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PATRICK MAGEE II son of James Magee

Born: 29 Jun 1828 McNairy Co, TN	
Married: ca 1852 Panola Co, MS 	
Died: 24 Jan 1895 Caldwell  Co, TX
Buried: Clark’s Chapel Cemetery
Lived Also: Yalobusho Co, MS, Williamson Co, TX, San Saba
Co, TX
Father: James Magee
Mother: Edna Dawson

Born: 28 Dec 1826 Alabama	
Died: 2 Jan 1907 Caldwell Co, TX	
Buried: Clark’s Chapel Cemetery
Father: Patton R. Gill
Mother: Nancy Harrison

James P.   B: 23 Nov 1853 Panola Co, MS   D: 20 Aug 1934
Caldwell Co, TX   M: Margaret Caruthers
John Abner   B: 10 Jul 1854 Panola Co, MS   D: 03 Aug 1912
Panola Co, MS   M: Mary Williamson
Samuel Felix   B: 20 Aug 1857 Panola Co, MS   D: 31 May
1900 Caldwell Co, TX   M: Zadie Oliver
Cynthia L.   B: 03 Oct 1859 Panola Co, MS   D: Infancy Panola
Co, MS
Laura Lavernia   B: 12 Mar 1861 Panola Co, MS   D: 09 Mar
1924 Caldwell Co, TX   M: James M. Fox 29 Jan 1879

William Patrick   B: 02 Feb 1863 Panola Co, MS   D: 10 Jun
1946 Caldwell Co, TX   M: Minnie Solomon
Althea Ann   B: 14 Oct 1866 Yalobusho Co, MS   D: 14 Sep
1931 Caldwell Co, TX   M: William M. Compton

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Clark’s Chapel Cemetery, Caldwell Co, TX
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