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I am looking for the ancestors of Minerva McCoy.  At the time of the 1850 census,
Minerva age 28 was living in Jackson County, AL.  She was living in the Crow Creek area
with a widow, Elizabeth Tally Walker and Elizabeth’s family.  In 1852, Minerva married
the widower John McMahan and shortly moved to Caldwell County, Texas.  John
McMahan’s first wife was Rebecca Rally, sister of Elizabeth Tally Walker.

Minerva died in Caldwell County on 15 Feb 1871 and is buried in the Lockhart City
Cemetery.  John lived until 1995 and is buried next to Minerva.  The headstone erected
many years after Minerva’s death gives Minerva’s birth as January 1927.  However, all
census reports give her birth year as 1822.


Born: 16 Dec 1809 Warren County, Tennessee	
Died: 15 Jun 1895 Caldwell County, Texas	
Buried: Lockhart, Texas City Cemetery
Lived Also: Jackson County, Alabama
Father: Sanders McMahan
Mother: Nancy Reid

Born: 26 Dec 1812	
Died: 13 Oct 1849	
Buried: Tally Cemetery Jackson County, Alabama
Father: Jacob Tally


William Lafayette   B:1833 Jackson Co, AL	D:27 Feb 1917   M:Elizabeth Mauldin 17
Jan 1856 Caldwell Co, TX

John M.   B:1836 Jackson Co, AL   	D:1837 Jackson Co, AL
James Benton   B:29 Jan 1837 Jackson Co, AL   D:10 Jan 1932 Caldwell Co, TX   M:(1)
Elizabeth Alexander 12 Feb 1857 (2) Josephine Brown

George W.   B:1837-1839 Jackson Co, AL	

Minerva Annie   B:9 Aug 1840 Jackson Co, AL   D:15 Jan 1920 Caldwell Co, TX   
M:John Lafayette Lane

Jacob S.   B:15 Mar 1844 Jackson Co, AL   D:07 Nov 1868 Caldwell Co, TX

Daniel L.   B:14 Aug 1846 Jackson Co, AL   D:06 Aug 1854 Caldwell Co, TX

Thomas Houston   B:1848 Jackson Co, AL   D:1941 Caldwell Co, TX   M:Sarah L. Brite

Born: 12 Jan 1822-1827	
Married: 21 Jan 1852 Jackson County, Alabama
Died: 15 Feb 1871 Caldwell County, Texas
Buried: Lockhart, Texas City Cemetery


Edward J.   B:02 May 1853 Jackson Co, AL   D:29 Apr 1931   M:J.T. Jolly

Jerry Edward   B:18 Jan 1857 Caldwell Co, TX   D:12 Mar 1940  Caldwell Co, TX   
M:Mary Magnolia Brite

Franklin   B:1858 Caldwell Co, TX

Nancy   B:1861-1862 Caldwell Co, TX   M:Garson Jackson

Perlina   B:18 Jul 1865 Caldwell Co, TX   D:Feb 1868 Caldwell Co, TX


1830, 1840, 1850 Jackson County, Alabama censuses.
1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Caldwell County, Texas censuses.
“The Stevenson Story”, E.B. Woodall
Bounty land files of John McMahan
“Jackson County, Alabama Records”, Christine Sumner
“Old Land records of Jackson County, Alabama”, Cowart
“Family History of the McMahan Family”, R.L. Downey
Jeffrey Cemetery, McMahan, Caldwell County, Texas
1867 Caldwell County, Texas Voter Registrations, J.S. McMahan of Alabama and John McMahan of Tennessee
Death certificate of Edmund Francis McMahan.   Edmund Francis McMahan (12 Sep 1854 Jackson County, Alabama-05 Mar 1936 Rising Fawn, Georgia) was the son of John McMahan and Annie Malony.  He was raised by Sanders McMahan.  


1820 Alabama Census
St. Clair County:   John McCoy 1-4-1-2
Wilcox County:     E. McCoy     1-1-1-3


1820 Franklin County, Tennessee Census
John (p39 age 26-45)     310010-22010
John (p40 age 45+)        311101-00010
Daniel (p40 age 26-45)  000110-10100
Daniel (p42 age 45+)  110001-30131

Other McCoys in Rutherford County (Bradley, Ezekiel, Robert); Davison County (Daniel,
Francis); Williamson (Daniel A., James); Bedford (John): Stewart (Milly)


1830 Jackson County, Alabama Census
John McCoy (age 70-80)     1010000001-001010101
Joseph McCoy (age 40-50)  1010001     -0110001
Hugh McCoy (age 60-70)     000010001-0


1840 Jackson County, Alabama Census
Daniel McCoy (p24 age 50-60) 33301001-00010001
Joseph McCoy (p43 age 50-60) 01001001-0002001
Andrew McCoy (p42 age 40-50) 1220001-201201
Daniel McCoy (p2)


1850 Jackson County, Alabama Census
District 19 page 16b
221 	Caufield	John		37	M	TN Farmer
221	Caufield	Sarah		25	F	TN
221	Caufield	Eliza		  4	F	AL
221	Caufield	E		  2	M	AL
221	Caufield	Jane		2/12	F	AL
221	McCoy		William	18	M	AL	Farmer	


District 19 page 19b
267	McCoy 	Theodore	29	M	TN	Farmer
267	McCoy		Evaline		32	F	TN	
267	McCoy		Leana		  7	F	AL
267	McCoy		Mary		  5	F	AL
267	McCoy		Madison	  1	M	AL
267	McCoy		Samuel		21	M	TN
267	McCoy		Mark		23	M	TN
267	McCoy		David		11	M	AL
267	McCoy		Daniel		63	M	NC	Farmer


District 19 page 29a

416	Walker		Elizabeth	31	F	TN	Farmer $3000
416	Walker		Jacob T.	10	M	AL
416	Walker		William L.	  7	M	AL
416	Walker		Mary W.	  3	F	AL
416	Walker		Mourning	  8	F	AL
416	McCoy		Manirva	28	F	AL


district 19 page 32a
454	McCoy		Andrew J.	50	M	TN	Farmer $1070
454	McCoy		Nancy		46	F	TN
454	McCoy		Christiana	27	F	AL
454	McCoy		James		20	M	AL	Farmer
454	McCoy		William	18	M	AL	Farmer
454	McCoy		Rufus		16	M	AL	Farmer
454	McCoy		Nancy		12	F	AL
454	McCoy		Letha Jane	10	F	AL
454	McCoy		Charles		  9	M	AL
454 	McCoy		Eleana		  7	F	AL
454	McCoy		Martha	  	  2	F	AL			

1860 Caldwell County, Texas Census
John McMahan 50 TN $3800 $10585
Manerva McMahan 38 AL
George McMahan 22 AL
Manerva McMahan 16 AL
Jacob McMahan 14 AL
Thomas McMahan 13 AL
Edward McMahan   9 AL
Jerry McMahan   4 TX
Franklin McMahan   2 TX


James B. McMahan 25 AL
Elizabeth McMahan 20 TX


1870 Caldwell County, Texas Census
John McMahan 60 TN
Manerva McMahan 48 AL
Edward McMahan 17 TX [TX?]
Jerry McMahan 13 TX
Franklin McMahan 12 TX
Nancy McMahan 8 TX


J.B. McMahan 33 AL
Manerva McMahan 29 AL [note:sister]
Dora McMahan 9
George F. McMahan 3



Prepared by: Patty Mauraine Woodall 
206 Harris Avenue
Stevenson, AL 35772

Andrew J.[1] McCoy. Born, circa 1803, in TN[1]. Died, Feb 1869, in Jackson Co, AL[2]. 

Andrew and Nancy McCoy were members of the Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church.
Nancy was baptized in May 1848 and Andrew was baptized in June 1848. Andrew was
ordained as deacon in September 1848. (Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church Minutes) 

The 1870 Jackson County, Alabama Mortality Schedule stated that Andrew McCoy was
66 years old and had been born in Tennessee and had died of cancer of the face and head. 

The Petition for Letters of Administration for the estate of Andrew McCoy was made on
March 5, 1870 and recorded in Jackson County, Alabama Will Book O, p. 457. All of his
children living and deceased were named. 

He married Nancy Suiter, circa 1821[3]. Born, circa 1804, in VA[1]. Died, 1878, in
Jackson Co, AL[4].  I do not know who her parents were. She was not a daughter of

Suiter who was the only Suiter family who lived in the near vicinity. Alexander Suiter had
an estate settlement that named all his heirs and Nancy was not named. There are two
other Suiters who are not children of Alexander Suiter, Rachel Suiter who married Enoch
Stewart and William B. Suiter. It is thought that perhaps these three Suiters, Nancy (Suiter)
McCoy, Rachel (Suiter) Stewart and William B. Suiter are brothers and sisters and perhaps
the children of  Alexander Suiter's brother, James Suiter, who was killed during the War of 
1812. James Suiter left a wife and six children. 

In the 1950's mother talked to Mr. "Jim Eeen" James Enoch Gamble. Jim Eeen was the
grandson of Enoch and Rachel (Suiter) Stewart. He called Andrew and Nancy (Suiter)
McCoy aunt and uncle. They only way Andrew and Nancy McCoy could have been his
aunt and uncle, which was really a great aunt and uncle, was if Nancy Suiter and Rachel
Suiter were sisters. 

Nancy's will is recorded in Jackson County, Alabama in Will Book V, p. 254 and dated 25
February 1880. She names all of her children or their heirs except for Charles who had
died young. Children:

i.  Mary Elizabeth[2] McCoy. Born, 1822, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, 10 May 1900, in
Jackson Co, AL[5]. She married, first, John Holder, circa 1841[3]. She married, second,
John Holder, 2 Sep 1852, in Franklin Co, TN[6]. Yes, she married two John Holders. 
They were uncle and nephew. 

ii.  Christianna McCoy. Born, circa 1823, in Jackson Co, AL[7]. She  married, first,
George Rose, 7 Nov 1855, in Jackson Co, AL[8].  She married, second, John Rorex, 17
Sep 1871, in Jackson Co, 

iii.  Margaret McCoy. Born, circa 1825, in Jackson Co, AL[7]. Died, 19 Feb 1888, in
Jackson Co, AL[9]. She married Hawkins Holder, circa 1846[3].

iv.  Joseph McCoy. Born, circa 1828, in Jackson Co, AL[7]. Died, before 1850, in
Jackson Co, AL[10].

v.  James H. McCoy.  Born, circa 1830, in Jackson Co, AL[7].  Died, before 1870, in
Jackson Co, AL[11].  He married Elizabeth Jane Douthit, 14 Oct 1855, in Franklin Co,
TN[6].  Died, before 1786, in Jackson Co, AL. Children:

vi.  William J. McCoy.William.  Born, circa 1832, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, before
1870, in Jackson Co, AL[11].  He married Mary Matthews, 22 Nov 1855, in Jackson Co,
AL[8]. Born, circa 1840, in Jackson Co, AL[16]. Died, before 1870, in Jackson Co,

vii.  Rufus Fletcher McCoy.  Born, 17 Oct 1834, in Jackson Co, AL. Died, 9 Jul 1925, in
Logan Co, AR[19]. They moved to Boonesville, Logan County, Arkansas about 1881
about the same time Nancy's brother, Henry Carlton,and family moved there.  He married
Nancy Caroline Carlton, 10 May 1860, in Jackson Co, AL[8]. Born, 27 Jul 1840, in
Jackson Co, AL. Died, 5 Mar 1928, in Logan Co, AR[20]. 

viii.  Nancy Jane McCoy. Born, circa 1836, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, before 1870, in
Jackson Co, AL[11]. She married William Champion, 18 Jan 1855, in Jackson Co, AL[8].

ix.  Eletha Jane McCoy. Born, circa 1838, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, before 1880, in
Jackson Co, AL[12]. She married James Matthews, 17 Jun 1866, in Jackson Co, AL[8].

x.  Andrew Jackson McCoy.  Born, 4 Jul 1840, in Jackson Co, AL. Died, 3 Feb 1899, in
Franklin Co, TN.  e married Sarah West, 7 Sep 1865, in Franklin Co, TN[6]. Born, 3 Mar
1845. Died, 13 Mar 1921. 

xi.  Charles McCoy. Born, circa 1841, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, before 1860, in
Jackson Co, AL[13].
xii.  Eleanor Jane McCoy. Born, circa 1843, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, Apr 1870, in
Jackson Co, AL[14]. She married James Jordan "J" Arnold, circa 1858.
xiii.  Martha Abigail McCoy. Born, circa 1849, in Jackson Co, AL[1]. Died, 14 Jan 1935,
in Jackson Co, AL[15]. She married John H. Rogers, 14 Mar 1869, in Jackson Co, AL[8].

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Born: ca 1787	
Died: 1850’s Jackson County, AL
Father: Daniel/James McCoy
Mother: Jemima Franklin

Father: Samuel Kitchens

Emaline   B: ca 1818 Tennessee   M: Joseph B. Long
Theodore S.   B: 29 Dec 1820/22 Franklin Co, TN   D: 26 Aug 1887 Jackson Co, AL  
M: Evaline Keys
Nancy Saphronia   B: 14 Feb 1825 Franklin Co, TN   D: 14 Dec 1891/99 Eastland Co,
TX   M: James Webb

Marcus L.   B: ca 1827 Tennessee   D: Feb 1860 Jackson Co, AL   M: DNM

Samuel   B: ca 1829 Tennessee

William   B: ca 1832 Jackson Co, AL

Cass   B: ca 1832 Jackson Co, AL

Francis Marion   B: ca 1834 Jackson Co, AL   M: 1. Eve M. Webb 2. Julia McFarlane

John C.   B: May 1837 Jackson Co, AL   M: Martha McFarlane

David Franklin   B: 20 Oct 1838 Jackson Co, AL   D: 1 Sep 1894 Franklin Co, TN   M:
Mary McNorton

Research of Dorothy Williams, 4043 County Road, Stevenson, AL 35772
1850 Jackson Co, AL Census


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Jerry McMahan's Family Reunion. Jerry McMahan was the son of John McMahan and Minerva McCoy.


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