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Polly Ann Rogers 1787-1857


Born: 1784 South Carolina	
Died: 1874 San Saba County, Texas

Born: 1787 Calhoun, Tennessee	
Died: 1857 San Saba County, Texas	
Buried: Queens Cemetery
Father: John Rogers
Mother: Alsey Vann


Betsey   B: 5/26 Feb 1805 Missouri Terr.   D: ? 24 Apr 1873
Bastrop Co, TX   M: John Petty Jr. ca 1820

Edna Belle   B: 12 Mar 1808 Missouri Terr.   D: 12 Dec 1902
Caldwell Co, TX   M: James Magee
John   B: 1811 Missouri Terr.   D: 25 Aug 1884 Tom Green Co,
TX   M: Temperance Queen
James   B: 29 Feb 1814 Missouri Terr.   D: 20 Apr 1891 Afton,
Indian Terr.   M: Temperance Butler
Robert   B:14 Feb 1815 Missouri Terr.   D: 7/17 Aug 1886
Carroll Co, AR   M: 1. Jane Watkins 2. Nancy McMurray
Joseph   B: 1820 Missouri Terr.   D: Lafayette Co, MS   M:
Martha Wilson
Samuel Riley B:4 May 1823 McNairy Co, TN   D: 10 Jul 1890
Odessa, Texas   M: 1.Margaret Queen 2. Martha Elroy


�Families of Samuel Dawson and Polly Ann Rogers�,
�Genealogy of Patrick Magee and Rosanna McCullar�,
Clark�s Chapel Cemetery, Caldwell Co, Texas aka Magee
Samuel Dawson�s War of 1812 Bounty Land File.

Revised 12 Dec 1998


From C.E. Moore�s �Genealogy of Patrick Magee and Rosanna
McCullar�, 1968, p142:

To State; That the application for citizenship in the Cherokee
Nation was made for Robert Dawson and family to the Cherokee
Commission on Citizenship, September 24, 1882 at Tahlequah,
Indian Territory by Francis W. Dawson and his brother Elbert
Dawson, claiming their right to be admitted to Citizenship in the
Cherokee Nation by reason of their decent from Polly Rogers.  
Who is claimed to have been a Cherokee Indian by blood and
also known through the testimony as Annie Pruitt, that Robert
Dawson was a son of Polly Rogers by Samuel R. Dawson Sr., a
white man.  The case continued from time to time until January
11, 1883, when the family of the Dawsons was admitted by the
Cherokee Court of Commissioners commonly known as the
�Tehee Court� composed of Thomas Tehee, President and of the
commission: D.W.C. Duncan, Clerk of the Commission and
Alex Wolfe and T.F. Thompson, Commissioners, upon
practically the unsupported testimony of Dr. Arthur Baker.  The
other members of the Dawson family who were subsequently
admitted were admitted upon the strength of the admission of the
Robert Dawson family and proof of their relation to it.  William
t. Hutchins and William W. Hastings, Attorneys for the Cherokee

Note:  We have found 190 persons who were admitted to
Cherokee Citizenship on the above decision of the Dawe�s
Commission.   The first one is Robert L. Dawson, Cherokee No.
31716, Census Card 10722.

[Mr. Moore claims that Polly Ann Rogers was a daughter of
John Rogers Sr. (a British Captain in the Revolutionary War)
and his third wife, Alcie, Alsey, or Alcy Vann, a Cherokee and a
descendant of the James Vann family of Spring Place, Georgia.  
He states that Polly Ann was born circa 1787 near Calhoun,
McMinn County, Tennessee on the Hiwassee River and died in
Texas in 1854.  Other than the Application for Cherokee
Citizenship, Mr. Moore does not present any proof of his claims
on the Rogers and Vann families.]

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

From William H. Vann II�s �Vann Generations with Cherokee
Origins from John Joseph Vann & James Clement Vann I of
NC, SC, Tn, Ga ca 1750-1989�

[Mr. Vann claims that Samuel Riley Dawson married Polly Ann
Rogers, daughter of Alcie Vann, also known as Sinee, and
Captain John Rogers and that Alcie Vann was the daugher of 
John Joseph Vann and Wah-Li, a Cherokee.]

page 5. (B-9) Alcie (Mary Anne) Vann, b c 1768, died in Texas,
married (1) John Rogers in Georgia and (2) ? Pruitt.  Alcie
Vann�s Cherokee name was said to be Sinee.[Note:  This would
make Alcie Vann a sister of the famous Chief James Vann.]

page 5.  �My wife�s great grandmother Alcey Vann got an
allotment in Georgia and lived and died on this land�, signed
Isaac A. Barber, Quanah, Texas, 2 Nov 1908.  �And through his
wife Alcey Vann, a full blood Cherokee.�  Ibid (Ed. note - Alcey
Vann was not a full blood Cherokee, because her father John
Joseph Vann wa considered to be only part Cherokee, if any.)

p11. �Polly Ann rogers was in Texas is the reason she is not
enrolled (on the 1835 and 1848 rolls ..... Capt. John Rogers is
the great grandfather of my wife.� , signed Isaac A. Barber,
Quanah, Texas, 2 Oct 1908

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Jim Hicks on Jim Hick�s Cherokee page includes Alcie Mary
Anne Vann b 1768 d Texas, Clann: Ani�Ga�tage�wi = Kituh or
Wild Potato (Wa-Wli Vann), Marriage: John Hellfire Rogers (b
1755).    He includes Alcie Mary Vann along with James Vann
1766-1809, Jennie Vann 1770 and Nannie Vann 1774 as the
children of Joseph Vann b 1744 and Wa-Wli b 1746.

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[Note:   Notes of Dick Fox are in [ brackets ].  Notes of the
source are in (brackets)]

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