1812 Fayette Co, KY D: 10 May 1816 Fayette Co, KY Note 1. Another source says that Samuel and Charity’s son was Henley Moore who married Jane Russell. Note 2. Another source says that William Moore was the son of Daniel Moore and another Charity Courts. Note 3. William Moore and Hannah Ransdell named children Henley, Samuel and Coates. He did not name a child Daniel. Note 4. Samuel Moore may have been born in New Hampshire in 1723 and he may have been the son of a William Moore. 5====================

Will of Robert Henley

Henly, Robert, Pyckywaxen,Chas. Co., 15th Feb., 1683; 31st Mch., 1684. To Bethsheba and Mary, daus. of Thomas Harris, Eliza: Nichols and grandddau. Charity, dau. of John and Charity Courts, personalty. To son-in law John Courts, Charity, his wife, and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Ex. Son-in-law John Courts afsd. Test: Edward Lee, Richd. Gent, Cleborne Lomax, Margaret Maystis. 4. 31. 6====================


son in law of John Courts I Captain James Keech was born 1651 in England and immigrated to Maryland about 1671. He died in St. Mary's Co. before 25 Mar 1708, which is the date of his will probate. He married Elizabeth Courts, daughter of John Courts I and Margaret Robinson. Elizabeth Courts was born 16 May 1663 and died 1730 in St. Mary's Co., Maryland. Children of James Keech and Elizabeth Courts: 1. James Keech Jr. died 1726 in St. Mary's Co., MD. He married first Ruth Hawkins 1698/1704 and second Mary Hawkins (by 1712), both daughters of Henry Hawkins and his second wife Elizabeth Hebden (Wine) widow of Francis Wine. Henry Hawkins died 1699 in Charles Co. and Elizabeth Hebden died in Charles Co. in 1717. James Keech and 2nd wife Mary Hawkins had : a. James Keech married and had an only child, Elizabeth. b. Samuel Keech married Dorcas [?]. A son James Keech b. Nov 1747 and died 1800/1803 in St. Mary's Co. He married Ann Estep. 2. John Keech 3. Courts Keech b. 1688 in St. Mary's Co. and died 1754 in Charles County. He was married and had children. 4. Margaret Keech married Christopher Horrell, Jr. ===


Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3 Keech, James, St. Mary's Co., 25th Mch., 1708. To wife Elizabeth, extx., estate, real and personal, during widowhood; at her decease or marriage real estate to pass to 4 child., James, John, Courts and Margarett, as follows: To son James and hrs., dwelling plantation and adjoining land, also Towne Neck, Charles Lott and Satisfaccon. To son John and hrs., Good Luck. To son Courts, all land given testator and wife by father John Courts. To dau. Margarett and hrs., Recompense. Son James is charged not to disturb son Courts upon penalty of losing his inheritance. Robert Sturton, Samuel William and Thos. Taney to settle any disputed points concerning estate. Test: Robt. Stourton, Thos. Taney, Chas. Smith. 12. 215. === Miscellaneous Deed envolving James Keech Deed 24 February 1699 From John Clarke, Robert Clarke, Benjamin Clarke, and Francis Clarke of Charles and St. Mary's Co.s, planters. to William Herbert of Charles Co. Price 8650 lbs. Tobacco Property: 100 Acre tract called "Clarkes Purchase" in P.G., on the North side of the Main fresh of Mattawoman on St. Thomases Creek, commonly known as Notting; Adjoining land of Robert Clarke. Signatures John Clarke, Robert Clarke, Benjamin Clarke, and Francis Clarke. wit.: Phillip Hosskins, JAMES KEECH, Bridgett Tandell (Bridgett Findell). ackn'd: John Clarke and wife Elizabeth, Robert Clarke, Benjamin Clarke and wife Judith, and Francis Clarke, 24 February 1699. Recorded: (date unspecified), Vol. A, p. 237. Philip Hoskins married Ann Mathews (Mudd) dau. of Dr. Thomas Matthews and Jane Cockshutt and widow of Thomas Mudd Sr. James KEECH married Elizabeth COURTS.


a. VIRGINIA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE Vol. 6?, “Warren of Virgina and Maryland” .... The third daughter of the Rev. Mr. Stone, Mary Ann Harrison Stone, married, 1821 Captain Charles Chilton Moore of “Forest Retreat”, Fayette county, Ky., who served with distinction in the War of 1812. He was a son of William Moore, of Culpeper county, Va., 1753-1818, a Lieutenant in 3d Regiment, Virginia Line, a son of Samuel Moore, planter, of Charles county, Md., And his wife, Charity (widow of Samuel Adams, planter, of Charles county, died 1748), daughter of Colonel John Courts, of the manor of “Clean Drinking”, in Charles (now in Montgomery) county, Md., died 1747. Colonel Courts was of the family of Courts or Courte, of Stoke-Gregory in Somerset. The founder of the Maryland branch was “the Honorable Captain John Courte, gent.,” who was Burgess and member of the Maryland Assembly, and member of the Governor’s Council till his death in 1697. His son, Colonel John Courts, gent., was, in 1699, granted the manor of Clean Drinking (now owned by his descendant, Colonel Jones, and, after serving in many public Charles county offices died 1792, having issue the aforesaid Colonel John Courts, who died 1747. Some of his descendants in the Sourth write their surname as it is pronounced, Coates. ++++++ Miscellaneous Notes on Keech and Courts from Charles County forum: Elisabeth Hawkins 1.129 A Ch L211.19.7 L46.3.3 Sep 18 1718 Received from Capt Thomas Dent, Benjamin Borgess, Thomas Martin, John Brooks. Payments to John Lowe, Charles Mosgrove, Robert Harrison, Mr. Maconchie. Legatees: Elisabeth & Martha Keech paid to their father James Keech. Residue to executor. Executor Henry Hawkins. Elinor Bayne Chas Co 5th Nov 1701, 11th Nov 1701. To Walter and Ebsworth Bayne, Ellinor Hubbard, Eliza Stone, Ellinor Stone, Eliza Dutton and each of her child. and sister (unamed) in Eng. Mrs. Charity Courts, and to daus. Ellinor Beale and Ann Bayne, personalty. Ex: Son John Bayne in event of his return from Eng: other wise grandson Walter Bayne to be ex at 21 yrs of age and to be advised by his father (unamed), or Col. John Courts. Test: Philip Briscoe, Wm Richardson, Wm Howells 11, 298 John Bayne Chas Co., 5th Oct 1700 25th Oct 1701 To godchild, viz., Bayne Smallwood, Bayne Griggs and all other god child. *unnamed) personalty. wife Ann, extx, life interest in 150 A on Piscataway on n. e side Locust Thicket bought of Wm Hutchison. son Ebsworth, 800 a Breathwood; 200 a Indian Cabin; 200 A Nevetts Desire; and tract afsd at dec of mother; also 2 tracts bought of Benj Posey, 100 a Muddle's Branch and 100 a (unnamed) obtained by Jno Posey from Nich. Bellaine by deed. and 800 A part of land contained in a warrant of 2000 A dau Ann and hars 300 A lying on a die Locust Thicket, part of sd warrant and 1/2 of Locust Thicket, already given her by deed of gift. To son Walter and hrs residue of sd warrant lying on the n. side of Locust Thicket and residue of all lands at dec of wife Ann except, The Meadows, which already belongs to son Ebsworth afsd. Col Joh Courts, Maj. James Smallwood and col. John Addison trustees personalty. wife and 3 child. afsd. residue of personalty; division to be made at marriage or death of wife. Test: Bellinor Bayne, Ellinor Beal, Thos. Whicholey, Wm. Hold, Jos. Cowper. 11, 317. Bayne Smallwood Port Tobaddo Chas Co 28th June 17--, 2nd Dec 1709. To brother James Smallwood, ex. and rest of brothers and sisters all estate which cambe by father___. sd father personalty. wife Charity, all estate which came through her father, Col. Jno Courts. Test: Jno Done Thos. Clark Wm. Foster part 1--12,208. James Keech St. Mary's Co ----- 25th Mch 1708 to wife Elizabeth, extx estate, real and personal, during widowhood; at her dec or marriage real estate to pass to 4 child. James, John, Courts and Margaret, as follows: son James and hrs dwelling plantatin and adj land, also Towne Neck, Charles Lott and Satisfaccon. son John and hrs. Good Luck. son Courts all land given testator and wife by father John Courts. dau Margarett and hrs. Recompense. Son James is charged not to disturb son Courts upon penalty of losing his inheritance. Robert Sturton, Samuel William and thos Taney to settle any disputed points concerning estate. Test Robt. Stourton, Thos Taney, Chas Smicht 12, 215 James Keech, gent St. Mary's Co 14th Jan 1725 2nd Mch 1725-6 To wife Mary extx, entire real estate from the River to Hill Fields, formerly Kennedy, during life; use of entire personal esteate during widoowhood. shld she marry, 2/3 tereof to all living children by sd wife Mary equally. son Samuel and hrs Hills Fields an dDraiton. 2 daus Mary and Dorothy and unborn child and their hrs, Charles Lot; shld all die without issue to pass to son James and hrs. daus. Elizabeth and Marth personalty. Overseer Bro Courts Keech Test: Charles Ashcom, James Crooke, Philli0p Key (James Crooke dec'd at date of probate) 18,473 Mary Louise Donnelly in her book "My Colonial Ancestors, Plus Others", says Elinor Bayne was born around 1648 in Charles County, Md, the dau of Walter Bayne 2 and Elinor___. She married first Edward Philpott. Edward Philpot was the progenitor of those by this name found in Charles County, MD. No recrod was found for when Edw Philpott entered th Province of Md. Termed wheelwright, he was in Chas Co on 5/6/1659 when 100 acres of "Philpott" was surveyed for him. In 1666 he obtained 100 acres called Courts Palace fro John Courts, adj his other tract Deed c: 54) Later both of these tracts were inpossession of his son John Philpott. Edw Philpott was dec. by 3/20/1679 when his estate was appraised. valued at 6,976 pounds of tobbaco (Inv 7a61) Two of their daughters are known from the will of their single son John Philpott. *******THIS IS for the most part INCORRECT.******** Edw Philpott was married to Bridgett unknown, had three children, Edw, Chas and Mary. Chas apptly died. young. Edw. Philpott, II, married Susannah Posey and had children. Edw II, married 2ndly Eleanor/Elinor Hawkins Tubman Smallwood. Edw. Philpott, II's son Charles Philpott married Elizabeth Barton Smoot.


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