III.E. MARK FOX (son of Adam Fox III and Mary Shrader)

B: 18 May 1822 Sevier County, Tennessee
M: 12 Oct 1848 Barbary Bird
D: 3 Aug 1849 Fox Cemetery

Mark was the third son of Adam Fox III and Mary Shrader.  He
volunteered for service in the Mexican War on 12 Jun 1846 and
served as a private in Company A, 2nd Regiment, East
Tennessee Volunteers, commanded by Captain George McCown
and Col. William T. Haskell.  On 25 Mar 1847, Mark was shot
in the groin at Medelin Bridge about 4 miles from Vera Cruz. 
When he fell, his comrades thought he had been killed, but the
force of the musket ball was slowed by silver coins in his pocket. 
Mark was carried back to camp and recovered well enough to
return to the states with his unit for discharge.  He received an
honorable discharge in New Orleans on 25 May 1847 and
returned to Sevier County.

Mark was 6í tall with dark complexion, hair and eyes.  Before
leaving for service he had promised to marry Barbary Bird,
daughter of Lewis.  Mark died 10 months later of complications
from his groin wound.  A son was born two weeks later. 
Barbary remained a widow and lived in Sevier County.

Sevier County Deed Book H

page 382:  29 Jun 1849 Mark Fox Junr. to his two brothers,
Emanuel and William A. Fox love and affection he has for his
brothers, 1st saddle and bridle to brother Emanuel, 2nd sorrel
colt to brother William A. Fox, 3rd both brothers to have his
farming utensils and all crops they make on his land.  4th
brothers and mother to have use of his land during motherís
lifetime.  5th mother to have next years meat out of his hogs.

Witness:  John Bird, George Fox   Registered 10 Aug 1849

[Note:  The term junior was often used in legal documents and
census reports of the time to indicate that there was an older man
in the county with the same name.  Mark Fox was the son of
Adam Fox III.  His uncle Mark Fox was living in Sevier County
in 1849.]

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