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Born: 10 Oct 1787 Kentucky
Married: 24 Dec 1809 Kentucky
Died: 21 Jul 1857 Bastrop County Buried: ?
Lived Also: Callaway County, MO
Father: Albertus Brite Mother: Susannah Stafford?

Born: 17 Mar 1791 Kentucky
Died: 18 Jul 1840 Clarksville, Red River County, Texas Buried:?
Father: William Moore Mother: Hannah Ransdell


Hannah Susan Brite b 29 May 1811 KY

William Albertus Brite b 30 Sep 1812 KY m Mary Ann Scott 1840/1841 d 10 Jan 1891 Mason County, Texas buried Coffee Cemetery

Wharton Henry Brite b 28 Apr 1815 MO d 07 Jan 1817 MO

Charles Henley Brite b 13 Sep 1816 MO d 26 Oct 1836 MO

Anne Samuel Brite b 21 May 1818 MO m1. James N. Kirk (d 1849) m2. Williamson Simpson Oldham (Confederate Senator from Texas (1861-1865) d 04 Oct 1856

Wharton Henry Brite II b 17 Jan 1821 MO d 1850’s California mining region

John Moore Brite b 09 Aug 1822 MO m Amanda Evelyn Duty 22 Nov 1849

Thomas Ransdell Brite b 05 Aug 1824 MO m Mary Louisa Fuller 05 Jul 1849 Lockhart, TX

Eliza Henry Brite b 06 Jul 1827 MO m. 6 Feb 1851 Ben Barton MD Bastrop County, Texas (Ben Barton was born 8 Jun 1823 Greenville, SC and died 1 Jan 1890 in San Bernardino, CA. where he was first doctor and California legislator.) d. 20 Aug 1920 San Bernardino, CA. Both are buried in Mt. View Cemetery.

Lucas Charles b 07 Jul 1829 MO d 30 Jun 1863 m Nancy C. Carr 23 Dec 1852 (Lucas Charles was owner of the Brite Ranch in Marfa, Texas His son Lucas Charles II endowed the Brite School of Divinity at Texas Christian University.)

David Barton Brite b 22 Feb 1831 d ?? Sep 1863 m Mary F. Sims 22 Oct 1852

“The Brites of Capote”, Keith
1840 Texas Census
1850 Bastrop County, Census
1860-1910 Caldwell County, Texas Census
Texas Death Records 1903-1940
Bastrop County Land Records”
“The Galveston Weekly News”, Tuesday 4 Aug 1857, “Fatal Accident - Captain Henry Brite, an old and esteemed citizen of Bastrop County, fell from his horse on 21st, inst. and broke his collar bone, causing his death. The accident happened about a mile from Bastrop.”
“The Barton Book”



William Albertus Brite (b. September 30, 1812 d. January 10, 1891) married Mary Ann Scott (b. 1820 d. 1849 or 1850). They were married in 1840 or 1841. All six children were born in Millersburg, Calloway County Missouri.

Children of William Albertus Brite and Mary Ann Scott:

Catherine Brite b. 1842

John Henry Brite b. March 22, 1843 d. October 4, 1896 Samette Brite b. 1844

Naomi Brite b. 1846 d. April 7, 1926

Charles Brite b. December 20, 1847 d. April 7, 1926

Thomas Brite b. 1849 d. November 18, 1927

JOHN MOORE BRITE (1822-1892)

John Moore Brite (born August 9, 1822 in Calloway County, Missouri, d.April 30, 1892) married Amanda Evelyn Duty (b. September 1, 1833 in Travis, Texas d. December 12, 1917). They were married November 22, 1849. Amanda’s father was Joseph Duty and her mother was Louisa Turner.

Children of John Moore Brite and Amanda Evelyn Duty:

Elizabeth Louise Brite b. July 27, 1851 d. 1853

Joseph Henry Brite b. May 21, 1853 d. 1923

James Moore Brite b. January 8, 1856 d. June 13, 1927

Mary Elizabeth Brite b. November 25, 1857 d. June 16, 1874

Lucas Franklin Brite b. August 13, 1859 d. April 29, 1918

Martha Ann Brite b. September 20, 1861 d. January 20, 1863

Eliza Lee Brite b. June 22, 1863 d. November 21, 1935

William Longstreet Brite b. March 16, 1865 d. April 7, 1930

John Breckenridge Brite b. December 10, 1866 d. October 17, 1928

Charles Richard Brite b. October 20, 1868 d. January 29, 1939

Chloe Mildred Brite b. January 17, 1871 d. January 20, 1964

Clara Ellen Brite b. March 10, 1873 d. May 23, 1972

Cora May Brite b. August 26, 1876 d. May 30, 1936


Lucas Charles Brite (b.7 Jul 1829 Missouri, d.30 Jun 1863 Texas) married Nancy Caroline Carr (b. July 8, 1837 in Noxubee, Mississippi, d. December 7, 1917 in Caldwell Co. Texas). They were married on December 23, 1852 in Bastrop Texas. Her second husband was Harrison Montgomery Daugherty.

Children of Lucas Charles Brite I and Nancy Caroline Carr:

Robert Henry Brite b. April 17, 1855 d. April 10, 1885 married Lugaine Edward.

John William Brite b. August 20, 1857 d. July 30, 1867

Lucas Charles Brite II b. July 29, 1860 d. September 4, 1941 in Marfa, Texas.

Susan Elizabeth Brite b. November 20, 1862 d. August 5, 1863


See Link below for David Barton Brite

Possible Ancestry of Albertus Brite

Note, this is the opinion of one genealogist.  
The data has not been substantiated.

ALBERTUS HENDRICKSON Dutch Immigrant d 1715 Chester, PA Children: Albertus Hendrickson Tobias Hendrickson ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON

ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON married THOMAS BRIGHT No information on Thomas except, possible Land Transaction 1702 Philadelphia Children:

1. Albertus Bright/Brite b 7 Oct 1732 Goochland, VA d 12 Mar 1824 Shelby KY m Patience Hopkins

2. Elizabeth Bright/Brite

3. Amey Bright/Brite

4. TOBIAS BRIGHT/BRITE JR. bc 1735 Goochland, VA dc 1829 Allen, KY m. Rachel Goodone

Children: 1. ALBERTUS BRITE bc 1756 d 28 Oct 1835 Saline, MO m. SUSANNAH STAFFORD bc 1761 d 28 Oct 1835

Childen: 1.Mary J. Brite bc 1780 VA 2. Henry Brite b 10 Oct 1787 KY

Miscellaneous Genealogy Data


The Kentucky Land Grants
Albertus Bright	  40 acres 11/09/1797 Fayette County
Albertus Bright	233 acres 04/05/1817 Fayette County

Henry Brite Gift to his son William before leaving Missouri
for Texas
Vol. E p339
State of Texas            * 
County of Bastrop      * 

Callaway County        * 
State of Missouri         *  KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE

	That I, Henry Brite of the County of Callaway and
State of Missouri aforesaid in consideration of one dollar, to
me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged
and also out of the natural love and affection for my wife,
Elizabeth G. Brite, my children, Ann (,) Eliza, John (,)
Thomas, Lucas and Barton Brite, have granted, bargained and
sold and by these presents do grant, bargain and sell unto my
son William A. Brite for the purposes hereinafter specified the
following named property to-wits  One negro man named
Peter, one negro woman named Maria, one negro boy named
William, one negro girl named Ellen, one negro girl named
Ann, also a traveling pleasure carriage with a gig top.
            TO HAVE AND TO HOLD unto him the said
William A, Brite in Trust for the benefit of my aforesaid wife,
Elisabeth G. Brite, for the term of her natural life and at her
death to be divided among the above named children in equal
proportions which said property now in my possession I
hereby deliver with all and singular the appurtenances unto
my son the aforesaid William A. Brite for the purpose herein
named, and none other.
           In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
affixed my seal this fifteenth day of October in the year of our
Lord One Thousand eight hundred and  thirty nine.

			Henry Brite 	(Seal)

State of Missouri        *
County of Calloway    *

            Be it remembered that on this fifteenth day of
October  in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty
nine before the undersigned Clerk or the Circuit Court within
and for the county aforesaid personally came Henry Brite,
who is personally know to me to me the person whose name
is subscribed to the foregoing instrument of writing as having,
executed the same and acknowledged the said instrument to
be his act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned.
	In testimony whereof I have hereunto set hand and
affixed the seal of said court at office in Futon on the day and
year aforesaid.  James Basket, Clerk

Bastrop County, Texas Deed Records Vol D p 86

9 Dec 1840, Henry Brite purchased 1040 acres from
Mecha Andrews for $2000.

Bastrop County, Texas Deed Records Vol K p 630

26 Feb 1847, Henry Brite purchased 100 acres from Wm.
A Hemphill for $200.

Bastrop County, Texas Deed Records Vol M pp 329-330

11 Jun 1861, Sale of Henry Brite’s land for estate
settlement.  Distribution to Lucas C. Brite, David B. Brite,
Estate of  Thomas C. Brite. (Same document correctly
names Thomas R Brite.)
Lucas C. Brite of Caldwell County was court appointed
Henry Brite’s land was sold at auction to Thomas gage for
$2500. Described as 1050 acre tract and 100 acre tract.
List C: Albertis Brite	0-2-1-2-13 
List C: Samuel Moore	0-0-0-2-6
List A: Samuel Moore	0-0-0-6-7
List A: Peter Moore	0-0-0-1-9 Not Tithable
	Code:   (1) White males 16-21 (2) Blacks 16+ (3)
Blacks 16- (4) Horses and Mules 		(5) Cattle

Albertis Bright		Fayette		Tax List
03/19/1790	)Same person?	.
Albertus Bright		Fayette		Tax List
11/15/1789	)
Thos Bright		Fayette		Tax List

Also several Moores on 1789-1790 Tax Lists:  Benjamin,
James, John (3), Joseph (2), Louisa, Robert, SAMUEL,

Albert Bright	Fayette 58	00101-00011-09 
Henry Bright 	Fayette 58 	00100-00100-03
Thomas Bright	Fayette 58 	00001-00011-01 

Albert and Susannah 45+ = born before 1765.  The
“daughter” in the household was 26-45 = born 1784 or
later.  This could be Hannah who was married in June
1810.  Correct age and family composition for Henry. 
Thomas must be Albertus’s brother or elder son.

David Barton 	Fayette ?? 	00001-00?00-09
Cessia Barton 	Fayette ??	00000-20111-01

William More	Fayette 57	00311-01?01-00
Presly Ransall	Fayette 56	00120-00010-02

Butler Moore	Fayette ??	10010-10100-00
Henry Moore	Fayette ??	12120-?0110-00
John Moore	Fayette ??	20010-51010-00
John Moore	Fayette ??	10010-20100-00
John Moore	Fayette ??	00101-10201-01
Joseph Moore	Fayette ??	20010-20010-03
Mordica Moore	Fayette ??	31010-15010-00
Nathaniel Moore	Fayette ??	10010-30100-00

William Moore	Lincoln ??	40201-10210-00
Samuel Moore	Lincoln ??	01011-41210-00	
Johnathan Moore	Lincoln ??	32010-10010-00
Mordica Moore	Lincoln ??	20010-10100-00

Others in Christian, Logan, Montgomery, Shelby, Mercer,
Gerrard, Washington, Warren

					Men	 Women	   
Albert Bright	Fayette 78
Thomas Bright	Fayette 78
William Moore	Fayette ??	000001-00001-0-1
John W. Moore	Fayette ??
William Ransdell	Fayette ??	100010-01200-0-0-0-1
Code: Between Women and slaves = foreignors,
agriculture, commerce and manufacturing.

Albertus Brite	Fayette 311 	000 000 000 1-000 000
Albertus was 70-80 (born 1750-1760)  Susannah was
60-70 (born 1760-1770).  Susannah was born 1765-1770
based on both the 1810 and 1830 censuses.
No other Brites or Brights.

1840 Texas Census Red River County (Tax List)
Henry Brite 1 male over 21, 4 slaves, 8 horses (4 taxable)
1 metal clock

Davis Bright	p139
G.T. Bright	p052
Henry Bright	p139

Henry Bright	Bastrop 
John Bright	“
Steve Bright	

S. Barton		Bastrop
W.F. Barton	“
Wayne Barton	“

1850 Texas Census-Bastrop County

Henry Bright farmer 		$3100  63 	KY
Eliza Bright
Lucas C. Bright (farm hand)
David  B. Bright (farm hand) 			MO

1850 Texas Census-Caldwell County
Ann Kirk				$450	33	KY
Fredonia P. Kirk				10	TX
John M. Brite	Teamster	$200	28 	MO
Amanda Brite				16	TX
Barton Brite	Student		20 	MO

Thomas Brite				25 	MO

Lewis C. Sims	Farmer		$600	40	AL
Sarah Sims					35	AL
Mary F. Sims				15	AL

1860 Texas Census Caldwell County
D.B. Bright	Farmer	$2000 $2885	27/29	MO
Mary F. Brite				28	AL
Lewis Brite					  6
Ellen					  5	TX
Hilliard					  1	TX
1870 Texas Census Caldwell County
L.C. Sims		farmer	$1200 $1400	61	TN
M. Shepherd	housekeeper		20	TX
Sarah Brite					14	TX
Samuel brite				  7	TX

John S. Swan	farmer	$700 $300	37	AL
Mary Swan	kh			35 	AL
Sarah Swan				14	TX
Etta Swan					13 	TX
Hilliard Swan				11 	TX
Mary Swan				  8	TX
Samuel Swan				  6	TX
Frances Blundell				11 	TX
Martha Swan				  2	TX

1880 Texas Census Caldwell County
Louis C. Sims	farmer			71	TN VA
Samuel B. Bright				16	TX MO
John S. Swan	farmer			47
Mary E. Swan	wife			29
Loretta Swan	daughter		12
?			daughter		  9
Alice Swan	daughter		  1
Alice Smith	boarder		23

1900 Texas Census Caldwell County
Hilliard Brite			Apr 1858	TX TX
Georgia E.				Oct 1862
George B.				Jul   1881
Mattie E.				Dec 1882
Hilliard C.				Dec 1884
Lelia M.				May1886
Ren				Jun  1888
Willie R.				Jun  1888
Annie B.				May 1891
James O.				Mar 1894
Mary				Oct 1896

Elias A. Robuck			Sep 1857   
Ella L.				Feb 1857
Hilliard T.				Nov 1879
Georgia M.			Aug 1881
Willie E.				Mar 1884
Lucy				Sep  1889 
Emma				Sep 1893
Mary T.				Feb  1897

Sam Brite				Nov 1863
Mary D.
Olivia S.				May 1895
Robert W.				Aug 1897

1910 Texas Census Caldwell County
Jerry E. McMahan				53
Nolia					48
Vernon					22
Maud					19
Marvin					15
Reba					12
Fanny					  8

Samuel McMahan				28
Johnny B.					20
Mildred M.

Sam B. Brite				46
Mary D.					36
Olivia S.					14
Robert W.					12
Leslie B.					  8
Lucille M.					  6
Sallie J.					  4
D.B. Brite-Confederate Soldier
Private, Lone Star Mounted Rifles, Caldwell County, 25th
Brigade, TM
Enlisted July 1861, R&F 97, Co. comm. Ju 10-61; 1
muster roll
John J. Myers, Captain

According to Emma Spencer Brite Taylor, David Barton
Brite was forced to come home from service because of
illness and died 2 Sep 1863 without returning to the war. 
Emma Taylor is grand-daughter of D.B. Brite and a
family historian.

“Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky to the General
Assembly of Virginia 1769-1792” J.R. Robertson:  Albertus
Bright signed #45, Samuel Brite signed #66, Henry Bright,
John Bright and Thomas Chilton signed #69.

“Fayette County, Kentucky Records”, Cook and Cook
Vol III p54: Thomas Bright, Surety for marriage of
Alexander Nelson and Ann Wright, 21 feb 1809.
Vol III pp62-63: Charles S. Morton to Hannah Brite,
Albertus Brite, Surety, Consent of parents given, 30
Jun 1810.
The report of the jury awarded Albertus Brite on his mill
seat on little North Elkhorn was returnrd.  Ordered that
summons issue to William Grant and John Shock to
appear and show cause why the same should not be
confirmed and the mill dam erected.  N. long, N.
Crockett, Samuel Meredith, Thomas Nutter, John Clark,
George D. Sidener, Thomas J. Dickinson, Robert C.
Harrison, Preston Breckinridge, Thomas Stevenson and
William Moore signed the report as the jury. 1812
Vol I, p388: Thomas Bright suit vs Andrew Caldwell
dismissed, 143a on North Elkhorn, 1823.
Many records of Albertus Brite/Bright and William
Moore, who served together on county committees.
Many records of David Barton.  David and John Barton
were sons of Stephen Barton.  Owned land in Bourbon
(now Fayette?) County.  Will in court records of 5 Aug
1799.  Note:  Henry Brite named his youngest son David
Barton Brite.

Indenture 14 Jul 1806:  William Robinson to Isabella
Gillespie, Eli Cleveland and Mary Cleveland his wife to
William Winn, Albertus Brite and Susannah Brite his wife,
to John Shannon, Thomas Boyd and Eliza Boyd his wife to
James Montgomery, John South and Elizabeth South his wife
to Samuel McCroskey.  Ordered to be recorded, the former
records having been destroyed by fire.

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