Born: 1773-1780 (VA)
Married: (1) ? (2) Margaret (Born VA)
Died: After 1850 Cannon County, Tennessee
Lived Also: White County, Tennessee and Warren County, Tennessee
Father: John Gann
Mother: Hannah


a.1.1. Daniel McGee (Adopted) B: c 1798 NC D: After 1860 Marion, TN ? M: Charlotte

a.1.2. John Gann B: c 1804 NC or TN D: After 1860 Marion, TN ? M: Permelia

a.1.3. A Son B: c 1810 D: ? M: ?

a.1.4. Brittain Gann B: c 1813 TN or GA D: After 1880 Cannon, TN ? M: 1. Catherine 2. Ann Manus 10 Jun 1868 Cannon, TN

a.1.5. Willis Gann B: c 1815 TN D: After 1870 Rutherford, TN M: Martha

a.1.6. Ira Gann B: c 1815 TN D: After 1870 Dekalb, TN M: Elizabeth

a.1.7. Robert Gann B: c 1822 TN D: After 1870 M: Judy Martha Stanley 21 Aug 1844 Cannon, TN

* A daughter B: 1803-1810 D: ? M: ?

* A daughter B: 1809-1820 D: ? M: ?

Eliza Gann B: c 1820 D: ? M: Robert Bogle 22 Sep 1840 Cannon

Sarah Gann B: c 1826 D: ? M: Josephen Devanport 16 Feb 1853

(1) All relationships are speculative. I believe that Nathan was the son of John and Hannah Gann, wholely because of his proximity in the 1820 census of White County, Tennessee. John and Hannah Gann and their other sons left Middle Tennessee for Marion County, Alabama before the 1830 census. I speculate that Nathan did not migrate because he had recently become a widower.
(2) Nathan and Margaret Gannís ages in the 1850 census to not match their ages in the 1820-1840 censuses.
(3) The first record of Nathan is the 1818 White County, Tennessee tax list. He was also on the 1824 list as Nathaniel.
(4) The unidentified Son listed as a.1.3. was in Nathanís household in 1820. He may be the father of three young children (William, John and Catherine) who are in Nathanís household in the 1850 census.

(1) 1820 Census of White County, Tennessee ... Nathananiel 410110-21000
(2) 1830 Census of Warren County, Tennessee ... Nathan 01111001-0110101
(3) 1840 Census of Cannon County, Tennessee ... Nathan 000100001-00011001
(4) 1850 Census of Cannon County, Tennessee ... Nathan 60 VA, Margaret 55 VA, Eliza 30, Sarah 24, William 17, John 14, Catherine 10

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