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Born: 5 Apr 1802 Taliferro Co, Georgia	
Married: ca 1827 McNairy Co, Tennessee 	
Died: 28 Feb 1864 Panola Co, Mississippi
Buried: Mt. Pisgah Methodist Cemetery
Lived Also: Missouri
Father: Patrick Magee
Mother: Rosanna McCullar

Born: 12 Mar 1808 Missouri or South Carolina	
Died: 12 Dec 1902 Caldwell Co, Texas	
Buried: Clark’s Chapel Cemetery
Father: Samuel Dawson
Mother: Polly Ann Rogers


B:29 Jun 1828 McNairy Co,TN 
D:24 Jan 1895 Caldwell Co,TX   
M:Jane C. Gill
B:18 Oct 1829 McNairy Co,TN 
D:03 Aug 1901 Caldwell Co,TX 
M:Roxanna Rogers
B:18 Oct 1832 McNairy Co,TN 
D:16 Jan 1916 Hardeman Co,TX 
M:Nancy Ann Rose
Calvin Wesley 
B:12 Oct 1835 Panola Co,MS 
D:15 Oct 1858Panola Co,MS   
John D. 
B:15 Apr 1836 Panola Co,MS 
D:25 Jul 1862 Williamson Co,TX

Martin Francis 
B:02 Dec 1838 Panola Co, MS 
D:21 May 1903Williamson Co,TX 
M:Sarah A. Porter

B:03 Oct 1839 Panola Co,MS 
D:20 Jul 1873 Williamson Co,TX   
M:Texanna Queen

B:25 Feb 1841 Panola Co,MS 
D:19 Dec 1909 Panola Co,MS 
M: Nancy Shinn
B:26 Aug 1842 Panola Co,MS   
D:18 Feb 1910 Caldwell Co,TX    
M:Geneva Jolley

Martha Ann 
B:25 Dec 1844 Panola Co,MS 
D:31 Dec 1924 Caldwell Co,TX 
M:Joseph W.Smith

Lavernia Ann 
B:24 Oct 1846 Panola Co,MS 
D:19 Aug 1905 Caldwell Co, TX 
M:Joseph W. Shinn
B:03 Dec 1848 Panola Co, MS 
D:30 Jan 1890 Caldwell Co,TX 
M:Margaret Boren

“Genealogy of Patrick Magee and Rosanna McCullar”, C.E. Moore
“Families of Samuel Dawson”, J.D. Blackwell
Clark’s Chapel Cemetery, Caldwell CO, TX
1850-60 Panola CO, MS census records	
1870 Williamson CO, TX census records
1880 San Saba CO, TX census records
1900-1910 Caldwell CO, TX census records



In the name of God Amen: I James Magee of the County of Panola and State of Mississippi being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life do therefore make, ordain, publish and declair this to be my last will and testament. That is to say:

First, after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged the residue of my estate real and personal I give, bequeath and dispose of as follows, to wit: I give unto my beloved wife Edney the tract of land on which I now live, consisting of the following land -- the south west quarter of section 23 except what I have deeded to my sons Patrick and Marion-- the north half of section 26, the west half and southwest quarter of section 22 and all appertenances thereon -- during her life and widowhood and the household and kitchen furniture, the farming tools of every kind, my wagon and three work oxen and the following horses: Tom, mares known by the names of Peg and Diana, a three year old horse colt and a sucking male colt by Diana and a three year old horse colt, all the hogs, cattle, sheep and goats and all the provisions laid in to support the family the present year. I also give her during her life or widowhood, my negro man Ramon and my negro woman Ellen and her two younger children.

I give to my daughter Martha Ann a negro girl called Luian aged about 13 years, valued at 800 dollars and a small mare called Pumpkin.

I give to my daughter Lavinia Ann a negro girl called Sarah aged about nine years, valued at 700 dollars and a two year old bay colt.

I give to my son Robert a negro boy named Moses aged eleven years and a spotted colt. The boy Moses valued at 800 dollars, on condition that he is to have control or management of him nor to trade him until Robert becomes 21 years old.

It is my wish, if the slaves named above should be lost or taken away from Martha Ann, Lavernia and Robert by the yankees, that their value be made up to them out of my other estate at the death of their mother. The lands I have deeded to my sons in my life as an advancement, I wish them to account for in a general settlement at the death of my wife, and those who have had no lands given to them in my life time to wit: Patrick, Riley and Robert, I wish made equal to them, each one to account for his land at the price I have named in their deeds. The negroes I have given my daughters have been in lieu of lands and I wish them to come in for an equal distribution share in a general Settlement. I wish Joseph, Riley and Marion to have a horse each or its value. The money and cotton I have now on hand I wish to be used to pay my debts and the residue (if any) to be given to my wife, I make constitute and appoint my sons Patrick and Samuel to be executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills. In witness wherof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 5th. day.of February in the year of our Lord1864.

Will Book B, pages 37-3, Panola County Courthouse, Sardis, Mississippi


1830 McNairy County, Tennessee Census

James McGee 20001-0001 page 147
   This is James 28, Patrick 2, Samuel 1 and Edna 22.
Samuel Dawson  0122001-0000001 page 148
   This is Edna Dawson Magee’s father.

Also in McNairy County:
   James H. McGee p123 10001-00001
   John McGee p123 10001-00001
   Green McGee p134 0000001-1011001
   Sam'l McGee p120 212001-0000001
   William McCullar p124 30001-10001
   Joseph McCullock p 141 2000001-0001001
   David McCullan p ? 102001-2100001
   Daniel Gill p140 022001-100001
1850 Panola County, Mississippi Census:

James McGee      51M GA Farmer $2000
Edna McGee       41F SC
Patrick McGee    22M TN
Samuel McGee     20M TN
Elbert McGee     18M TN
Wesley McGee     16M MS
John D. McGee    14M MS
Francis McGee    12M MS
Riley McGee      10M MS
Marion McGee      8M MS
Joseph McGee      6M MS
Martha A. McGee   5F MS
Lavernia A. McGee 4F MS
Robert McGee      2M MS

1860 Panola County, Mississippi Census:

James McGee      60M GA Farmer $3000 $6250
Edney McGee      49F MO
Samuel McGee     30M TN Farmer $5000 $2100
Riley McGee      20M MS Gentleman
Marion McGee     18M MS Gentleman
Joseph McGee     16M MS Gentleman
Martha A. McGee  15F MS
LaVernia McGee   13F MS
Robert McGee     11M MS

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