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Born: 1 Jan 1731 Ireland [1]	
Died: After 20 Oct 1834 [1] in Jackson County, AL or Warren
County, TN
Lived Also:



Sanders   B: c1784 Virginia, North Carolina or Tennessee  [2] 
D: 1 Feb 1864 Jackson Co, AL   M: Nancy Reid

Jonathan   B: c1788 Virginia   D: Cannon Co, TN   M: Rebecca

William   B: c1796   D: c1861 Warren Co, TN   M: Mary Marr

Other Children:

Several other children are attibuted to Redmond.   Usually,
Redmond is referred to as Archibald Redmond McMahan in
these genealogies.   The use of the name Redmond and Sanders
among the Sevier and Cocke County McMahan families leads
me to believe that there is a relationship between Redmond of
Warren County and the East Tennessee families.  However, I
have found no evidence of anyone with the name of Archibald
Redmond McMahan and believe that the name was probably
invented to fill in gaps in the actual data.  These children (in
addition to the three shown above) are mentioned in many of the
genealogies of Archibald, Redmond and Archibald Redmond

Archibald   B: c 1765-70   D: Mar 1955 Sevier Co, TN   M:
Elizabeth Bird

Stephen  B: c 1780 Virginia   D: Yancy Co, NC   M: Blanchey

Eli   B: c 1780-1784   D: After 1830 Cocke Co, TN

James   B: c 1774

Sarah Elizabeth   B: Virginia    D: Yancy, NC   M: Joseph B.


[1] Redmond’s age is based on his application for Rev. War

[2] Sanders lists his birthplace as Virginia in the 1850 census, as
North Carolina in the 1860 census.  It is also possible that he was
born in Tennessee when Tennessee was still part of North


Miscellaneous References related to Redmond and Archibald

“Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800” by H.B. Gill
Redmond McMohan
Augusta, Co.,
Master: Stuart, David
Occupation: cooper
Beginning Date: 08/09/1747
Ending Date: unspecified
Sex: Male
Race: white
Mother: Cole, Catherine
Source: Augusta Parish Vestry Book 1746-1780, 43
Further information on Catherine Cole is found in Chalkey,
Volume 1, “Records of Augusta Co, VA, 1745-1800” ..... For
the period 1747-1750, she is listed at various times as the servant
of David Stuart, James Armstrong, Thomas Scot.   She is also
listed as Catherine Coleman, servant of James Armstrong.

“Records of Augusta Co, VA 1745-1800, Volume II”, Chalkey,
p 223-224. Will of William Bryan of Roanoke in Botetourt
County.   Wife Elizabeth, sons, William, James, John; daughter
Catherine Cole, wife of John Cole; grandson, Wm. cole, Dated
27tyh June 1805.   Recorded in Botetourt, October 1806.

Montgomery County, Virginia Survey Book D:   West side of
New River and Island in the River - Redmand McMahan Feb 2,
1790 Page 86 No. 301 Redman McMahan 100 acres on South
side New River 26 April 1790 Page 55

1800 Buncombe County, NC census includes James McMahan
00101-12110-0-2, James McMahan 00100-20100-0-0, Redman
McMahan 10010-10010-0-0, Edmund McMahan

1810 Buncombe County, NC census includes Archabald
McMahan age 26-45 [23010-30010] p 251, Eli McMahan age
26-45 [20010-40010] p 255, James McMahan age 26-45 
[30010-21010]p 251 and Stephen McMahan p 288 [could not

1820 Buncombe County, NC census includes Edmund
000001-01001, James 220001-32001, Stephen 100010-50100.

1820 Warren Co, Tenessee:  William McMahan 30010-01110-0
and Jonathan McMahan 000010-40010-2

1830 Alabama includes Sanders McMahan
0012101-12210010001 Note:  The 80-90 year old woman could
be Sanders mother or his mother0in-law.

1840 Alabama Census:  Sanders McMahan

1850 Warren County, Tennessee, #1105 Johnathan McMahan
62 Farmer $2000 Tenn., Rebeca 52 Tenn, Sanders 26 Farmer
Tenn, Weslly (mwy) 25 Farmer Tenn, Nancy (mwy) 17 Tenn,
William 22 Farmer Tenn, Johnathan 20 Farmer Tenn, Thomas J.
18 Farmer-School Tenn, James 17 Farmer-School Tenn,
Rebecca J. 14 School Tenn, Julia A. 10 School Tenn, Hannah
Ware (Mu.) Tenn.

1850 Jackson County, Tennessee, Sanders McMahan 67 Farmer
$2000 VA, Nancy 67 NC, Marion 19 AL, Slave Schedule, 8
Slaves Black Men 60, 45, 18, 17, Black Women 11, 27, 2,2.

1860 Jackson County, Tennessee, Sanders McMahan 76 Farmer
$7000, $19279 NC, John Hawk 35 laborer $5000 TN, Niagara
Hawk 35 AL, Niagara Hawk 11 AL, Frances M. Hawk, 8 AL,
Minerva Tally 19 AL, Nancy Smith 16 AL, Tabitha Smith 13
AL, Edmund McMahan 5 AL.

Note above Censuses:   Sanders shows both VA and NC birth
places and his younger brother Johnathan shows Tennessee birth.

Middle Tennessee Land Records

     Redman McMahan, Grant 396 for 200 a, dated 23 Aug
1808, Warren County, TN, Book A page 438, General Grants

     Edmund McMahan, Grant 887 for 200 a.  Dated 1 Mar
1809, White County, TN, Book 4 page 152, Mountain District

     Edmond McMahan to Thomas Wilcher, both of Warren
County, part of 200 a from grant 887, 8200, Deed 1810, Warren
County Deeds A 1808-1818

     Edmond McMahan to Lewis Garner, both of Warren County,
110 a on east side of Hickory Creek, 6500, Deed 16 May 1810,
Warren County Deeds A 1808-1818

     Redmond McMahan to Enos Halbert, both of Warren
County, 100 a on Barren Fork of Collins River, 9500, Deed 4
Nov 1811, Warren County Deeds A 1808-l818

     Edmond McMahan, Grant 4384 for 27 1/2 a, dated 17 Nov
l812, Warren County, TN, Book 5 page 416, Mountain District

     Redman McMahan, Grant 7589 for 89 a, dated 17 Aug
1815, Warren County, TN, Book K page 520, General Grants

     Redmond McMahan to William McMahan. both of Warren
County, tract of land in 3rd District of Warren County on Dry
Branch of Collins River, $250, Proved 9 Sep 1827

     Sanders McMahan and William Ake, Grant 15500 for 200 a,
dated 12 Jul 1821, Marion County, TN, Book R page 290,
General Grants

     Sanders McMahan, Grant 9802 for 10 a, dated 1 Dec 1324,
Marion County, TN, Book P page 678, East Tennessee

     William McMahan, Grant 25583 for 10 a, dated 13 Dec
1827, Warren County, TN, Book C page 828, General Grants

     William McMahan, Grant 215 for 100 a, dated l5t Mar l828,
Warren County, TN, Book A page 146, Mountain District

     Johnathan McMahan, Grant 470 for 100 a, 13 Mar dBZS,
Warren County, TN, Book A page 317, Mountain District

     Johnathan McMahan, Grant 2677 for 300 a, 23 act 1832,
Warren County, TN, Book A page 317, Mountain District

A McMahan genealogy of unknown authorship .... “Among the
early settlers to Jackson County, Alabama were the McMahans
whose forebears came from Ireland before the middle of the 18th
century.   Records show that 3 brothers, John Jr., Archibald and
Redman landed in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and later became
a part of Boone’s Caravan which arrived in North Carolina in
1750.”  Note:  I have not seen any data to support the 3 brothers
arriving in Pennsylvania.

“The Stevenson Story”, p 467 McMahan Family, Among the
early settlers around Edgefield was the Sanders McMahan family
whose forebears came from Ireland before the middle of the 18th
century.  The immigrant, Redman McMahan. who likely was
accompanied by several brothers. appears to be the Redmond, a
soldier in charge of Samuel Perry in the Province of
Pennsylvania in 1746.    Between that date and 1777 he had
made is way down the Shenandoah Valley to Christianburg,
Montgomery County, Virginia, where he took the Oath of
Fidelity to the revolting colonists cause.  One Redmond
Memayhand is on the tax list of Elk Creek District. Montgomery
County, Virginia, in 1782.   In his application in 1834 for a
pension for service in the Revolutionary War Redmond stated he
enlisted in Craven District, South Carolina, in 1775.  He was 103
years' old this past January 1st and his advanced age may account
for inaccuracies in his application which was rejected because
length of service did not meet requirements. ... 
Redman may have been in Boone's Caravan "from Pennsylvania
to North Carolina in 1750," stopping off in Montgomery County,
Virginia, or later returning there. ...It is not known who his wife
was.  She apparently preceded him in death as he stated on
pension application that he lived around with his children.  It is
likely that he married more than once.   His known children are
Sanders (1784-1864) married Nancy, Jonathon born 1788,
married Rebecca Brown, remained in Warren County, Tennessee
(his home fell in Cannon County when it was formed in l836)
and William (1796-1861) married Mary Marr (1798-1852).

“History of the McMahan Family” by Nora Trotter McMahan,
1923, Almost two centuries ago my great-great-great grandfather
left his home in Ireland and came to America ..... Lured by the
attractions Archibald McMahan then sixteen years of age, landed
in what is now called the state of North Carolina ..... He married
in North Carolina and raised a family of eight children ....
Stephen, James, William, Eli, Johnathan and Sanders.   His
daughter was named Sallie.

“The McMahans of Tennessee” by M.B. McMahan.   James
McMahan, First from Dublin, Ireland, Patriot of the
Revolutionary War and his wife, Rachel Calvert also from
Ireland, Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Granddaughter of Lord Baltimore,
among the First settlers of Sevierville, Tennessee .   Mr.
McMahan goes on to state that James was the brother of
Archibald, who was 16 years on arriving in America and
probably married before arriving in Tennessee.

Redman McMahan, Revolutionary War Pension Application 20
October 1834, Pension Claim R6785.  Translated in a section

Redmond McMahan renounces allegiance to King George:
Source: “Montgomery County Virginia: The First 100 Years”
To Clerk of Montgomery County [Virginia]
We whose names are hereunto subscribed do swear or affirm
that we renounce and refuse all allegiance to George third King
of Great Britain, his heirs and successors, and that I will be
faithful and bear true allegiance to the Commonwealth of
Virginia as a free and Independent State, and that I not at any
time do or cause to be done, any matter of thing that will be
prejudicial or injurious to the freedom and independence thereof,
as declared thereof, as declared by congress? and also, that I will
discover and make known to someone Justice of the Peace for
the said State all treasons or traitorous conspiracies which I now
or hereafter shall know to be formed against this or any of the
United States of America.   Capt. Cox’s Company, 1777 Sept 30
.... Signed by Redmond McMahon and 49 other men.

“Montgomery County, Virginia, The First 100 Years”  'Whereas
Redmond McMahon was taken Prisoner in the Battle of King's
Mountain by the Virginia and Carolina Militia on the March to
the Moravian Town, he had made his escape & came into
Montgomery County where he surrendered himself to an Officer
of the Militia. And whereas there is no Prison in Said County to
confine the said McMahon untill an Exchange takes Place
Therefore We the Subscribers do hereby bind ourselves Jointly
& Severally our Joint & Severally our Joint & Several Heirs
Exrs. & Admrs. to the Hon'ble Thomas Jefferson Esqr.
Governor of Virginia or the Governor for the time being In the
Just and full sum of five thousand Pounds Current Money of
Virginia that the said Redmond McMahon will at any Time
deliver himself up when legally called for, to the proper officer,
as a prisoner of War to be exchanged or otherwise dealt with as
the other Prisoners in the same Situation with him may be dealt
with. As witness our hand this 6th day of February 1781. 
Signed Redmond McMahan, Test: William Preston, James
McGavock, John Price, Daswell Rodgers.

“Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution”
by Bobby Gilmer Moss
Redmond McMahon.  He enlisted in the Fourth Regiment on 25
December 1775.  He deserted on 28 February 1776, N.A. 853.

Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1, Series VI, page 15, Officers
and Soldiers in Province of Pennsylvania lists ‘Men in Command
of Samuel Perry’:  Redmand McMahan, age 20, born in Ireland,
enlisted 13 July, laborer.
Warren County, Tennessee deed book A, page 22, 4 November
1811. Redmon McMahan to Enos Holbert 100 acres in Warren
County on Barren Fork of Collins river, granted to McMahan by
State of Tennessee 23 Aug 1808. 
Deed book C, page 125, 8 January 1816, Redmond McMahan
to Nathan Randolph for $120 part of grant from State of
Tennessee 25 August 1802. 

Revolutionary War Pension Application


Revolutionary War Pension Application 20 October 1834
Pension Claim R6785:  
State of Tennessee, County of Warren.  
On this 20th day of October 1834 personally appeared before me Frank Smarth a Justice of the peace in and for said County of Warren and as such one of the Justices of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of said county which Court is a Court of Record Redman Mcmahan a resident of the County of Warren aforsaid aged One hundred and three years the 1st day of last January who being first duly sworn according to law does on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832 (That from old age his mind is so in and his recollection so much impaired that he cannot now state the names and ranks of all of his officers or any of the regiments by number that he served in nor can he state the time of his discharge or quitting the service or describe the country through which he marched indeed he cannot remember any of the incidents of his service except those that made a lasting and deep impression upon his mind) That he inlisted in the army of the united States about Twelve Months before the British attacked Fort Moultree at Charleston South Carolina which he understands from information would make the time of his inlistment the Spring Season of 1775 [Note: The British first attacked Charleston June 28, 1776 but were repulsed by Gen. Moultrie. The British successfully sieged Charleston 12 March - 12 May 1780.] when he inlisted there were two recruiting officers present the one of these was a Captain Francis Marion the other he thinks was by the name of White [Note: General Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox" was a captain from South Carolina in 1775 and was promoted to Major in 1776] he was as he thinks living in Craven district in the State of South Carolina where inlisted he may be mistaken as to the District but is certain he inlisted the service in that state he inlisted to the one of those two officers is not certain which nor is he certain the name of the latter was White he inlisted for Six Months certain and for two years if requested. After his inlistment he thinks he was marched to several places not recollected and ultimately to some for where he remained for some time. he is impressed with the belief that during this time he was commanded by a captain White tho he is not certain he does not remember that any field officers were with them during this time. Some considerable time after he had been in the service his company was marched to Charleston South Carolina andplaced in fort (Moultree) where he was attached to a regiment of Artillery he thinks at this place he served under a captain by the name of Butler does not recollect his given name he thinks that the Lieutenant of this company was by the name of Vandidice at all events he thinks during his service that he served under an officer of that name at some time during his service he remembers not the number of Regiment of Artillery he was attached to. it was a South Carolina Regiment he does not remember the names of the field officers who commanded it upon his hearing the names of Col Moultree and Elliott. he recollects that they were commanding at Sullivans island but does not know whether they were Col's or Majors when the British attacked Sullivans island the applicant in the battle acted[?] in the artillery service and was in that Battle. After this battle he thinks he remained at Charleston for some time he does not remember at what place his first term expired nor does he recollect whether he was detained[?] upon his first inlistment Six Months of two years at all events so soon as the time expired be it what length it may have been he was discharged in writing when were or by whom he does not now remember he thinks it was for two years service and so soon as he was discharged from the first Term he well knows that he immediately inlisted again to whom where or when he does not remember of for what length of time he does not believe that he inlisted but and he thinks he remained in the service untill the Termination of the war he does not remember whether he was upon his second inlistment placed under new officers and in another Regiment of not. during his service he was in the battle at Utaw Springs and two others besides that at Sullivan island [Note: The Battle of Eutaw Springs was fought 8 Sep 1781] he thinks one of the others was at Guilford and upon that of Kings mountain being mentioned he thinks it was that [Note: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse was fought at Greensboro, North Carolina on March 15, 1781. The Battle of Kings Mountain was fought in South Carolina near the North Carolina line on 7 October 1780] at all events it was at a place where some after the battle he recollects of having seen generals Washington and green[?] he thinks he was stationed for a short time at or near the house of the latter he can not from the causes above stated recite anything more of his services except that he in it as he believes as a regular untill or about the close of the War where he received a discharge in writing he does not remember when where or by whom it was given he does not remember the time he served but is certain that he served at least five years some years after the his discharge in a he can prove by one witness if required that he was in the battle of Sullivans island and that he wore a leather capp he has no fixed place of residence he lives about with his children can He truly relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or anuity except the present and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforsaid before me Frank Smarth Justice of the Peace his Redmon x Mcmahan mark


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