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Vann Generation 1

Descendants of John Vann, 1666

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Vann, 1666.


John Vann, was born on (birth date unknown).

He married an unknown person.

JOHN VANN was transported into Virginia by 1666, as evidenced by a land patent in Accomack County VA. (Nell Marion Nugent, CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS Vol.1 p553; Abstracts Of Virginia Land Patents And Grants 1623-1666 PATENT BOOK NO.5)

ROBERT JOHNSON, 600 ACS Accomack Co., 5 Apr. 1666, p498, (610) bounded on S. by Mesango Cr. Trans. of 12 pers; John VANN, James Dalston, Jno. Ottowaes, Thomas Rouse, Jno. Freeman, Ralph Bromfeild, Rich. Lenthall, Edmond Howard, John Haward (or Howard), Noch. Broderick, Ed. Temple, Ed. Phillips.

It is not know at this time if this John Vann is our ancestor, no other record have been found to know more about what happened to him and where he went.

There were other Vann in the general area about the same time period, to what relation they had is not clear. They may have been brothers or father son.

Edward VANN pat 250 acres on southern branch of Nansemond River Isle of Wight Co. Va. 9 Apr 1662, William VANN and John VANN appear about the same time; one with a headright in Accomac and the other in Lower Norfolk.

Child of John Vann is: + 2 i. William2 Vann, (XV), died 11 August 1740 in Chowan County, NC.

Vann Generation 2

Generation No. 2

2. William2 Vann, (XV) (John1) died 11 August 1740 in Chowan County, NC. He married Sarah Unknown (Vann).


William Vann, (XV) was born before about 1690, the first event for which there is a recorded date.

It is not know when William VANN first emigrated to America, but his name is found on the Quit Rent Rolls of Nansemond County, Virginia in 1704. (Cogants, ENGLISH DUPLICATES OF LOST VIRGINIA RECORDS p.199 and Smith, QUIT RENT ROLLS OF VIRGINIA, p91.)

The fact that there is no grant for this 100 acres would suggest that he obtained it by purchase, but the Nansemond County Court House was burned in 1866 thus destroying all records prior to that date and thus robbing us of all records of when and how he first obtained this and how he disposed of it.

The first extant record of land grant to a VANN in Virginia is 14 Dec.1714. For William VANN 130 acres in a place called 'Starrum' in Nansemond County, Virginia, for importing three persons. (VIRGINIA LAND GRANTS, Book 10, p103) and (Nugents, CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS III, p160.)

He is thought to be the one who moved into the old Chowan Precinct of North Carolina where he received Patent #90. William VANN, witness the sell of one of his neighbors land, Patrick and Patience LAUGHLER to John ALSTON, 50 acres more or less on the south east side of Bennetts Creek for 1000 pounds of tobacco, 28 Nov..1713 and again on 16 April 1714/15, 5000 pounds of tobacco for the "Back Swamp Plantation" Treddle KEEFE, Thomas MARTIN, Thomas WIGANS, also witness these deeds. (Margaret M. Hofmann, GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS OF DEED BOOKS 1696-1723, Deed Book W, Chowan County, N.C. #414 p202, #415 p203, )

William VANN (XI) his mark, made his will in Chowan Precinct 16 April 1735, in which he named wife Sarah, "my loving wife Sarah all remainder of my estate" daughters Sarah HOGH, Ann VANN, son Edward, and grand son William, son of Edward. He lent his land to son Edward "my plantation I live on" for life, then to grandson William. This will was proven 11 August 1740. SECRETARY OF STATE NORTH CAROLINA WILLS and Grimes, ABSTRACTS OF N.C. WILLS p.387)

John VANN (IV) his mark, is though to be a son of William and Sarah because he witness a will dated 14 Feb., 1738 of his probable brother Edward VANN (EV) his mark d.1752. (SECRETARY OF STATE NORTH CAROLINA WILLS and Grimes, ABSTRACTS OF N.C. WILLS p.386 ) Joseph VANN (JV) his mark, is also though to be a son of William and Sarah only by close proximity to the other Vanns in Chowan County, North Carolina. (SECRETARY OF STATE NORTH CAROLINA WILLS and Grimes, ABSTRACTS OF N.C. WILLS p.386

Source: Mamie C. Sawyer; THE HERITAGE OF SAMPSON COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA; The Sampson County Historical Society, Sampson Co., NC.

On present (1978) maps of Gates County, NC, there is a Creek flowing southwest near Buckland, NC, which is named Buckland Mill Branch, and which flows into Cole Creek just west of Buckland, NC.

Cole creek (called Sarum Creek in old records) is formed by the juncture of old Knotty Pine Swamp (presently Buckland Mill Branch) and Hacklan (presently Hackley Branch). Sarem, NC, lies on Hacklan Branch, and is about 3/4 miles west of Buckland, NC.

Bennetts Creek is formed by the headwaters of Duke Swamp (Creek) and Harrell Swamp (Creek), (which Creeks drain the area south of present Buckland, NC) and by Raylor Swamp (Creek which flows from the southeast part of Gates County to join Duke Creek and Harrell Creek. Bennetts Creek flows through present Gatesville, NC, within a stone’s throw from the Gates County Courthouse. Both Cole Creek and Bennetts Creek empty into the Chowan River Bay, which is at the northwester tip of Albermarle Sound.

Dismal Swamp lies about 9 or 10 miles east of Buckland, NC. Timber abounds in this part of Gates County, including pines and cypress. The land is generally sandy red clay, and not overly productive. Hogs are said to have been one of the staple food animals of the early settlers of the area. The pine trees which grew along Knotty Pine Swamp evidently had the propensity of producing an abundance of sap and resins. One of the money crops of the early settlers along Knotty Pine Swamp was pine tar and turpentine. These products had a ready to ship-building industries. Records show that Edward VANN, Joseph VANN and Thomas VANN dealt (at least partly) in the products from pine trees, which were obtained through a controlled-burning process of pine knots and other resinous pine materials.

It was into this area of Knotty Pine Swamp and Bennett’s Creek headwaters that our VANN ancestors first came to North Carolina. Later generations moved into this same area directly from Britain, but the first documented VANN settlers came from southern counties of Virginia. by the middle of the 17th century there are several VANN men recorded as living in southern Virginia. They were William VANN, John VANN, Joseph VANN, and Edward VANN. No documentation has been found to define their relationship. By the first decade of the 18th century VANNs are residents in Chowan County, NC. It appears likely that William Vann, Edward Vann, Joseph Vann, and John VANN, who begin to appear in the North Carolina records in the early 1700’s are descendants of the earlier VANNs in Virginia. More than a little speculation will be the constant specter of the VANN genealogist through the frontier period of North Carolina (as well as all family researchers in this area), because of recurring gaps of missing records. Ref: (Agnes Clorine Story and Ora Ellen Wilsey; THE GENERATIONS OF JACOB VANN; GS/SLC 929.273 V3 34s)

Children of William Vann and Sarah (Vann) are: 3 i. Sarah3 Vann. She married male Hogh. 4 ii. Ann Vann. + 5 iii. Edward Vann, (EV), born Abt 1690; died 04 June 1752 in Chowan County, NC. + 6 iv. Joseph Vann, (JV), born Abt 1690; died 27 April 1752 in Chowan County, North Carolina. + 7 v. John Vann, (IV), born Abt 1700; died Abt 1770.

Vann Generation 3

Generation No. 3

5. Edward3 Vann, (EV) (William2, John1) was born Abt 1690, and died 04 June 1752 in Chowan County, NC. He married Mary (Vann).


Edward VANN, bought 263 acres in Knotty Pine Swamp in Chowan County North Carolina, 20 March 1730 for 30 pounds. (Chowan Co., NC, Deed Book C p667).

He was named in a committee to help lay a road from Bennett's Creek to Meherrin Ferry .(Chowan Co.,NC Court Minutes Feb. 1738)

In 1748 he was granted 300 acres in New Hanover County. At that time, New Hanover included what is now Duplin, Sampson and Pender. (N.C. Colonial Records IV p.484)

He made his will in Chowan Co., NC 14 Feb. 1738, and it was proved by his son William before Gabriel JOHNSON 6 June 1752. ( Secretary of State NC Loose Wills). William had been taken care of by his grandfather's will, so Edward left his land on the swamp" to Edward Jr., and mentioned daughter Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth, and appointed wife Mary and son William as executors.


Children of Edward Vann and Mary (Vann) are: 8 i. Ann4 Vann. 9 ii. Sarah Vann. 10 iii. Elizabeth Vann, born Abt 1709. She married Charles King I. + 11 iv. Edward Vann, (1770), born Abt 1710 in Chowan Co., NC; died 04 April 1770 in Bertie Co., NC. + 12 v. William Vann, "Capt.", born Abt 1725 in Chowan County, NC; died Abt 1797 in Sampson Co., N.c.. 13 vi. Jesse Vann, born 1746 in North Carolina; died 06 May 1815. He married Sarah Arline.

6. Joseph3 Vann, (JV) (William2, John1) was born Abt 1690, and died 27 April 1752 in Chowan County, North Carolina.


Joseph is thought to be a son of William and Sarah Vann of Chowan Co., NC,. only by close association with the other Vann's in the area.

In 1744 William Vann bought from Joseph VANN for 100 barrels of tar, 142 acres on Knotty Pine Swamp, and 200 acres for 25 barrels of tar (Chowan Co., NC Deed Book E. p52 & 54.)

Joseph made his will on 7 April 1752 in the Province of North Carolina and Chowan County. "To be buried in the manner of the Church of English," he gave "son Jorge VANN - the upper part of my tract of land 65 acres" son Jacob Vann, my four daughters Ann Langston six of my children now living here with me named Elizabeth, Fredrick, Mary, Jorge, Darkes, and Jacob Vann also mentions daughter Judy witnessed Thomas (TL) Langstone, Sary (VX) Langstone signed Joseph (JV) Vann, 7 April 1752 executors - son Jorge Vann & dau. Ann Vann. (SECRETARY OF STATE NORTH CAROLINA WILLS and Grimes, ABSTRACTS OF N.C. WILLS p.386)

Children of Joseph Vann are: 14 i. Jorge4 Vann. 15 ii. Jacob Vann. 16 iii. Frederick Vann. 17 iv. Elizabeth Vann. 18 v. Mary Vann. 19 vi. Darkes Vann. 20 vii. Ann LANGSTON Vann. 21 viii. Judy Vann.

7. John3 Vann, (IV) (William2, John1) was born Abt 1700, and died Abt 1770. He married Unknown Female (Vann).


There were two John VANNs in Chowan County in the first half of the eighteenth century. The elder John VANN (IV his mark ) witnessed the will of his probably brother, Edward VANN (EV his mark) d. 1752, 14 February 1738.

Joseph VANN (JV his mark) is though to be another brother of John.

This John VANN evidently had a son, Edward who registered a stockmark in Chowan County in 1737 at the same time as his uncle Edward VANN.

"Edward VANN son of John VANN, Mark of stock a cross cut and half moon in right ear, cross and two slits in left ear."

" Edward VANN Sr. Swallow fork in right ear, half moon and hole in left ear. (NORTH CAROLINA HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL REGISTER Vol.1 p.112 Chowan County.)

John VANN and Edward VANN were appointed to a Jury to lay out a road from Bennits Creek bridge to Meherin Ferry, ("Friday moring January ye 20th 1737/38"). (Weynette Parks Haun, CHOWAN COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY COURT MINUTES, Court Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1730-1745.)

An undated road petition against a road from Bennits Creek to Fuffork signed by John VANN(IV) and also signed by a William VANN. By William VANN signing meant that William could write his name.

On 3 April 1755 the sheriff of Chowan was commanded to summon William VANN son of John VANN for an indebt to Samuel REDDICK. In April Court 1756 John VANN filed a petition for an indebt to Abraham Gumbs. ("SUITS DISMISSED & COURT PAPERS 1746-1756.)

From this information one may assume that John VANN(IV) had a son named Edward and William and he may have still been in Chowan County in 1756.

Note: Hertford County, Oct 1765 will of William RIDDICK granted to Elizabeth RIDDICK, Securities Thomas BARNS & William VANN, (RETURN OF WILLS & ADMINISTRATION GRANTS IN NORTH CAROLINA 1753-1790.)

In addition to this elder John VANN, there was a John VANN Junior, who witnessed a deed which was registered in Bertie County on May 14, 1735. The use of the appellation "junior" implies that there was another John VANN in the area. The deed was from Abraham ODAM of Chowan Precinct to Walter BROWN, ("10 pounds for 100 acres on South side of Cutawitsky Meadow at mouth of Long Branch") and one of the witnesses was James BARNES. These names will be significant in the analysis to follow. (COLONIAL BERTIE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA DEED BOOKS 1720-1757, Book D, p196.)

An Edward VANN was listed in the 1759 estate division of Richard BARNES. Richard BARNES evidently had several children among whom his estate was divided. One of these children was a Mary BARNES, who evidently married and had several children. She was deceased at the time of the estate division, so her portion was divided among her children. One of her daughters, Mary, had married an Edward VANN by 1759 and another daughter, Sibil, had married Abraham ODUM. (Probate Records in Chowan County, North Carolina Bound Miscellaneous Papers 1694-1799.)

It is interesting to note that the deed which John VANN, Jr. witnessed in 1735 was from Abraham ODAM or ODUM and that a James BARNES also witnessed the deed, evidence of a close connection to this Edward VANN.

Edward VANN and his wife Mary, the granddaughter of Richard BARNES, was not Edward VANN (EV) whose will was probated in 1752 in which JohnVANN (IV) had witnessed. It could have been his son Edward of Bertie Co.NC, or Edward VANN , son of John VANN, who married a Mary. At any rate, Edward VANN of Bertie Co., made his will in Bertie County in 1770. He named his wife Mary and several children, sons William, King, and Cader, to whom he left several tracks of land.

Either one of the above John VANNs was a defendant in several lawsuits in Chowan County NC in the 1730s and 1740s. The last time he appeared in court was April of 1745. The next lawsuit was brought by James SUMNER in April of 1748, and John VANN lost the suit by default, meaning that he did not appear or defend himself in October of 1748. It is not unreasonable to suppose that some relationship may existed between the SUMNER family, who resided in neighboring Perquimans County, and John VANN.

Note: April 1748 Court Chowan Count N.C. Jacob ODAM filled suit against John CAMPBELL but the sheriff could not find him to give him notice. And Joseph HARRON filed suit against John CAMPBELL but was discontinued. Could this be the same John Campbell who appears in SC with John Vann while trading with the Indians? (Weynette Parks Haun, DOCKET GENERAL COURT CHOWAN COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA, CHOWAN COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA COURT MINUTES, Court Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1730-1745 Book I,II.)

Children of John Vann and Unknown (Vann) are: 22 i. Charles4 Vann I, born in NC. 23 ii. Henry Vann I, born in Nc; died Abt 1801 in Edgecombe Co., Nc. 24 iii. Dempsey Vann, born in Nc; died 1790 in Edgecombe Co., Nc. + 25 iv. Edward Vann I, born Abt 1720; died Abt 1768. + 26 v. Thomas Vann I, born 1747 in Chowan Co., NC; died Abt 1839 in Madison Co., AL.

Vann Generation 4

Generation No. 4

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11. Edward4 Vann, (1770) (Edward3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1710 in Chowan Co., NC, and died 04 April 1770 in Bertie Co., NC. He married Mary -- Vann.


This Edward VANN, was on the Bertie NC List of Tithables for 1752 for two tithables. He acquired several tracts on Roquist and Cachie "in that part of Chowan called Bertie" which he left to his sons William, Cader, and King in his will of 1770, in which he also made provision for wife Mary (last name probably King), and daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. It was witnessed by William, Michael, and Charles KING.

King VANN received the land on Cachie, Cader, the land next to the Indian reservation, and William the remainder charging him with the responsibility of looking after his mother and the younger children. (Bertie NC Will Book A. p130)

Within the next 12 years,all the land had been sold, and the family had moved to Duplin in the part that would later become Sampson NC.

In 1774 Cader sold his land " on Roquist joining the Indian Line". (Bertie NC Deed Book 4 p429)

On Highway 17, 4 miles south of Windsor, near Roquist Creek, there is an historical marker: "Indian Woods Reservation - set up in 1717 for Tuscaroras remaining in N.C. after the War of 1712-1713. It was sold in 1828

In 1790 Cader was listed as head of household in Sampson County 1-0-1-0-0 or man and wife, no children and no slaves.

King VANN was a minor when his father died. In 1782 he sold in two parts his 124 acres on Cachie: " King VANN of Duplin to ----- 62 acres on Cachie Swamp, an estate of inheritance in fee simple....(Bertie NC Deed Book M p569-570). In 1788 he had bought from Felix Kenan 200 acres at Taylor's Bridge in Sampson (Sampson Co.,NC Deed Book 5 p429).

William VANN was one of two William VANNs on the Duplin Tax list of 1783 and the Sampson Tax List in 1784, but he was not head of a household in 1790, and from here out, it is hard to know which William VANN was the uncle and which was the nephew. Many of his descendants moved to Alabama and Florida, and on to California

See The History of The Vann Family by Micheal King for more on this family line.

Children of Edward Vann and Mary -- Vann are: 27 i. William5 Vann. 28 ii. Cader Vann. 29 iii. Mary Vann. 30 iv. King Vann. 31 v. Sarah Vann. 32 vi. Elizabeth Vann.

12. William4 Vann, "Capt." (Edward3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1725 in Chowan County, NC, and died Abt 1797 in Sampson Co., N.c.. He married (1) Phoebe -- Vann. He married (2) Rachel--- Vann.


WILLIAM VANN, son of Edward VANN of Bertie Co., North Carolina and grandson of William VANN of Nansemond and Chowan, was born before his grandfather made his will in 1735.

In 1744 he bought from Joseph VANN (a probable uncle) for 100 barrels of tar, 142 acres on Knotty Pine Swamp, and 200 acres for 25 barrels of tar. (Chowan Co.,NC Deed Book E. p52 & 54).

In 1752 William VANN of Chowan sold for 30 pounds "the two tract of land bought from Joseph VANN.. land whereon William VANN liveth. This is the last transaction in Chowan involving a VANN (Bertie Co., NC Deed Book G p.1).

In 1764 a William VANN was already living in Duplin Co., when he bought 200 acres on Six Runs for 45 pounds. (Sampson Co., NC Deed Book 1 p.122).

In 1772 his wife Phoebe co-signed with him a deed for 230 acres on Stewarts Creek (Sampson Deed Book 4 p.337).

William VANN had already become prominent in Duplin before Sampson became a county in 1784. In the Militia Returns of 1779 he was listed as a Lt. and later became a Capt. in the Militia. Duplin's earliest tax list extant he is listed as Captain in a Company; "Assessment of taxes of Capt. VANN's, Capt. McGEE's and Capt. BUTLER's Companies-- William VANN 117 acres and 10 polls."

The next year Sampson became a county and the Minutes of their December Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions "ordered that the following companies be formed into districts. that Capt. VANN's, Capt. McGEE's and part of Capt. STATON's companies be formed into one District by the name of VANN's District and order that Capt. VANN be collector of Taxes for Capt. VANN's District."

Dec. 1785 minutes show: "Capt. VANN appointed tax gatherer for three districts --Bond 1000 pounds with Richard CLINTON and Jonathan PARKER sureties. "

In Nov 1795 -- "Order that William VANN appear at next court and bring his vouchers and make settlement".

May 1798 -- "The late William VANN, former collector of tax." This shows that he had died between Nov. 1795 and May 1798.(Minutes of Sampson Cour of Pleas and Quarter Sessions).

He was appointed by Gov. CASWELL as a Justice of the peace (Gov. Office Appointmants in N.C. Archives: census records), and his first day on the bench was 10 March 1786.

In legislative papers relating to military service in the N.C. Archives there is an interesting paper: "Camp at Great Bride 12th March Hon. Alexander LILLINGTON, Esq. Gen.of Militia Forces: "Whereas the enemy hath made a sudden attack...firing from Mt .Blake, the mansion home of Francis BRICE,a Tory, late of Wilmington..." Fourteen militia officers met and signed a petition requesting permission to destroy said house. The signature included William VANN, Capt. and Jonathan PARKER, Ens.

He was the only William VANN shown as head of household on 1790 census with 2 males16 or over, 2 males under 16, 5 females and a slave.

Census Indexs

Vann, Willaim NC Edgecombe Co. 1790 58 Age ranges in household : 01-03-02-00-00 Vann, Rachel NC Gates Co. 1790 24 Age ranges in household : 02-03-01-00-00 Vann, Rachel NC Gates Co. 1800 280 : 00010-0100001

Since John had already established his own home, we would believe that he had at least 4 sons and 4 daughters, but only John and William Jr. have been documented to date.


WILLIAM VANN and wife Rachel, resident of Chowan, Hertford and Gates Counties, N.C., from about 1723 to 1789.

Of the early VANN residents of OLD ALBEMARLE, the above

William VANN has probably left more records of his tenure,that are still available to the present, than any other of his VANN contemporaries. There still remains, even so, some speculation regarding his parentage.

The first record that is generally accepted to be a record of the above William occurred in Chowan County, N.C. in the will of the above William VANN's putative grandfather, William VANN. This older William VANN lived in Nansoemond County,Virginia with his wife Sarah and his children prior to 1705.

In 1704 OLD William VANN applied for a patent of land in Chowan County, N.C., which was granted the following year. The patent stated that William VANN had moved into Chowan County by 1705.

In the above mentioned will Old William VANN gives to "my grandson, William VANN, the son of Edward, my gun." Thiswill was written in Chowan County, N.C. in 1735, five years before the grandfather William VANN dies there. It seems to be a reasonable speculation that when the will was written in 1735 the grandson William VANN was old enough to be interested in guns, but likely too immature to own one say between the age of 10 and 15. So the grandson would be coming of age inabout ten years. Until his death in 1740, the grandfather,William VANN continued to appear in the Chowan County records with his neighbors who lived in the Bennett's Creek area.

By 1744 another William VANN begins to appear in the records, when he purchases 200 acres of land from Joseph VANN in Chowan County. Other earlier notes and records indicate that Joseph VANN lives in the same area where Old William VANN had resided. The William VANN who buys land from Joseph VANN is surly "the grandson William" mentioned in the 1735 will, and he has now reached maturity.

Records of this later William VANN continue to occur with those of his neighbors until 1759. In that year a new county is formed in N.C. named Herford County, and that part of Chowan County, where several VANN families had lived since 1705, was added to the newly formed Herford County. As has been mentioned earlier, the records of Herford County N.C., for this area, from the time of its formation until 1779, when this area is made a part of newly formed Gates County, are lost.

The families of VANN and their neighbors from 1705 until 1779 lived in three different counties, although they didn't necessarily move an inch.


After 1779, records of VANN families and their neighbors along Bennett's Creek headwaters begin to appear in the newly formed Gates County. In 1779, William VANN buys land in Gates County from Samuel BROWN, beginning at Notte Pine Swamp. " Again the same year he buys land " from Thomas HAMILTON of Gates County, land adjacent to BROWN, HARRELL, and EUREL". However about now, another person named William VANN appears in the Gates County records to complicate the picture.

The Grandson William VANN' now has a family which developed during the period of the lost Hertford County records, 1759 to 1779, and he has a son named William VANN who has reached maturity by 1779. By this date, it appears that the "Grandson William" has taken a young wife, named Rachel, and started another set of " young children."

Records of 1788, when the "Grandson William" writes his will, and 1808 when his division of property is made reveals that Rachel VANN is the mother of several young sons. Records show that William & Rachel's youngest son was born the same year that he wrote his will, in 1788. This will shows that "Grandson William" had a son named William who is old enough in 1788 to be named as co-executor of the will.

In the N.C. census in 1784-87, the two William VANN's named in Gates County are surely the father and son combination of the "Grandson William" and his son William VANN.

Census Index pg#

Vann, Edward NC Gates Co. 1786 1 Vann, John NC Gates Co. 1786 1 Vann, Jesse NC Gates Co. 1786 2 Vann, William NC Gates Co. 1786 6 Vann, Darcase NC Gates Co. 1786 14 Vann, William NC Gates Co. 1786 15 Vann, Charles NC Gates Co. 1786 Vann, Darius NC Gates Co. 1786 Vann, Edward NC Gates Co. 1786 Vann, Jesse NC Gates Co. 1786 Vann, John NC Gates Co. 1786 Vann, Thomas NC Gates Co. 1786 Vann, William NC Gates Co. 1786

The father dies in 1789, within a year of his writing of a will, and the following year, when the first U.S. Census is taken in 1790, in Gates County, Rachel VANN is head of house with 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16 and 4 slaves. ( See the 1788 will of William VANN)

Age ranges in household Vann, Rachel NC Gates Co. 1790 24 : 02-03-01-00-00


In the 1790 Census, William VANN, Edward VANN, and Elisha VANN are listed as head of families in Edgecombe County N.C. These are the names of known older sons of William VANN ( the grandson, and likely sons of William by an earlier wife than Rachel VANN).

Age ranges in household Vann, Edward NC Edgecombe Co. 1790 54 : 01-01-01-00-00 Vann, Elisha NC Edgecombe Co. 1790 54 : 01-01-04-00-00 Vann, Willaim NC Edgecombe Co. 1790 58 : 01-03-02-00-00

Edward & Elisha VANN continued to live in Edgecombe County. They are there when they act as executors for the Estate of Dempsey VANN in 1790. By 1800, Edward VANN is dead in Edgecombe County NC, and Martha HOUSE VANN, his widow, deeds their inheritance to her four sons: Jacob, Micajah, William and Matthew,. and within three days Martha married Micajah EXUM.

In 1808 the division of property of William VANN (the Grandson ) is made, as was stipulated in William's 1788 will, or "when his youngest son shall have come of age." On the deed of division of property, their names occur in the following order: Elisha VANN; Charles VANN; William VANN: Ely (Elay) VANN; Edward VANN's heirs; and James VANN.

James Vann was listed in the 1800 census of Gates County with one other male listed in James household between the ages of 26 and 45. Vann, James NC Gates Co. 1800 280 : 10010- 0002004 Vann, Rachel NC Gates Co. 1800 280 : 00010- 0100001 Rachel VANN is still listed as head of house in Gates County, with a male 10-16 in her household. This male in Rachel's home is likely her son Charles, and the extra male in the household of James VANN is likely his brother Ely.

Thus in 1800 sons of William (the grandson) appears to be accounted for, but they are beginning to move away from their old home on Knotty Pine Swamp.

Charles Vann still appears in the 1810 Gates County Census, but there is some question if this Charles is one of the sons of William VANN (the grandson.)

William VANN and his brother James were both residing in Northampton County NC in 1814 & 1809 respectively.


On Aug. 21, 1809 James VANN of Northampton County sold to his brother Charles VANN of Gates County for $100 that tract allotted to him by the division of his father's estate. The boundaries of the tract are described, and match in detail the portion of land along Knotty Pine Swamp that was bequeathed to him the previous year.

On May 16, 1814 William VANN, a resident of Northampton County, sold to Hardy WILLIAMS of Gates County that tract of land adjacent to the track of Charles VANN, which William VANN had received in 1808 in the division of property of his father William VANN.

(Editor's notes) The hand-drawn map, copied on page 67 of VANN VIGNETTES, which shows the layout of the estate of William Vann, with the divisions made among his sons was discovered in 1974 in a box of very old records at the old Court-House in Gates County, NC by Sue Spindle Vann (Mrs. William H. Vann II) while we were all exploring old Gates County records. We were already familiar with the written records of William Vann's division of property, so it was immediately apparent to us what the map that Sue held in her hand depicted. Our elation at the find became audible - even in the dignified decorum of the old, old building. It was more than we could accept quietly!

The location of their homes was shown, and also the location of their mill on the creek (presently Buckland Mill Branch.) There was a road shown between the homes of Elisha & Ely Vann, with a small bridge shown across the creek, just above the mill. Later, when we walked along the bank of Knotty Pine Swamp, we could clearly distinguish, the site of the long deserted mill. As we stood there in the edge of some trees, with just a little imagination we could hear the ring of axes as they hit into the timber - and the shouts of the workmen - the laughter of children - the barking of dogs - and see the smoke rising from the chimneys of the log homes. A family who lived nearby said that there were some in the area who remembered ancient grave markers once discernable in one of the corners of a field, near the Swamp. But nough remained in 1974.

(Agnes Cloine Story and Ora Ellen Wilsey :THE GENERATIONS OF JACOB VANN)

Children of William Vann and Phoebe -- Vann are: 33 i. William5 Vann, born Abt 1759 in Chowan Co., Hertford Co., Nc. + 34 ii. Edward Vann, born Abt 1759 in Chowan Co., Hertford Co., Nc; died 1798 in North Carolina. + 35 iii. Elisha Vann, born Abt 1759 in Edgecombe Co., Nc. + 36 iv. John Vann, born Abt 1774 in NC.

Children of William Vann and Rachel--- Vann are: 37 i. James5 Vann, born Abt 1774 in Nc. 38 ii. Ely (Eley) Vann, born Abt 1774 in Nc. 39 iii. Charles Vann, born Abt 1788 in Nc.

25. Edward4 Vann I (John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1720, and died Abt 1768. He married Mary Barns.


Edward VANN was listed in the 1759 estate division of Richard BARNES and Mary BARNS (Note: Mona TAYLOR of Harker Heights, TX, states that this Mary was the daughter of Moses ODUM.) Richard and Mary BARNS evidently had several children among whom his estate was divided. One of these children was a Mary BARNES, who evidently married and had several children. She was deceased at the time of the estate division, so her portion was divided among her children. One of her daughters, Mary, had married an Edward VANN by 1759 and another daughter, Sibil, had married Abraham ODUM. (Probate Records in Chowan County, North Carolina Bound Miscellaneous Papers 1694-1799.)

BARNES, Richard and Mary x:80; Jan 1759 Order to divide the estate of Richard BARNES and Mary BARNES: Estate of Richard BARNES to be divided between "Thomas BARNES and Andrew HAMILTON who married Rachael the sister of the said Thomas BARNS, Joseph BRADDY who married Lydia another sister...& Prudence BARNES an unmarried sister of the said Thomas BARNES in equal shares." The estate of Mary BARNES to be divided between "the said Thomas BARNS, Andrew MAMILTON, Joseph BRADDY, Prudence BARNES, Edward VANN who married Mary the daughter of Mary BARNES, Alexander CARTER who married Ann another daughter, Abraham ODAM who married Sibil another daughter & John THOMPSOM who intermarried with Sarah another daughter of said Mary BARNS."

Edward Vann's d. 1762 in Herford Co. NC. This will is listed in an index of wills, with William VANN and Mary Vann, executors. This will has never been found, only the listing in an index at the Archives. Quite possibly, the will was destroyed when the early records of Herford Couty were burned.

At this point it is not sure if this Edward Vann in the son of John Vann. Other Vann family lines have suggested that this Edward Vann was the son of Edward Vann (EV) who died in Chowan Co., in 1750. The brother of John Vann (IV).

Children of Edward Vann and Mary Barns are: + 40 i. John "Joseph"5 Vann, born Abt 1735; died Abt 1800. + 41 ii. Edward Vann, Sr., born Abt 1741. + 42 iii. James Vann, born Abt 1744 in Chowan County, NC. + 43 iv. Clement Vann, born Abt 1747 in Spring Place, GA; died Abt 1830 in Spring Place, Ga..

***** Note from Post titled "Edward Vann" on the Vann Family Forum by Jerry Clark: John "Joseph" Vann is really John Vann. Clark also includes a sister Jenny Vann bc 1742 dc 1820. After the death of his 1st wife Mary Barnes, Edward moved to the Ninety-Six District, SC and married Charity ? and had four children .... Clement (shown above as a child of Mary Barnes), Thomas (Show below as a brother of John instead of as a son) , Edith (married Arthur Archibald Coody) and Avery Vann (bc 1755 dc 1810).

26. Thomas4 Vann I (John3, William2, John1) was born 1747 in Chowan Co., NC, and died Abt 1839 in Madison Co., AL. He married Anne unknown (Vann).


The VANN lands was situated in that part of Chowan Precinct, N.C. which became Hertford County in 1759, and in 1779, Gates County was created from the part of Hertford where the VANN land was located. The Hertford County records were lost in fires in 1832 and 1863, but Gates County records are available from 1779. During the period 1759 to 1779, Thomas VANN I and members of the family reached maturity, married, were born, died, bough and sold land, and those records are lost.

The following few early N.C. records of Thomas VANN I were located.

1768: Thomas VANN delivered 4 barrels of turpentine to Samuel DONALDSON for sale to BIGSON & CRANBERRY. (Hertford Co., 1768. (This record is the earliest found of Thomas VANN I and was part of files outside Hertford Co. Thomas was 21 years of age in 1768.)

1778: Thomas VANN is named, among others in A True List of the Draft Made Out of the Regiment of Hertford County, in the State of North Carolina, Capt. (Charles) KINGs Company. NC Nov. 5 1778. (From this note, a descendant managed to get Thomas VANN I listed with the DAR Registry.)

1779: 1st. Monday in November. Thomas VANN recorded his Ear Mark - A Cross & Slit in left ear and a cross in right ear. 1780: Tuesday, Feb 8. Pratt Jurors appointed .... (among others) Thomas VANN 9 Feb. 1780: Thomas BURGESS, Thomas VANN and his wife, and others, against Thomas HARE, who acts as Extr. of a paper purporting to be the last will & Testament of Edward HARE case of this county, then part of Hertford Co., decd. and other who claim under the said purported will, as are interested in establishing or setting it aside. 25 Nov 1780: Motion to John BRICKELL Esq. Atto. at Law in Behalf of Thomas HARE ... a Commission to take deposition of Mary HARE, Soloman KING, and William GATING, June in a suit brought by Thomas BURGESS, Thomas VANN and his wife and others against the said Thomas HARE. (The HARE family is listed as being from Nansemond Co., VA.) The will of Edward HARE of Hertford Co., signed 16 May 1772, proven 22 April 1777, by Isaac PIPKIN, one of the Witnesses before Richard CASWELL, Esq., and Governor of N.C. named, among other beneficiaries, a sister named Mary BURGESS. Edward HARE bequeathed to Mary a negro man named Isaac, and a Negro boy named Tom. Records in Gates, Hertford and Bertie Counties in later years have been researched, but no connection between the HAREs and the VANNs has been found. (This there a connection with the BURGRESS Family and the VANNs, John VANN and a man named BURGRESS were together in the Ninty Sixth District in 1750. They were accused of steeling deer skins form the Cherokees.) Why Thomas Vann and his wife joined in this suit is not known. Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1780: David LEWIS gave Security in the sum of 10,000 pds. Thomas VANN and Lewis WALKER, Securties, to keep Blake and _____, base-born children of Fereby GILES from becoming chareable to this county. (Gates CO., N.C.) 1782, Feb. 10 Thomas VANN, among others, summoned as Jurymen. Josiah PARKER came into C. For his begetting a Basterd child on the body of Naomi WILLIAMS. He to give Security in the sum of 100 pds. Moor CARTER and Thomas VANN, Securities. 1783, Oct. 28. Thomas VANN witnessed a deed of Dempsey ODOM to Henry LEE, 7 pds. 4 sh. for 100 acres, begining at the Beaver Dam Swamp on a line which was formerly John DUKES; John DURY, Aaron ODOM, Jacob WALLACE, John WEBB and Jacob WALTER lines mentioned. Dempsey (X) ODOM. Wit: Thomas VANN, John BOYCE, John BETHEY. 1789. Thomas VANN was witness to marriage of Elizabeth KING to John HAMBLETON in Gates Co., N.C. May 18. Bill of Sale, Thomas VANN to Enos ROGERS, proven by oath of John VANN Thomas VANN of Gates Co. bought 100 acres from Willis HUGHES, for 144 pds., land situated on Peters Creek joining said HUGES, James BRADY, and William WARREN. /S/ Willis HUGHES, Sarah (X) HUGES. Wit: John VANN, Kedar (X) ODOM. May 14. Thomas sold to Mills LEWIS for 25 pds., 65 acres.. the same tract where Thomas VANN now lives .... granted by patent to William VANN bearing date one thousand seven hundred and five. This land ajoined land owned by Willis HUGHES, James BRADY, Jos. HOLLAND, William WARREN and William VANN. /S/ Thomas VANN. Wit: John LEWIS and Edward GATLING. 1790: Thomas VANN and his family are enumerated in the 170 census of Gates Co., N.C. Nov. 16. Joseph DELDAY to be appointed Gurdian to Jesse ODOM and Jacob ODOM, Orphans of Elisha Odam. Said DELDAY to give Bond of 500 pds. Thomas VANN and Edward GATLIN, Securities. 1790 Census, Gates Co., N.C. Thomas VANN (was 43) 4 females 2males over 16 8 slave 3males under 16 1791. Thomas VANN, David (X) PILANT, Edward (X) PILANT were witnesses to deed 22 July, from Jos. NORFLEET to Thomas ROBERTSON, for 100 pds., 200 acres wheron ROBERTSON now lives, beg. at marked maple near main Sarum Swamp as appears by deed from Thomas and John NORRIS to William FRYER 23 Mar. 1740 ..... and down main run. 26 July. Joseph NORFLEET to Thomas ROBERTSON .... 5 sh. and maintenance for natural life....platation whereon he lives, horses, cattle, and hogs.... /s/ Joseph NORFLEET. Wit: Edward PILANT, Thomas VANN. Nov. 7 Bryant VANN and Thomas VANN were witnesses to Bill of Sale, Demsey ROOKS and Edith ROOKS to James BRADY, Jr., for 52 pounds, 10 shillings. One Negro Woman named Rosa about 38 years of age and one Negro girl child about 11 months old named Anna. (If Bryant VANN, son of Thomas VANN I, was of age when this instument was executed, he ws born before 1780.) 1792, Mar. 23 Jos. and Elizabeth HOLLAND of Nansemond Co., VA, sold to Mills LEWIS of Gates Co., for 90 pounds, 25 acres beg. at head of Ready branch to Knotty Pine Swamp, and down swamp to William WARRENs line, along his line to Thomas VANNs line, along his line ... Elizabeth HOLLAND. Joseph HOLLAND. Wit: Edward GATLLING, Luten LEWIS, James RAWLS . Mar. 23. Jos. HOLLAND, Jr. and Sr., of Nansemond Co., VA, bound themselves unto Mills LEWIS in sum of 500 pounds .... the condition of above obligation is such that where the above Jos. HOLLAND has this day sold to Mills LEWIS 75 acres, it being land that John ODOM left to his daughter, Elizabeth (will dated Oct. 16, 1770) ... land joining Wm. WARREN, Thomas VANN, and Mills LEWIS own line. Jos. HOLLAND,. Wit: Edward GATLING; Luten LEWIS; Dempsey SUMNER. 3rd Monday in May: Willam and Thomas VANN summoned to seve as jurymen, among others. (It is possible that this William Vann was the son of Thomas VANN I. See note of Anson Co., N.C.) 1794: Thomas VANN to William BAKER .... 50 pounds .... 100 acres formerly owned by Dempsey ROOKS, Sr., begin. at black gum, corner tree between William WARREN, Sr. and said VANN, along line of marked trees to small branch and up branch to corner pine, along line of marked trees to Mills LEWIS line and along his line to corner oak to James BRADYs line to Peters Swamp, along Swamp to Mills Swamp and down run .... /s/ Thomas VANN. Wit: Anthony WILLIAMS, Bryant (X) WISLER. Dec. 17 Solomon ROSS and Elizabeth ROSS, his wife, to Henry Eborn SEARS, for 25 pounds 10 shillings, 60 acres joining Joel GOODMAN, Hardy CROSS, and Bryant WALTERS back to GOODMANs line ... which land the said Solomon ROSS and his wife Elizabeth bought of Henry DILDAY. Solomon (X) ROSS, Elizabeth (X) ROSS. Witness: William VANN, Bryant VANN July 8. Dempsey ROOKS, Sen., to William BAKER for 9 pounds, 2 shillings, 7 pens. ... mylife estate in the house, orchard and all the land reserved to me by Thomas VANN at the time said Thomas VANN bought the land I now live on of Willis HUGHES .... also one Feather Bed and Furniture and Twelve Head of Hogs .... Dempsey ROOKS. Wit: James GATLLING, John VANN. Aug . 15 Estate LAYCOCK of Nansemond Co., VA, appointed her trusted and loving friend, William BROWN, of Gates .... her true and lawful attorney. Wit: Bryant VANN, John BROWN. The Thomas VANN family moved from Gates Co. to Martin Co., N.C. before 1800. The following deed of 1812 give additional information of interest. James BRADY, Sr. to, John .... 50 acres where said John lives, beg. at red oak on side of road, down by line of marked trees by GRAVEYARD to apple orchard and perimmon tree, along ditch to head, PASSING OLD COOPERS SHOP, FORMERLY THOMAS VANNS, on left side, to main swamp and John WARRENs line to Celia LEWIS line, down John VANNs line and binding on his line to main road and down road .... James (X) BRADY. Feb court 1812. Wit: Pa. (Patrick) HEGERTY, James BRADY, Jr. In 1976 William Henry VANN visited this area, spoke with a Mrs. JONES who lived on old VANN land. She stated that she had heard there was a very old cementery on the land. She and her husband had walked many miles covering a large area but had never found any evidence of an old graveyard. Thanks to Mona Armstorng TAYLOR, Harker Heights, TX, for permission to use the foregoing material which is protected by copyright. MARTIN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA Early records of Martin County, N. C. Were destroyed by fire in 1884. The following were found in the State Archives, Releigh, N.C. 1795: Thomas VANN sold slaves boy named Arter to Aaron DUGGAN, Dec.11. 1797: Thomas VANN sold slaves Patience and Tuck to Aaron DUGGAN, July 30. 1800: Thomas and Anne VANN sold to David CARRAWAY, 150 acres in Martin CO., N.C. , on Feb. 28, land between the CARRAWAYs and the VANNs Martin County is approximately 45 miles southwest of Gates County, across the Chowan River. Records indicate that the VANNs lived in Martin County for ten or more years. 1800 Martin Co., N.C. census, alphabetically listed. Thomas VANN, head of house, 1 male over 45 1 femlae over 45 4 males 16-26 3 female 16-26 1 male 10-26 2 females under 10 3 slaves State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina Martin County, North Carolina Records DEED THOMAS VAN AND WIFE, ANN - SALE OF 150 ACRES, 26 FEBRURARY 1800 Know All Men By these presents, that we , Thomas VANN and Anne VANN, my wife, of the one part and David CARRAWAY of the other part for and in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred Pounds to us in hand paid by David CARRAWAY of the County of Martin and State of North Carolina, the receipt wherof we herby acknowledge and ouselves therewith fully satisfied and paid and of every part and parcel therof exonerated acquit and discharge the said David CARRAWAY him his heirs and assigns forever have by these presents for us our heirs and assigns have given granted bargained and sold unto him the said David CARRAWAY him his heirs and assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County of Martin & State of North Carolina Butted as follows: Beginning at an ash in a swamp that makes out of the Great swamp from thence up a little swamp towards CARRAWAYSs field, a line of marked trees then running a glade of marked trees to a Pond near VANNs field then down the pond and swamp between CARRAWAYs and VANNs plantation to the Herring Swamp then down the Herring Swamp to Dead Water Creek thence down Dead Water Creek to the mouth of the Great Swamp then the meanders of the great swamp Running up the Great Swamp to another Swamp then up that swamp to the first sation. Including all and singular the lands that the said VANN bought of Jonathan CARRAWAY. Containing by estination One Hundred and Fifty acres of land be the same more or less. To have and to hold the aforsaid land together with all improvements of any kind or nature whatever free and clear from any incumbrance whatever and further I, the said Thos. VANN and Anne VANN my wife for us our heirs and assigns forever shall and will from time to time and at all times warrant secure and forever defend a good and lawful right and title of the above land and premises against the claim or demands of any person or persons whatsoever. In Witness wherof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twenty sixth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred. Signed seal and delivered in the Presence of us. John REDDICK Thos. VANN & Seal William SWAIN X (Note: Thomas Vann had purchased this land from JONATHAN CARRAWAY, date not know.) 1810 CENSUS The earliest records of this VANN family in Anson Co., N.C., and Chesterfield Co., S.C., is dated July 1805, when Thomas Vann, Jr. ( II ) bought land in Anson Co., N.C. from Daniel HINSON. The last record is dated Nov. 1816, when Thomas Vann, Sr. ( I ) sold to John SMITH. 1810 Anson Co., N.C., census: Thomas VANN ( II ), 26-45 1 female 45 and over 1 male 10-16 1 female 16-26 3 males under 10 1 female under 10 4 slaves Lazeras VANN, 16-26 1 female 16-26 3 males under 10 William VANN, 26-45 1 female 16-26 1 male under 10 John Lanier, 26-45 1 female 26-45 Sarah VANN dau.of 2 males under 10 2 females under 10 Thomas I and Anne VANN 1810 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina census: (Adjacent to Anson Co., North Carolina. Both Anson Co. and Mecklenberg Counties, were adjacent to Chesterfield Co., (District) until 1842, when Union Co., N.C. was formed from Anson and Mecklenberg Counties Briant Vann, 26-45 1 female 16-26 1 male under 10 2 females under 10 (A special thanks to Neta Clark of Dallas, Texas, who located the VANNs in 1810) From the records of the VANNs in Anson Co., N.C. and Madison Co., Ala., it is indicated that land transactions in Anson Co. continued to be made by some member of this family, after other land transactions were being made in Madison Co., Ala. These VANN brothers and their parents, Thomas VANN I and Anne VANN, lived in the northwest corner of Anson Co. during their residence there, in the area of Richardsons Creek. The foregoing census records do not account for Thomas I and Anne VANN, son Dempsey, and the youngest son, Edward H, a minor in 1810, who was probably living with his parent. It is known that Dempsey VANN married Ruth REED, Cherokee, in Mecklenberg Co., N.C. 1807; however, this couple was not enumerated in that County in 1810. It is possible they had removed to the land east of the Cherokee Line in Madison Co., M.T (Mississippi Territory)., to live with the Cherokees. It is belived that William VANN listed in Anson Co. In 1810, 26-45, was the eldest son of Thomas I and Anne VANN. According to the County Clerk of Mecklenberg Co., there are no VANN deeds on record. And the Deputy Clerk of Chesterfield Co., S.C. wrote: General Sherman of the Union Army came through the South and Chesterfield County in 1862 - burned the Court house and any other records, valid matter. The following deed records were obtained from the County Clerk of Anson Co., N.C. 20 July 1805, Anson Co., N.C. Daniel HINSON to Thomas VANN Junr. For $300, one tract of land containing 100 acres lying on Suscos Branch (description). Witnessess: Jack AUSTIN, Charlotte (X) AUSTIN. Deed recored Jany. Ct. 1813 by Todd ROBINSON. 28 Dec. 1807, Anson Co., N.C. Elijah COBURN & John HARRINGTON to Thos. VANN Indenture between John HARRINGTON & Elijah COBURN and Ebenezer ROSS of Anson Co. to Thomas VANN ... said John HARRINGTON for $200 paid by Thomas VANN ... half of the old tract of Land and fifty acres of Land joining the same tract on the Sd. Creek Lying up the Sd. Creek joining the same land the planatation that Charles HARRINGTON formerly lived on lying on the No. side of Richardsons Creek containing of one hundred and thirty five acres ... and further the Sd. John HARRINGTON and Elijah COBURN & Ebenezer ROSS ... do hereby warrent and forever defend the above Lands and premises to him the Sd. Thomas VANN .... Signed by John HARRINGTON and Elijah COBURN. Witnesses : Richd LEE and Berryman TRAWICK. Recorded by Tod ROBINSON, CLK., Jany. Ct. 1808 8 July 1809, Anson Co. Indentured between William LEHORN of the County of Mecklinberg, and John LANIER of Anson Co.,.... For $100, 200 acres lying and being near Big Creek .... begining at a pine among three post oaks in HARRINGTONs old Line and runs .... it being a tract of land taken up by Rebeccah HARRINGTON Joining the old tract of land where she lived .... Signed William LEHORN. Witnessess: Thos VANN Sen. ( I ) and John (X) TAYLOR. July Sessions 1809. Proved in Open Ct. by the oath of Thos. VANN Sen. a witness thereto. Tod ROBINSON, Clk. The witnessing of this deed in July 1809 by Thomas VANN Sen. ( I ) would verify the fact he was in Anson Co., N.C. in 1809. 14 Dec 1815, Anson Co. William CRITTENDON to Thomas VANN (Sen. or I ) For $80, 56-1/2 acres of land being part of an Undivided tract of land formerly the property of Charles HARRINGTON, Decd on Richardsons Creek now in possession of sd. VANN, which piece of undivided - the sd. CRITTENDON purchased of William HARRINGTON heir of said decd .... Signed W. CRITTENDON. Witnessess: Benjamin (X) ONEALS and Thos. VANN, Junr. Reg. Jany Ct. 1816, Tod ROBINSON, Clk.. 9 Jan. 1813, Anson Co. Joshua HINSON to Thomas VANN ( II ) Joshua HINSON of Anson Co. To Thomas VANN, $100 for one tract of land lying and being in the Co. of Anson lying on both sides Siscoes branch (description mentions Charles HINSONs corner and COBOURNs corner), 150 acres of land, together with all woods ways water & water courses ... Signed by Joshua HINSON. Witnesses: Thomas VANN Senr., Jesse BARNETT, and Charles (X) HINSON. Proven in open Court by the oath of Thomas VANN Sen. And ordered registered. Court of pleas and quarter Sessions April Term 1814. Same date 9 Jan. 1813, Anson Co. Joshua HINSON to Thomas VANN, for $100, 100 acres (description mentions Charles HINSONs cornor - no creek named). Signed by Joshue HINSON. Witnesses same as above deed, and proven same as above. 9 Apr. 1816. #140 209 Edward VANNs Grant. No. 2479 For and in consideration of the sum of fifty Shillings for every hundred acres here by Granted paid unto our Treasury by Edward VANN, have given and granted ..... a tract of land containing Seventy five acres lying and being in the County of Anson on the waters of Richards Creek. (Description mentions Benjamin THOMAS line, William MORRISes corner, Solomon STEAGALLs corner.) Entered 9th April 1816. At Raleigh the 19th day of December in the 41st year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord 1817. By Command, Wm HILL, Sec. Jno. BRANCH. (The remainder of this deed was cut off at bottom of page.) 23 Sept. 1816, Anson Co. Thomas VAN_ to Jacob AUSTIN. Thomas VAN_ of North Carolina and County of Anson planter of the one part and Jacob AUSTIN of the State and County aforesaid planter of the other part .... for $300 4 tracts on both sides of Luscos branch. 1st tract on NW of Luscoes branch .... 2nd tract described by poles, stakes and tree. 3rd tract, begining at Charles HINSONS cornor .... COBURNS corner pine ... 4th tract mentions Charles HINSONS cornor, trees, poles, etc..... containing by estimation four hundred acres of land. Signed by Thomas VANN Junior. ( II ) Witnesses: Solomon (X) MILLS and John (X) SMITH. 1 Nov. 1816, Anson Co. Thomas VANN Sen. To John SMITH For $550 4 tract of land lying on Richardsons Creek wheron sd. VANN now lives. The four tracts were composed of one hundred acres, seventy acres, two hundred acres and sixty-five acres ... including all houses, orchards, ways, water profits and appurtenances. Total of 435 acres. Signed Thomas VANN S. Witnesses: D. CUTHBERTSON and John HELMS. 7 Jan 1809, Anson Co. Ezekiel THOMAS to Lazarus VANN (planters) For $300, 243 acres on the northwest side of Richards Creek (Thomases line is mentioned and STEGALLs line). Signed by Ezakiel ( X ) THOMAS. Wit: BRYAN VANN and JOHN LANIER. Proven in open court by BRYAN VANN, Jany. Sess. 1809. Tod ROBINSON. Clk. 8 March ______ (There is no year on this deed.) Lazaras VANN, planter, to Edward VANN, planter, for $250, 243 acres lying on the North side of Richardsons Creek (land as above). Signed by Lazarus VANN. Witnesses: Thos. VANN, Sen., Thomas VANN, Junr. Dorothy Scott JOHNSON, professioal Researcher, Huntsville, AL, found the following note among some loose papers in a COBB probate. Unfortunately no geographical location is given. Promissory note dated 24 Feb. 1806 and signed by Jesse ( X ) COBB and witnessed by Thomas VANN Jr. ( II ). Two days after date I promise to pay or cause to be paid to David COBB on his order the full & just sum of $52.12-1/2, it being for value received. Jesse COBB was living in martin Co., N.C. in the 1800 census. Dorothys comment: The VANNs and COBBs were friends in North Carolina. David COBB, Sr., lived in Pitt Co., N.C. in 1800 census, and Pitt Co. is next to Martin Co. where your Thomas VANN lived. It has been speculated that the following three VANNs were closely associated with Thomas VANN I in Anson Co., N.C. It is possible that William VANN was a son of Thomas and Anne VANN. He appears in one record in Madison Co., AL. However, he is not mentioed in either will of Thomas VANN I nor are any heirs listed. Anson County, N.C. census, 1810: Willikam VANN 26-45 1female 16-26 1 male under 10 There are no deeds in Madison County, AL, but William VANN does appear as a buyer at the estate of Joel LEDBETTER 23 Feb. 1821. He bough a jug for $2. Bryant, son of Thomas I, bough a rifle gun for $20.25 at the same sale. William VANN is not listed in the 1830 Madison Co. Census. Elizabeth VANN married about 1806 in Anson Co., N.C., Thomas STEGALL, son of Moses STEGALL. The name STEGALL appears in some of the VANN deeds in Anson Co. Thomas STEGALL was born in 1783, VA, died in 1845, probably in Anson Co. A descendant who was 93 years of age in 1984, stated that Elizabeth VANN was of VANNs Valley. Five children were born to Thomas and Elizabeth. Her death date is not known, but on 3-6-1818, Thomas STEGALL m. Sally KAZINE and they had 13 children. In 1810 census, Thomas STEGALL was 26-45; 2 males 10; 1 female 26-25; 1 female 10-16. This last child could be of a previous marriage as Thomas STEGALL in 1800 census had a wife his age, but no children. The third VANN is Annie VANN , b 1778, married in Anson Co., N.C., 1802, Thomas GRIFFIN. This information from a Bible record. This couple appears in the 1810 Anson Co. Census, living near the other VANNs. Annie Vann GRIFFIN had only one child, Thomas Culpeper GRIFFIN who later mover to Florida. This information on Annie VANN came by telephone from Thomas ERWIN, Atorney Raleigh, N.C., Oct 1988. He was to send me much information on the HARE family of Gates Co., old tax records. He said he had evidence that a CaptainVANN is listed as head of a militia district, Anson Co., and that Dempsey VANN was in Anson Co., N.C. in 1815. Mr. ERWIN and I talked several times on the phone and each time, he promised to send me pages and pages of material. The last time I talked with him in 1992, the same promise was made after I had written a snippy letter. To date I have received nothing. INTRODUCTION TO THE VANNS IN EARLY ALABAMA The first Vanns of record in Mississippi Territory were William VANN and John VANN, signers, among others, of a petition to the Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1809 (for statehood) and to James MADISON, President of the United States in 1810 (appealing orders of eviction to be from the Chichasaw Lands). At this time all white settlers were considered to be squatters on Indian Land, and altough ordered out of this area, their numbers increased. There are no VANNs listed in Applications for land Grants in Madison County, Mississippi Territory from the Nashville Land Office in Novermber 1811. Elizabeth VANN with 3 males under 21, 1 white female over 21, 4 white females under 21, was living in Jefferson County, Natchez District, Mississippi Territory in 1810. Lazarus VANN (of Anson Co., N.C.) in 1812, is entered in Receivers ledger B, applying for public land located in Section 15 Township 5 Range 1E. In 1818, his name is again entered for same land for which he had paid out the price of $400.50 for 160.20 acres. Lazarus VANN was a son of Thomas VANN I and Anne VANN. John VANN (not identified) signed a marriage bond in Madison Co., Mississippi Territory, for Azariah COBB and Jarusha CABB, licence issued 4 may 1818. Living in Madison Co., Mississippi Territory at the time the VANNs arrived were the following families, who through marriage became associated with the VANNs: GLOVER CRAFT LEDBETTER, GRAYSON, COBB, DRAKE, LEMLEY, ALLISON, LANIER, WOOD and others. Edward H. And Thomas VANN II later bought land in Madison Co. Both first owned land situated west of the Flint River and the Cherokee Boundary. A brief but pertinent history of the section of Madison Co. where the VANNs lived is included here. In the year 1817, Mississippi became a state, and Alabama was designated as Mobile Territory. This Mobile Territory included the counties of Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Clark, Limestone, Lauderdale and Madison. The new capitol was set up at St. Stephens, Alabama, and the first territorial legislature met there in January 1818. The capitol was to be moved several times during the ensuing years. Huntsville was the only official city in Madison County in 1818. It is reported that in 1817, there were approximately 260 houses, a bank, the courthouse, a market house, 12 stores, a Presbyterian College and Bacomb Institute, in Huntsville. Early records mention no churches, but two acres of land had been designated for a cemetery. Five Indian reservations of 1 section each were listed in Madison Co. in 1817, including a twelve-mile square area near what is now New Hope, designated as Cherokee School Lands. Alabama became the 22nd state of theUnion in December 1819, and the town of Triana in thhe southwest corner of Madison Co. became incorporated. That same year the signing of a Cherokee Treaty in Februery made more public land available, expanding the county on the east to include all land between the present line and the Flint River. In 1819, bacon sold for 10 cents a pond, butter for .25, and cotton was 17 cents. Coffee was a little high at 62-1/2 cents per pound. The first Methodist Church in Huntsville was built in 1821. New immigrants continued to arrive, and the total population of the county soon reached 19,501, which included 6,362 whitemales, 4,740 white females, 9,255 slaves, and 54 free colored persons. Land under cultivation in 1821 in the county totalled 69,938 acres with a total of 6,402 farm hands. General Andrew JACKSON was a frequent visitor to the area and was held in high esteem. It is said that he stayed at the Old Green Bottom Inn, racing his horse and fighting his cocks. That he was greatly admired by the people of Madison County is evidenced by the fact that practically every family named at least one male child for Andrew Jackson. The Federal Census of 1820 of Madison Co. was lost, but it is know that in 1820, there were 1,364 people in Huntsville and 17,481 in Madison Co. A census of Indians in 1825 revealed that 15,000 Cherokees were living in Alabama. Clouds Town (later to be known as Vienna and New Hope) was founded by William CLOUD in 1829. In 1830, lots were laid out, and the town was names Vienna. There were still 20,000 Creek Indians in Alabama. The Chickasaw Treaty was signed in 1832, and the Creeks agreed to leave the state. Stars fell on Alabama in the form of a meteor shower Nov. 13, 1832, throwing the people into panic. The average of 10,000 meteors fell an hour, the maximum shower from 2:30 to 4 a.m. As early as 1835, there was unrest among slaves in Madison Co., and local vigilante committees formed to subdue this unrest. That same year, Vienna (New Hope) became a polling place. Among the men from Madison Co. who chose to take active part in thr Texas War against Mexico was John GRAYSON, friend and neighbor of the VANN family This Madison Co. contingent arrived too late to take an active part in the war and was used to clean up local pockets of resistance. GRAYSON either bough or was awarded 2 land certificates entitling him to 2 leagues and labors of land in Texas. The Creek Indians began giving trouble and were removed from Alabama in the winter of 1836. A small number remained, but they were scattered. The town of Vienna was incorporated in 1836. This town was to be known alternately as Vienna and New Hope for nearly 70 years. Finally the name Vienna was dropped because of another town of the same name. New Hope seems to have been named by the Methodists of the town, expressing their feeling for the towns future. At the first election held in may 1838, Edward VANN and William WADDY were authorized to conduct the election, but no records of its results have been found. In 1840, a census showed there were 25,703 people living in Madison County, and that same year, mention is made of a barbecue that was held at Liberty Mills by John GRAYSON. Balls were frequently held at these affairs. Divorces no longer required legislative act in 1848. This law was

Children of Thomas Vann and Anne (Vann) are: + 44 i. Bryan5 Vann, born Abt 1780 in Gates Co., NC; died Abt 1832. + 45 ii. Sarah Vann, born Abt 1781 in Gates Co., NC; died Abt 1845 in Madison Co., AL. + 46 iii. Thomas Vann II, born 1782 in Gates Co., NC. + 47 iv. Dempsey I Vann, born 27 May 1783 in Gates Co., NC; died Abt 1832 in Madison Co., AL. + 48 v. Lazarus Vann, born 1784 in Gates Co., NC. + 49 vi. Edward Hare Vann, born 1793 in Gates Co., NC; died 1857. 50 vii. Mary Vann, born Aft 1793 in Gates Co., NC.

Vann Generation 5

Generation No. 5

34. Edward5 Vann (William4, Edward3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1759 in Chowan Co., Hertford Co., Nc, and died 1798 in North Carolina. He married Martha House.

Children of Edward Vann and Martha House are: 51 i. Micajah6 Vann. 52 ii. William Vann. 53 iii. Mathew Vann. + 54 iv. Jacob Vann, born 16 January 1790 in Nc; died 19 August 1867.

35. Elisha5 Vann (William4, Edward3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1759 in Edgecombe Co., Nc. He married Mary ----- (Vann).

Children of Elisha Vann and Mary ----- (Vann) are: 55 i. Thomas6 Vann, died Aft 1823. + 56 ii. Henry (Harry) Clay Vann, born 1805. 57 iii. Melissa Vann, born 1805. She married Hooper Washington.

36. John5 Vann (William4, Edward3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1774 in NC. He married Sarah "Sally" Sheperd.


JOHN VANN and SALLIE SHEPHARD settled on Buckhorn Creek, Taylor's Bridge Township, Sampson County, NC. Must have been late 1700's or early 1800's, for his Will, signed December 16, 1841 was made after many or all of their children were grown and married. There are names of grandchildren left legacies. His mill was built over Buckhorn Creek where the M.E. Boney old mill house now stands and his home was in the exact location of this Boney home, R4, B97, Clinton, NC.

The John Vann and Sallie Shephard house was built near Buck Horn Creek. The Matt E. Boney home is on the place where it stood. His mill was built over Buck Horn Creek with a saw mill with an up and down saw over a fork of the creek. The grist mill was all torn out after the spillway broke, just months after Matt Boney bought the property in 1935.

All the old wooden sheets, piling, water wheel and everything, was torn out and new pilings, 5 or 7 rows, were driven under the cement sheets to hold from breaking again. Cement walls were poured under the house. the mill race was lowered to give more power. The dam was built about three times as high as the old one. The new mill house was built lower to the dam. The steps are inside the house. The sheets are of two heights. The Deed calls for all the land covered by water when the water off the upper sheets reaches 13 1/2 feet deep.

We never did get it quite that high. Matt bought the property from Hugh and Addie Vann (1934-35) and rebuilt it and started grinding corn in late 1936. It had to be closed from grinding in 1956. Matt's health was so bad that the doctor ordered him to stay away from it. The pond was drained in 1964 and we never could rebuilt the gates, etc. under the millhouse, owned and operated by Matt E. Boney and his wife, Lizzie (Elizabeth) P. Boney.

The old mill on Buck Horn Creek, S.D. 1145, pond drained in last year of operation 1956, bought from Hugh M. Vann and his wife, Addie Boney 1934-35 by Matt E. Boney and wife Elizabeth Robinson (Lizzie) and operated from 1936 when the mill and pond were rebuilt until 1956.

COMPILED & WRITTEN BY: Lizzie Boney with help from Roland Matthis, Billy Peterson, Alston Fryar, Cathy Jones and others.

Children of John Vann and Sarah Sheperd are: + 58 i. Valentine6 Vann. + 59 ii. Enoch Vann. + 60 iii. Civil Vann. + 61 iv. Mary Vann. + 62 v. Aaron Vann. 63 vi. Katherine Vann. She married Zacahariah Parker. + 64 vii. Phoebe Vann. + 65 viii. John "Jackie" Vann, Jr.. + 66 ix. James Vann, born 1786; died 1866. + 67 x. Miriam Vann, born 1804; died 1842.

40. John "Joseph"5 Vann (Edward4, John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1735, and died Abt 1800. He married Wah-Li "Polly" (Vann) "Mary Christina" Abt 1763.

Notes JOHN VANN appears to have been a controversial figure in colonial South Carolina. He was accused of various nefarious activities when trading with the Indians, of harboring criminals and runaway slaves, and of being generally untrustworthy. Some of the comments to this effect may have been politically motivated, however, and one must draw one's conclusion from the records as they stand.

Children of John Vann and Wah-Li (Vann) are: 68 i. Nancy6 Vann, born in Spring Place, GA. + 69 ii. Joseph David Vann "Joe", born 1763; died 1838. + 70 iii. Alcy "Anne" Vann (SINEE), born Abt 1768. 71 iv. Ned Vann, born Abt 1768. + 72 v. James Clement II Vann "Chief", born 1768 in Spring Place, GA; died 19 February 1809 in GA. + 73 vi. Mary Vann, born 17 October 1787; died 25 March 1850.

41. Edward5 Vann, Sr. (Edward4, John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1741. He married Mary (Vann).


Records indicate Edward was an early arival in South Carolina as he petitioned for land on 4 April 1758. He asked for 200 acres on Tyger Spring near the Savannah River. This was the land which was next to John VANN's plantation.

On 18 September 1758, Edward VANN had two hundred acres surveyed for him next to the plantation of John VANN on the Savannah River. The survey was based on a "precept" (i.e. a command given by a person in authority) from Egerton LEIGH, Esquire. This "precept" may be the key to why no land grants are recorded for John or Edward VANN. Egerton LEIGH was not the governor of South Carolina in this time period, it is not known of what authority in which he could grant land.) This land was that mentioned in the laying out of Fort Charlotte in 1765, bounding on the east side.

On 10 April 1765 Pat Calhoun D.S. was order by William Bull Esq. to measure and lay out a plantation formerly know as Vanns or Gowdys. " A tract of land containing 430 acres to be use by his Majesties."

Thomas Skottowe The laying out of Fort Charlotte 30th August 1765

1780 It is interesting to note that an Edward VANN was a Lieutenant in the Loyalist militia during the Revolution, if this was Edward Sr. then he had different sympathies than his son, who served on the Patriot side. The obituary of Edward Jr. stated he visiting the camps of his father during the Revolutary War and that his father servied five years.

Pay Abstracts Nr 4, Colonel John COTTON's Regiment, Stevenson's Creek Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, Captain John COTTON's Company, those who came to Orangeburgh, SC, with Lieut. Colonel John H. CRUGER, 183-days pay, 14 Jun-13 Dec 1780

Nr Rank Name Remarks 12 Lieutenant VANN Edward 90 Private Vann Isaac 94 Private VANN Jesse

Pay Abstracts Nr 61, Colonel John COTTON's Regiment, Stevenson's Creek Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, Captain Thomas BUCKUM's Company, Soldiers Certification, for those who came to Orangeburgh, SC, with Lieut. Colonel John H. CRUGER, at the evacuation of Ninety Six, six-months pay, 13 Jun-14 Dec 1780 (Abs Nr4 in books of Captain John CUNNINGHAM, late Pay Master, and was in part paid by him)

Nr Rank Name Remarks 4 Lieutenant VANN Edward 55 Private VANN Isaac 94 Private VANN Jesse

Edward Sr. moved to Edgefield District after the Revolutionary War. Deed records show as he buys and sells land in Edgefield District South Carolina.

Edward Vann lived until at least 1810, when he was enumerated in the census taken that year.

References: Edward Vann 200 acres on waters of Tyger Springs, Savannah River (PROVINCE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNCIL JOURNAL 1759-1761, p145 South Carolina State Archives and History); (Lineages Research Report (#7851 Vann) 23 January Doc.6, SLC); [RV file #126LP01]

Survey for Edward Vann, 200 acres, Granvill County, on Savannah River (PROVINCE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COLONIAL PLOTS Vol.8 p.278, South Carolina State Archives & History), (Lineages Research Report (#7851- VANN) 23 January 1989 Doc. 2), (RV file #126LS02)

Children of Edward Vann and Mary (Vann) are: + 74 i. Edward6 Vann, Jr., born 24 March 1763 in South Caolina; died 26 June 1854 in Abbeville Dis SC. + 75 ii. Edith Vann, born Abt 1775.

42. James5 Vann (Edward4, John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1744 in Chowan County, NC. He married An Unknown Woman Vann.

Children of James Vann and An Vann are: 76 i. Issac6 Vann. + 77 ii. James"Jim" Jr. Vann, born Abt 1781; died 1865 in Al..

43. Clement5 Vann (Edward4, John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1747 in Spring Place, GA, and died Abt 1830 in Spring Place, Ga.. He married (1) Unknown White Female (Vann). He married (2) Wah-Li "Polly" (Vann) "Mary Christina" Abt 1800.

Child of Clement Vann and Unknown (Vann) is: + 78 i. Avery6 Vann, born in Spring Place, GA.

44. Bryan5 Vann (Thomas4, John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1780 in Gates Co., NC, and died Abt 1832. He married Unknown Female (Vann).


Bryant Vann was born ca 1780 in NC, probably Gates Co., and died between 1831/1834. It is not know when or where or to whom Bryant VANN married. In 1810 when the Vanns were living in Anson CO., N.C. Bryant VANN is listed as follows:

1810 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina Census: (Adjacent to Anson Co., N.C. Both Anson and Mecklenberg Counties were adjacent to Chesterfield (District) until 1842, when Union Co., NC was formed from these Counties.)

Briant Vann 26-45 1 female 16-26 1 male under 10 2 females under 10

There are no land records showing that Bryant VANN owned land in Madison Co., AL. However, Bryant, Thomas and William VANN are listed as buyers at the sale held in the Estate of Joel LEDBETTER on 27 November 1820, Madison Co. Bryant purchased 1 Rifle Gun for 0.25 William, a jug for 2 cents Thomas, 1 musket for 3.6/4.

Children of Bryant VANN and his wife have not been proven; however, it is believed Obedience and Elizabeth VANN were two daughters. It is possible that Ananias VANN was a son, but he is listed as a possible son of Lazarus VANN. Mr. William A. TRUE, now deceased, stated that he believed Ananias was Bryant's son.

In August 1992, W. P. (Woody) RICHARDSON, of Rogerville, AL, wrote that he was a descendant of Obedience VANN and James STEPHENSON. Obedience and James were married on 25 March, 1830, in Madison Co., AL by John C. GRAYSON, JP. Mr. RICHARDSON was of the STEPHENSON family but was adopted by the RICHARDSONS.

He had not found Obedience and James STEPHENSON in 1840, but in 1850 Obedience (called Biddy) was head of the household in Bedford Co., TN, with 6 STEPENSON children, Evidently, James had died. The children were Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, Mary, WILLIAM BRYANT, and Nancy. In this census, Obedience is listed as having been born in South Carolina.

In 1860, Obedience was living in Lauderdale Co., AL, where she died at age 89 on July 18, 1895, at the home of Jas. STATOM, son-in-law, several miles north of Florence.

Mr. RICHARDSON had some marriages for the children of Obedience. Elizabeth married ____ SEATON or SETON, probably in TN. Martha married ______ JOHNSON in Lauderdale Co., AL Sarah married James STATOM in 1856 in Franklin Co., TN. Mary married ________ AIKEN in Lauderdale Co., AL

WILLIAM BRYANT STEPHENSON m. Nancy TERRELL in Lauderdale County, AL Nancy married ______ AIKEN in Lauderdale Co., AL William Bryant STEPHENSON and Nancy TERRELL had Marion Levi STEPHENSON, b Lauderdale Co., AL, died and buried Ft. Worth, TX, who was the father of W.P. (Woody) RICHARDSON.

The Elizabeth VANN mentioned above married Edmund BRADY, license 23 mar. 1825. Nothing further is known about this couple.

Children of Bryan Vann and Unknown (Vann) are: + 79 i. Obedience6 Vann, "Biddy", died 18 July 1895 in Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL. 80 ii. Elizabeth Vann. She married Edmund Brady 23 March 1825. 81 iii. Ananias Vann, (?).

45. Sarah5 Vann (Thomas4, John3, William2, John1) was born Abt 1781 in Gates Co., NC, and died Abt 1845 in Madison Co., AL. She married (1) John Lanier Abt 1805 in Martin Co., NC. She married (2) Burkett Green 22 February 1827 in Madison Co., AL.


Sarah Vann was born ca 1781, Gates County, N.C., and it is believed that she died 1840-1850 in Madison Co., AL. Sarah VANN married (1) John LANIER between 1800/1810, in Martin County, N.C. A John LANIER is listed in the 1790 census, Martin Co., Halifax District, N.C. with 1 male 16 and over; 1 male under 16; 5 females; 7 slaves. There are several LANIER families listed in 1800 census, Martin Co., including a John LANIER, Sr. and John LANIER, Jr.

According to Ingersolls’ book on the LANIER Family, John LANIER was born ca 1775, Martin Co., and married Sarah VANN in 1805. Children of this marriage were: Lazarus LANIER, b 1808; Linea LANIER, b 1810; Bryant A. LANIER b 1812.

It is believed that John LANIER had been married before and that one of his children was Adams LANIER who moved to Madson Co., AL Jones & Granrud stated that Adams LANIER was a brother of Lazarus LANIER, but he was probably a half-brother.

John LANIER died in 1817 where the family was living near Calwell’s Bridge, Franklin Co., TN.

In 1810, the LANIERS were living near the VANNS in Anson Co., N.C. John Lanier, 26-45 1 female 26-45 2 males under 10 2 females under 10 2 slaves

After the death of John LANIER, Sarah VANN LANIER moved to Madison Co., AL about 1819. The will of LANIER was produced for probate. Lazarus VANN swore that the witnesses to the will, John and Arthur BOWEN, had departed this life, and letters of Administration were issued to Thomas and Edward H. VANN, brothers of Sarah. Bond dated 11 June 1827, for administrators in amount of $5,000 was signed by Thomas VANN, Edward H. VANN, Lazarus VANN (X), and Adams LANIER. Sale of the property belong to the estate of John LANIER deceased, was held on 13 July 1827, as follows:

1 negro woman, Silva & child to Larzarus VANN $310 1negro boy Ben to Thomas VANN $425 1 negro boy moses to Edward H. VANN $400 1negro boy Morado to Lazarus VANN $271 1 negro boy Asa to Elizabeth LANIER $155 1 cow & calf to Lazarus LANIER $10 1 cow & calf to Lazarus Lanier $8 1cow & calf to Edward H. VANN $7.62-1/2 1 Heffer to Edward H. VANN $8.75 2 Yarlans to Edward H. VANN $5.62-1/2 1 feather bed furniture & Seed to Adam LANIER $11 1 feather bed Adam LANIER $5 2 Cotten wheels to Lazarus VANN $1.75 1 pickel stand to Edward H. VANN $.81-1/4 1 Tub 2 paels 1 trunk 1 Churn Edward H. VANN $.81-1/2

Appraisers of the estate were: John C. GRAYSON, Silas M. GLOVER, Francis WORLEY, John COBB, and Ezakiel CRAFT. CRAFT was not present to take the oath.

Ten years following the death of John LANIER, Sarah VANN LANIER married (2) Burkett GREEN on 22 Feb. 1827, Madison Co. GREEN was a widower (1st wife, Rebecca) with a large family. The GREENs had come to Madison Co. from Elbert Co., GA about the same time the GLOVERS came to Madison Co., from that same county. GREEN had acquired considerable property, real and personal. The GREENs lived on Green Mountain in Madison Co., AL, not far from the home of Edward H. VANN

This second marriage for Sarah lasted only a few weeks, and Sarah left the GREEN household going to the home of her brother, Edward H. VANN. On 2 March 1827, Lazarus VANN was appointed guardian of Lines LANIER, over 14 years of age, child of John LANIER, decd. Adams LANIER and Louis HANNA were securities.

On that same date, Edward H. VANN was appointed guardian of Bryant LANIER, over 14 years of age, child of John LANIER, decd. Ezakiel CRAFT and Lazarus VANN were securities. Lazarus LANIER, the oldest child of John LANIER, was of age.

Burkett GREEN died in Jackson Co., AL in June 1833. When his will was submitted for probate, Sarah VANN LANIER GREEN contested it stating that she was his wife and was due a portion of the estate as a widow’s portion. This suit was filed in Jackson Co., AL, and delays, postponements, etc., William GREEN, one of the executors of GREEN’s will, answered that since there was a verbal agreement to keep their own property after their separation and make no claim upon other’s estate, Sarah was entitled to nothing.

This case later appeared in the Chancery Court, Madison Co. AL, Counter- suits were filed, allegations made, depositions submitted, and after much litigation, in May of 1846, the court ruled that Sarah had no right to any of GREEN’s estate and ordered her to pay the court costs in the suit.

This case is very interesting, but because of its length, will not be copied in its entirety. The depositions taken from Edward H. VANN, Thomas VANN, Duncastle BUFORD, Jeremiah V. ELLIOTT, Robert McGAHA, William WRIGHT, John C. GRAYSON, Ezakiel CRAFT, Jr., John H. MILLER, Jonathan GLOVER, Ezeriah COBB, and Thomas BRANON are particularly interesting. Duncastle BUFORD, Sarah’s nephew-in-law, stated that Sarah and Burkett GREEN lived in Madison Co., and that Sarah came to his house (in the middle of the night) and said that GREEN “had run her off”. Edward H. VANN stated that Sarah took her property with her when she married GREEN, and that he, Edward H. VANN received this property from GREEN to comply with the will of John LANIER. Further, that he and Thomas VANN went in to comply with the will and to keep GREEN from wasting the property that was willed to the (LANIER) Children.

Heirs of Burkett GREEN (by his 1st wife Rebecca, decd.) were sons William, John, Reuben, Samuel; daughters Fanny GREEN, Matilda GLOVER (2nd wife of James GLOVER), Lucinda CRAFT (Ezekiel CRAFT. Jr.), Sally McGILL; granddaughter of GREEN’s deceased daughter, Elizabeth GLOVER (1st wife of James GLOVER). Executors were sons William and John. During the lawsuit, John was declared non compos mentis and guardian was appointed for him.

Other LANIERS in 1830 in Madison Co., AL were: Adams, Clement, Lazarus, Mary, Mary T., William D., William, and Bryant A.

An early settler in Madison Co. was Isaac LANIER who had also lived in Anson Co., N.C. in 1810 when the VANNs were there, but no connection has been made with him or member of his family.

Children of Sarah Vann and John Lanier are: + 82 i. Lazarus6 Lanier, born 1808 in Anson Co., NC; died 11 April 1840. + 83 ii. Linea Lanier, born 02 March 1810 in Anson Co., Nc. 84 iii. Bryant A. Lanier, born 1812 in Anson Co., Nc.

46. Thomas5 Vann II (Thomas4, John3, William2, John1) was born 1782 in Gates Co., NC. Thomas married Martha Buchannan.

Children of Thomas Vann and Martha Buchannan are: + 85 i. Lucretia6 Vann, died Bef 1845. + 86 ii. Nancy D. Vann, died Bef 1850. + 87 iii. Dempsey II Vann, born 1802 in Nc; died Abt 1872. + 88 iv. Jesse C. Vann, born 1808; died 10 November 1884 in Madison Co., AL. + 89 v. Thomas III Vann, born 1809 in Nc; died Abt 1880 in Madison Co., AL. + 90 vi. Azariah Vann, born Abt 1810; died Bef 1846. + 91 vii. Sarah Buchannan Vann, born 05 December 1813 in Nc; died 03 December 1885 in Leon Co., Tx. + 92 viii. Martha A. Vann, born 07 May 1815; died 20 October 1864 in Madison Co., AL. + 93 ix. Mary Ann Vann, born 22 July 1819 in Madison Co., AL; died 15 September 1863 in Madison Co., AL. + 94 x. Carolina A.e. Vann, born 1828 in Al; died 05 January 1876.

47. Dempsey I5 Vann (Thomas4, John3, William2, John1) was born 27 May 1783 in Gates Co., NC, and died Abt 1832 in Madison Co., AL. He married Ruth Reed 29 September 1807 in Mecklenberg Co., NC.

Children of Dempsey Vann and Ruth Reed are: + 95 i. Bryant Alexander "Sandy"6 Vann. + 96 ii. Mary Caroline Vann, born 1809. + 97 iii. Hiram Vann, born 10 May 1810 in Nc; died 1864 in Madison Co., AL.

48. Lazarus5 Vann (Thomas4, John3, William2, John1) was born 1784 in Gates Co., NC. He married Unknown Cherokee Woman (Vann), "Moonbeam" 1805 in Martin Co., Nc.

Children of Lazarus Vann and Unknown (Vann) are: + 98 i. Sarah L. (Nancy)6 Vann. + 99 ii. John R. Vann, born Abt 1806 in Anson Co., Nc; died January 1850 in Ar. + 100 iii. Edward W. Vann, born Abt 1809 in Anson Co., Nc. + 101 iv. Ananias Vann, born Abt 1810 in Anson Co., Nc; died 1848. + 102 v. Repsy G. Vann, born 1820 in Al. + 103 vi. Lazrus Thomas Vann, born 27 February 1821 in Al; died 18 June 1883 in Tx. + 104 vii. William Jordon Vann, born 26 September 1824 in Madison Co., AL; died 27 December 1909 in Zephyr, Brown Co., Tx.

49. Edward Hare5 Vann (Thomas4, John3, William2, John1) was born 1793 in Gates Co., NC, and died 1857. He married Elizabeth Brazelton.

Children of Edward Vann and Elizabeth Brazelton are: + 105 i. Mary Catherine6 Vann, born Abt 1825 in AL. + 106 ii. Martha C Vann, born 1834. + 107 iii. Lazarus H.L. Vann, born 1836; died 21 November 1885. + 108 iv. Margaret E.J. Vann, born 1839 in Madison Co., AL; died 1902 in Madison Co., AL.

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