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L-R: Harvey, Walter and Edmund Bock, sons of William Bock and Hettie Loep, Grandsons of Wilhelm Bock and Johanne Breustedt


Born: 12 Oct 1820 Westerode (District Braunschweig)	
Married: 9 May 1848 Braunschweig 
Died:1880-1900 Comal County, Texas
Father: Johann Conrad Bock 
Mother: Lucie Wilhelmine Henriette Breustedt

Born: 25 Nov 1821 in Braunschweig	
Died:1870’s Comal County, Texas	
Father: Johann Heinrich Breustedt
Mother: Marie Sophie Dorothee Muller (Dorothea)


Johanne Henriette Wilhelmine   B: 10 Nov 1845 Braunschweig

Theodor   B: 1850 Comal Co, Texas
Wilhelm “William”   B: May 1853 Comal Co, Texas   D: 1922
Caldwell Co, Texas   M: Hedwig Loep
Bertha   B: 185? Comal Co, Texas
Walther   B: 28 Jul 1857 Comal Co, Texas	D: 4 Nov 1931
Caldwell Co, Texas   M: Minnie
Louise   B: 1859 Comal Co, Texas


(1) Wilhelm Bock's true name was Johann Heinrich Andreas Bock.
   Wilhelm was his "Spitz" or nick name.

(2) In Germany, Wilhelm's job was "Bahnwärter in Neustadt" or
railway signalman in the town "Neustadt".

(3) Wilhelm's father Johann Conrad was "Waldarbeiter", a wood cutter
or forest worker.

(4) From Eike Bock:  In the village Westerode by Bad Harzburg live
today many Bocks.  Westerode by Bad Harzburg is the nearest village
to Braunschweig. I think that this village is the right village (for
Wilhelm's home). 


Newspaper "Braunschweiger Anzeiger 1849 /117"

"Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig ohne die 
Stadt Braunschweig und Landkreis Holzminden. 1846-1871", by Fritz

Thanks to Eike Bock of Germany for providing these references.



List of passengers arrived from foreign ports in the Port of 
Galveston, 4th Quarter, 1849

Name of Vessel:  Br. Neptune   6 November 1849 from Bremen

J.H. Fulhauff  (farmer) from Prussia
Caroline Fulhauff
Aleviss Knapp
J.C. Fuchs & children
Juler, Carl & Emmy
Hugo Rhodins
Sams Nohe
Henriette Nohe
Beamer, Alma, Alain, Alice and 4 children
Josephine Brasht
Felicia Brasht
C.W. Pressler
Clra Pressler
Henrietta Doecke
Wm. Helmens (Captain) from Bremen
Maria Hanghammer
Bertha, Maria, Fanny
Toni, Josephine
Carl & Heinrich her children
Fr. Rumann (farmer) from Prussia
Maria & Rosa her children
Conrad Tips
Anne Carol Tips
Carl Knapp
Gustave Koche (from) Saxony
Amalie Koche
Emil Koch
Bertha Koch
Carol Klumm
Carl Aug. Loose
Amalie Loose
Carl Theodor Loose
Geog A. Scheerer
Hans C. Hummelmann from Prussia
Franz Kassin & wife
Oswald Kassin
Joseph Mucke (shoemaker)
Ernst W. Tillner (mechanic)
S.G. Vallmar (baker)
Wilh. Schmidt & wife (bookbinder)
Jos. Gutsu & wife (mechanic)
F.W. Hausding & wife (baker)
Fr. Gotache & wife (tailer)
Franz Prepler (farmer)
Moritz Eoerk
*** G.H. Breustedt & wife
*** Gottl. Breustedt
*** Heinr. Breustedt
*** S.W. Bock & wife
*** Wilh. Clemens & wife
Edward Stenes
Robert Stenes
Heinrich & Laura Stenes
Peter Pthe & wife
Heirnr. Bohe
J.F. Hoffmann
Wilh. Heinsman & wife
1850 Comal Co, Texas Census: 141-141 Henry Bruestat 56 m laborer Ger Dorothy 60 f Ger Andrew 25 m laborer Ger Henry 16 m laborer Ger 1850 Comal Co, Texas Census 143 143 William Bock 28 m Laborer Ger Johana Bock 27 f Ger Wilhelmina 4 f Ger Theodore 1 m Texas 1860 Comal Co, Texas Census 422-399 Wilhelm Bock 39 m farmer $600 $610 Brunswick Johanne Bock 38 f Brunswick Mina Bock 14 f Brunswick Theodor Bock 11 m Texas Wilhelm Bock 7 m Texas Bertha Bock 4 f Texas Walther Bock 2 m Texas Lousie Bock 1 f Texas 1870 Comal Co, Texas Census Wilhelm Bock 49 m W Farmer $2600 $150 Brunswick Johanne Bock 48 f w Keeping House Brunswick (last record) Mina Bock 24 f w At Home Brunswick (last record) Theodor Bock 20 m w At Home Texas Wilhelm Bock 17 m w At Home Texas Bertha Bock 14 f w At Home Texas Walther Bock 12 m w Texas Louise Bock 11 f w Texas Heinrich Henke 24 m w Carpenter $-- $200 Brunswick 1880 Comal Co, Texas Census p56 141-142 Wilhelm Bock 59 Farmer (last record) Bertha Bock 25 daughter (last record) Walther Bock 23 son Louise Bock 21 daughter (last record) 1880 Comal County, Texas Census: p58 183-184 Andreas Breustedt 55 Caroline Breustedt 48 wife Pauline Breustedt 21 daughter Walter Breustedt 14 son ? 16 daughter Emily 14 daughter Elisa 12 daughter Otto 8 son Alma 7 daughter Alvin 4 son 1880 Guadalupe Co, Texas Census: p264 353-353 Theodore Bock 31 Farmer Helena Bock 28 wife Emil 8 son 1880 Guadalupe Co, Texas Census: p264 354-355 Wilhelm Bock 26 Farmer Hedwig Bock 24 wife Willie 4 son 1880 Guadalupe Co, Texas Census: 93-93 Henry Breustedt 41 Brunswick Gust? 45 wife Augusta 18 daughter Virginia 13 daughter Mina 11 daughter Henry 9 son Alvin 7 son 1900 Soundex Guadalupe Co, Texas Theodore Bock 50 Nov 1849 Helene Bock wife 48 --- 1852 Emil Bock son 27 Jan 1873 Martha? Bock daughter 14 Nov 1885 1900 Soundex Guadalupe Co, Texas Walther Bock 43 Jul 1857 Mina Bock 36 Jan 1864 Bruno Bock 11 Sep 1888 Hilmer Bock 10 Jul 1890 1900 Soundex Caldwell Co, Texas William Bock 47 May 1855 Hedwig Bock wife 42 Dec 1857 Edmund Bock son 22 Sep 1877 Ella Bock daughter 18 Aug 1881 Walter Bock son 14 Feb 1886 Harvey Bock son 11 Oct 1888 Lillie Bock daughter 8 Jan 1892 Ora Bock daughter 6 Feb 1894 Bessie Bock daughter 2 Dec 1898 Buddie Rhinelander GS 2 Mar 1898 Vol 15, ED 117, Sh 7, Line 25, Pct 1

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