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Born: 17 Dec 1761 MD near PA (possibly Rock Creek, Frederick
Co, MD)113.5671
Married: Probably Wilkes Co, GA
Died: after 1840 at son’s house, Blount Co, TN or at his home in
Limestone Co, AL
Buried: U.S. Govt Marker at Mt.Zion Baptist Cemetery near
Snead, AL
Military Service: Joined SC Militia at 15.  Served under Capt.
Thomas Weems, Lt. Joseph Pickens, Col. Andrew Pickens, Maj.
Isaac Taylor.  At Kettle Creek, GA; at siege of Ninety Six
(Cambridge); fought Cherokee in upper GA.  Applied for pension
23 Oct 1832 from Limestone Co, AL.
Lived Also: After war lived in Abbeville Dist. SC, Wilkes Co, GA,
Pendleton, SC; Madison Co, AL (1812) and Limestone Co, AL

Note:  I have not seen proof or the name of Thomas’ wife or of the
names of Prudence Leggett’s parents.
Born: ca 1763 Currituck
Died: ca 1840	
Father: Abner Leggett
Mother: Prodence Corbell

Note:  The children listed were compiled from a number of FGS
with little or no documentation.  Most lists do not include James,
who lived near to or next to Thomas in Alabama.

James   B:1780-1790  D:1840-1850   M:?

Nancy   B:ca 1790 Wilkes Co, GA   D:?   M:Joseph McMurtrey 20
Jan 1830, Madison Co, AL

Tillman Horne   B: 13 Mar 1794 Anderson Co, SC   D:29 Mar
1874 Elkton, Giles Co, TN (Elliott Cem, Ardmore, TN   M:Tabitha
Robertson 8 Sep 1816, Huntsville, AL or Athens, Limestone Co,AL

Aseneth   B:1795 Anderson Co, SC   D:?   M: Samuel Copeland 
(Note: I have also seen Aseneth Holland Copeland listed as d/o
Thomas Holland (1762) and Mary Adair and Thomas (1762)’s
mother was Aseneth Spires.)

Mary “Polly” Rebecca   B:1796 Anderson Co, SC   D:ca 1870
Marshall Co, MS   M:Eli Robertson 21 Oct 1815 Madison Co, AL

Thomas Jefferson   B:1799 Anderson Co, SC   D:?   M:?

Forcipa Narcissa   B:1810 Anderson Co, SC   D:?   M:William R.
Martin 16 Nov 1833 Athens, AL

Penelope   B:1812 Abbeville, SC   D:?   M:?

Abraham   B:1814 Madison Co, AL   D:?   M:Nancy ?

Asanor   B:1816 Limestone Co, AL   D:?   M:?


1790 Census 96th Pendleton, SC:  -Thomas 12200; -James
1790 Census 96th Abbeville, SC: -Charles 22300; -Jacob 11200
1791 Tax List Wilkes Co, GA
1800 Census Pendleton, SC:  -Thomas 22011-21011; -James
20100-00100; -Jacob 43201-11002-09; -Moses 12101-10001
1800 Census Abbeville, SC:  -Andrew 10200-00100; -Charles
22001-21010; -Jacob 10010-22010; -James 20010-20100
1810 Census Pendleton, SC:  -Thomas Holland (31201-12102)
-John Holland (20110-10110) 
1820 Census Limestone, AL:  -Thomas 1312; -James 0222
1830 Census Limestone, AL:  -Thomas 010000001-000020101;
James 2211001-112001
1840 Census Limestone, AL:  -Thomas
0000000001-00000010001; James 11110001-221-Thomas J.
1850 Census Limestone, AL:   
     -Mary Holland 65 NC , Narcissus 23, Mahulda 20, 
      Mary 18, Martha 16
     -Tilmon H. Holland 28 AL, Sarah 14 (M: within year)
     -Hertensens Holland 28 AL, Elizabeth 24, Nancy 3, 
       Rebecca 3, Elvira 1
     -Nancy Mimertry 60 GA, Jefferson Holland 41 SC, 
       Benjamin Holland 15, James P. Holland 6

1802 - A Thomas Holland acquires property on 23-Mile Creek
in Pendleton SC from Lewis Cobb. A "W. Steele" is a witness
to the deed.

1810 - From "Miller's Weekly Messenger," 15 Dec 1810,  FOR
SALE: A valuable Plantation on Twenty-three mile Creek,
where the road leading from Pendleton to Abbeville Court house
crosses the creek: (containing 246 acres of land, about 70 acres
of which is cleared and under fence, about [blotch] acres of
prime meadow land, the remainder generally good tillable land,
with excellent timber and [can't read] --On the premises are a
good Dwelling house, kitchen and other out houses, a good
apple and peach orchard, and an excellent [can't read] a
distillery. For further particulars apply on the premises to
Thomas Holland.  December 10, 1810

1811 - A Thomas Holland and wife Prudence deed to William
Steele for 246 acres on 23-mile Creek being property granted to
James Linn, Sr. in 1787.  Witnesses: Samuel G. Earle, John

Other Hollands of Maryland and South Carolina:

Charles Holland (B:2 Apr 1758 Netherlands?; D:1846) and
Jacob Holland (B:1761/2 MD; D:1 Oct 1852) were
revolutionary soldiers from SC who were probably Thomas
(1761)’s brothers.  Jacob was also in the battle of Kettle Creek,

There was another Thomas Holland born in MD and who also
fought in Revolution from SC.  This Thomas was born 12 Feb
1762 and died 3 Oct 1815.  He m. Jane Adair and served with
the 2nd regiment on 12 Jan 1779.  He lived in Laurens Co, SC.
and his father is reported to be Abraham Holland.  Abraham
Holland b:1715 came from MD to Laurens District where he
died in 1800.  He m. Aseneth Spires.  The unusual name of
Asenath has also been attributed to one of Thomas Holland and
Prudence Leggett’s children.  Abraham had a brother named
William and Abraham was the s/o Capell Holland and Katherine
Eldridge.  Capell is the s/o Anthony Holland (see below).

From “The Holland Family” (author unknown), Anthony Holland
was transported into the Province of MD in 1650,  He m. in 1682
Isabella Parsons, d/o Thomas and Isabella.  He owned land in Ane
Arundel Co, MD.  His children were John, Benjamin, Thomas,
Richard, Eliza, Jacob, Capell, Susannah, Abraham and Anthony Jr. 
(Anthony Jr. was named in his will but not the referenced book.)  I
have seen Anthony and Benjamin listed as the father of Thomas
(1761).  This note is included only because of the name similarities
(Thomas, Anthony, Abraham, Benjamin, Jacob).

Dick Fox Revised: 11 Aug 1999



The State of Alabama 
Limestone County

On this 22nd day of of October 1832 personally appeared in open
court, before the county court in & for the county of Limestone, of
Alabama now sitting, Thomas Holland a resident in the County of
Limestone aforesaid an aged 69 years, who being first sworn
according to law, doth as his oath make the following declaration, in
or to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following
named officers, and served herein stated .  That in the winter of
1777/8 he can not recollect the month-but knows that he was then
in his fifteenth year of his age .  He joined the militia of the State of
South Carolina as a volunteer, and entered the company of said
militia commanded by Thomas Weems as Captain, Joseph Pickens
as Lieutenant, that said company belonged to the Regiment
Commanded by Andrew Pickens as Colonel .  That at the time of
joining said Regiment, Robert Anderson, James McCale, William
Strane, Samuel Taylor & Robert Maxwell, severally commanded
companies in said Regiment .  Said Robert Anderson afterwards
became Colonel & said Samuel Taylor the Major of said Regiment . 
That immediately after joining, said Regiment as Aforesaid, he was
marched from Ninety Six District to the Savannah River and
stationed at Fort Charlotte, which was one mile below the mouth of
the Broad Riveron the South Carolina side of the river, and that he
was stationed at said Fort about three months and from there being
dismissed, went to his place of residence the District of Ninety Six
afterwards called Abbeville District .  That not long after his return
home he was mustered into said company, it was commanded by
said Joseph Pickens asCaptain & William Strane as Lieutenant, that
said company was marched to Fort Independence on Rocky River in
South Carolina, which said Fort was under the command of Captain
Tutt a regular officer & that he served at said Fort & in marching to
& from thence three months, which months full time for which he
was dismissed .  That after his return home from Fort Independence
said company was organized as a company of minute men under
said Joseph Pickens as Captain and said Strane as Lieutenant .  That
while he was attached to said company he was called into frequent
service against the Tories & marched at different times to arrest &
block encamp in South Carolina and was present at Kettle Creek in
Georgia when said Colonel Andrew Pickens defeated the Tories,
which was in 1779 .  That he believes he was in active service which
engaged in said service as a minute man at least twelve months . 
That after his time was out as a minute man he was marched in the
same company commanded by said Joseph Pickens, as a volunteer
to the siege of Ninety Six (afterwards called Cambridge), that his
Captain said Joseph Pickens was killed at said siege .  That General
Greene Commander-in-Chief of said siege is only name he since
recollects .  That he thinks he was about two months in service in
this campaign .  After his return home, sometime afterwards he was
drafted for three months into said company, commanded by said
William Strane as Captain & said Anderson was the Colonel, said
Taylor the Major of the Regiment to which said company belonged
.  Was marched under said Andrew Pickens as Brigadier Geneneral
through the upper parts of Georgia against the Cherokee Indians
whose t---s they broke up and killed many of the Indians that he
served three months on this campaign.

That he was born in the State of Maryland near the Pennsylvania
Line & that his father removed from thence to the said District of
Ninety Six, that he was born 17th December 1763 & that it was so
entered in his fathers family bible, that after the Revolutionary War
he continued a short time in said Abberville District & moved
thence to Wilkes County, State of Georgia, & from thence removed
to Pendleton District and thence removed to Madison County State
of Alabama in the year 1812 & from thence removed into
Limestone County, State of Alabama about 1815, where he has ever
since and still resides .  That he can prove his services by William
Eddin, senior, & Joseph McClusky .  Theres no documentary
evidence of service having never recieved any written discharge.

He hereby relinquishes his every claim a pension or annuity except
the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of
the agency of any state.

Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid Robert Austin,
Jr .  Clk.

Thomas Holland

We William Eddins, senior, a clergyman residing in the county of
Madison near the residence of Thomas Holland and Reuben
Tillman an residing in the county of Limestone hereby certify that
we are well acquainted with Thomas Holland who has subscribed &
sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be in the sixty
ninth year of his age that he reported to be believed in the
neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the
revolution an that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid

William Eddins, Sr .  Reuben Tillman

Robert Austin, Jr .  Clk.


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